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George Tarleton

F) Pr4
A) Fe2
S) Pr4
E) Ex20
R) Am50
I) Gd10
P) Am50

Health: 30 Karma: 110
Resources: Gd Pop: 2

Known Powers:
Multi-Tasking: Modok could use any two of his psionic powers at once.
Force Field: Mn protection vs. Energy, Gd protection vs. Physical
Heat: Am power at will. Living victims who were attacked in this manner suffered Gd damage.
Kinetic Bolt: Am Energy, 2 areas.
Mental Probe: In power at a range of up to 5 miles.
Psionic Blast: Am, 2 areas.
Total Memory: Am recall of any fact he had ever known.

Hoverchair: Modok was confined to his Hoverchair. Without it, he was unable to move about due to his greatly deformed body. It had the following characteristics:
-Control: Ex
-Speed: Gd
-Body: Rm
-Protection: Pr
Robot Body: When Modok employed this mechanism, his Strength and Fighting ranks were increased to Am. The body itself had the following characteristics:
-Control: Ex
-Speed: Fe
-Body: Am
-Protection: Am

Talents: None

Contacts: The Syndicate, A.I.M.