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Hydra is a criminal organization dedicated to the achievement of world domination through terrorist and subversive activities on various fronts, resulting in a fascist New World Order. Its extent of operations is worldwide, always attempting to elude the ongoing counter-espionage operations by S.H.I.E.L.D. Hydra is funded by Baron Strucker's personal fortune, based on his recovered hoard of Nazi plunder from World War II, and funds established by the original leaders of the Japanese secret society that became Hydra.

In order to become a member of Hydra, an individual must be a legal adult willing to submit to a thorough investigation of the applicant's personal background and to swear a death-oath of loyalty to Hydra and its principles.

Hydra's level of technology is as highly advanced as that of any on Earth, based in part on technology of the alien Gnobians discovered by Baron von Strucker in 1944. Hydra uses various advanced experimental vehicles and devices in its activities, and various conventional military vehicles, seacraft, aircraft, pistols and standard concussive force blasters, and conventional communications equipment.

The Red Skull

Baron Strucker
Baron Zemo
Arnim Zola
The Grim Reaper
Jack O' Lantern
The Hydra Four

Foot Soldiers:
Typical HYDRA Soldier
Typical HYDRA Burner
Typical HYDRA Cannon
Typical HYDRA Officer
Typical HYDRA Judicator
Typical HYDRA Ballista
Typical HYDRA Vanguard
Typical HYDRA Pyro
Typical HYDRA Rampart
Typical HYDRA Power Armor

Former Members:
The Taskmaster
The Winter Soldier