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High Evolutionary

High Evoltutionary

Herbert Edgar Wyndham

F) Rm30
A) Rm30
S) Ex20
E) CL3000
R) CL1000
I) CL1000
P) Cl3000

Health: 3080 Karma: 5000
Resources: CL1000 Pop: 0/100 with his creations

Known Powers:
Cyborg Exoskeleton: Most of the High Evolutionary's powers are derived from his protective suit which also provides its wearer with Un protection against physical attacks and Shift-Z protection from energy, psionic, or magical attacks. The other powers include: (all CL1000 unless otherwise noted)
-Communication with Animals
-Communication with Cybernetics
-Cosmic Awareness
-Danger Sense which also alerts the High Evolutionary of threats to any of his creations
-The High Evolutionary can separate his spirit from his physical form and can survive in this state for an indefinite period of time.
-Mental Invisibility which he can extend to an entire world
-Mental Probe
-Force Field Sh-X
-Matter Creation which can be used for the following:
--Artifact Creation which allows the creation of complex shapes
--Elemental Creation
--Lifeform Creation
--Mechanical Creation
--Missile Creation with Un range and Un damage.
--Spray of Un intensity and damage.
-The suit is designed to protect it's wearer at all costs and, as such, expends automatically up to 150 karma points to prevent disasters from affecting the High Evolutionary.
-The suit can, in time, even create a whole new body for Wyndham.
-The suit provides complete life support for Wyndham, automatic recycling his air and providing him with water and food.
-Total Memory

Talents: +3CS reason in the fields of Genetics and Engineering.

Contacts: None