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Grey Gargoyle

The Grey Gargoyle

Paul Pierre Duval

F) Rm30
A) Ex20
S) In40
E) In40
R) Ex20
I) Gd10
P) Ty6

Health: 130 Karma: 36
Resources: Gd Pop: -15

Known Powers:
Body Transformation: By touching himself with his right hand, Duval transforms himself into a living statue. Has the following power stunts:
-Alter Ego: When in human form, all of Duval's physical statistics are Ty giving a Health of 24.
-Body Armor: In protection from Physical and Energy attacks.
-Resistance to Heat, Fire, Cold and Radiation: In
-Self-Sustenance: Duval can transform himself in a single round, can remain in stone form indefinitely, and does not need to breathe or eat while transformed.
Petrification Touch: The Grey Gargoyle transforms people or objects to stone for 1 hour by touching them with his right hand with a Fighting FEAT roll. Against people, this power works through clothes but touching someone in a battlesuit affects only the suit, not the wearer. Objects become In material and the Grey Gargoyle often uses them as Blunt weapons. This power is "non-conductive"; if two people were holding hands and the Grey Gargoyle touched one of them, only the one he touched would be affected. With really big objects, a volume of 10 cubic yards can be transformed with a single touch. The Grey Gargoyle wears a special protective glove when he does not want to use this power.


Talents: Chemistry, Acrobatics, Martial Arts B, E

Contacts: The Syndicate