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Count Nefaria

Count Nefaria

Count Luchino Nefaria

F) Rm30
A) Rm30
S) Un100
E) Un100
R) In40
I) In40
P) Rm30

Health: 260 Karma: 110
Resources: Ex Pop: 40

Known Powers:
Invulnerability: Un protection vs. Physical and Energy
Energy Vision: Un Energy, 10 areas
True Invulnerability: Sh-X resistance vs. Radiation, Toxins, Disease and aging
Flight: Mn airspeed
Hyper Leaping: CL3000, 20 areas
Hyper-Speed: Sh-X ability to perform any action (combat or non-combat). He can perform the followin power stunts:
-May substitute for Fighting for multiple attacks and evading. May make up to 5 combat actions per round.
-May substitute for Agility for dodging and catching projectiles.
-May substitute for Intuition for initiative.
-May reach maximum flight speed in 1 round and has no problems making high-speed turns in flight or running, and can make sudden stops with no penalties.
Ionic Vampirism: Absorb energies up to 400 points, regenerate up to 100 points of Health. He can perform the following power stunts:
-Able to make the Ionic Being he drains into his slaves, requires In Psyche FEAT vs. being under Nefaria's control.


Talents: Leadership, Crime, Criminology, Business/Finance, Electronics

Contacts: Maggia