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F) Am50
A) Am50
S) Am50
E) CL1000
R) Mn75
I) Mn75
P) Un100

Health: 1150 Karma: 250
Resources: CL1000 Pop: -500

Known Powers:
Demonic Entity: An omnipotent being of distilled evil created by Mephisto, Blackheart broke free of his demonic "father" and began his own campaign of soul-stealing, destruction, and maneuvering for the throne of Mephisto's Hell. His very body allows him to perform the following abilities:
-Body Armor: Am invulnerability to toxins, disease, heat and corrosives.
-Mystic Force Bolts: Un
-Growth: Un, self and others
-Invisibility and Illusion Generation: Mn
-Emotion Control: Am, instill fear, note that his 'father' Mephisto cannot do this and Blackheart also cannot use this power to directly control others.
-Body Transformation others: Mn
-Dimensional Travel: when in another dimension his endurance drops to Mn.
-Matter Manipulation: Am
-Summon Demons: Mn

Talents: Occult Lore