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Growing up in Nazi Germany, Max Eisenhardt could do nothing as his family was rounded up and murdered. After discovering his mutant ability to control and generate magnetic fields, he fiercely dedicated himself to saving mutantkind from the same fate, no matter the methods or the cost. This purpose has guided Magneto throughout his life, whether as a villain, revolutionary, terrorist, or savior.

The Syndicate recruited Magneto to further their study of Isotope-8. Magneto agreed to join them to ensure that mutants were not the target of their plans and worked to stop them from the inside. Mystique saw his actions as betrayal. When Magneto discovered the Syndicate's plans to ressurect the Red Skull, Magneto began to sabotage the Syndicate. Dr. Doom discovered Magneto's plans and attacked him. Attack by both the Syndicate and the Brotherhood, Magneto allied himself with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Alliance to stop their plans.

Current Version:
Magneto (Classic)