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Ice Blue Shift dress

Jaques Azagury 

Diana looked stunning when she wore this dress for the ballet in June 1997


Sky Blue pleated silk embroidered square necked dress with daring décolletage and bow trimmed straps .

Perfection even from the back

Who can forget Diana in the dress 


Simply perfect 

Black and silver gown 

Diana only wore this dress in public the once, she posed for portraits for Patrick Demarchelier wearing the dress 


Patrick said of Diana " she burst out laughing all the time and blushes like a little girl when I asked her to change pose"

Stunning portraits 

Long Pale Blue gown

Catherine Walker 


This pale blue silk dress ,  embroidered  with silver beads and thread was worn by Diana for a portrait which hangs at Park House.

Dian wore the dress to a charity evening hosted my Mohammed Al Fayed, hello magazine reported 

" Diana wore an ice blue evening gown with sparkling beaded bodice showing her slim figure . Her sparkling  smile and relaxed manner all worked their usual magic " 


Princess Diana 

Beautiful as always lovely memories