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Donate your old PC to a good cause!

We take old PCs, and refurbish them, make them run better, faster than they did before, then dontate them to not-for-profit organizations, and families in need in Monroe County, Indiana, and surrounding communities.

We accept all PCs* newer than 1995 or so. How do you know if your computer is new enough? check the back for USB ports. If it has these, it is new enough. A USB card is OK too, as long as the processor is faster than 250MHz. We also computer peripherals, such as printers, scanners, digital cameras and monitors (we love to get monitors!) If it's an electronic device, and you don't want it anymore, give us a call! It doesn't have to be working; if it's broken or non-bootable, we'd still love to have it. (We don't take non-working perpherals, however, as we repair only the computers themselves.)

You can drop stuff off, or we pickup by appointment (we charge $5 per trip to pick up). We are located at 205 N. College St. #013, Bloomington, IN, 47404.

We also accept financial contributions to help cover our overhead, and to pay for those little things we need, like thermal paste, nuts, and bolts.

We have assembled and refined computers for Middle Way House's Rise, and for the Broadview Community Center, as well as for individuals in the community. We continue to service the computers after they are installed in the businesses or homes, and to serve as tech support for our clients.

We take the time to personally deliver the computers and make sure they are set up properly and functioning the way the client wants. If the client wishes, we stay awhile and make sure our client knows just how to use the computer to its maximum potential.

Click here to email us with any questions you have:

We are also happy to take donations of software. We love to be able to send a few games home with each computer, and other kinds of software are nice too. Anything from "Learning Spanish" to "Low Fat Cooking" has a home out there somewhere.

~Rebekah Maccaby, pres., Computer Share and Technician in Charge

*sorry, no MACs!

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