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And this is the moment when I try to figure out How to say this to you....


What could I say if I was able to get you to hear me, I'd tell you that I fuct up an I know it. I understand if you never ever wat to hear from me again, and that is fine with me but I just really wanted you to hear me out, I know what I said wasn't what I would normally say and I'm sorry for that, you know I love yoa and always did and probably always will. I just want to understand why you wouln't hear me out, I know you might think I'm stupid for doing this but I know I'm stupid and I will admit it.

What can I tell someone who I have hurt (or whatever you want to call it)? I know sorry is mostly said at times like this but sorry doesn't cover it and make it all better I know that. From all the stories you have told me about your past I don't understand why you wouldn't let me finish I called you 3 times and now I know where your heart will always lie no matter what happened between you two in the past. I guess it really affected you when you first met me and thats why you told me it, but why doesn't it affect you now? I guess thats for you to know and me never to find out...

Tommy I will always love ya no matter what I'm not playing games I have had to do that for the past 6 almost 7 years and I'm not some teenie bopper any more (not applying that you are, doesn't mean that at all). I have had my heart trampled especially when you told me that you were getting married to your now ex wife, My heart ached knowing that what all I ever really wanted was a shot with you, was never going to come true.. I have decided that I'm never going to be happy by anyone I ever needed so why should I need anyone I knew it wouldn't come true when I ever really thought about it I knew it wasn't true, for me to be happy....

I love ya Baby Boi,

Always remember that I do and that I said "I do" over 7 years ago to you

Love Jade

I guess your ex Donna was right that I could never have you to be with...

Thomas Allan
Sarah Elizabeth
Love Level: 89%

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