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Some of the Results from some quizzes I've taken

Your Icon is..... by d3athofs3asons
Your Name
Your Age
Your B-day
Your Icon Is....
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Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...erotic
Your hugs are...warm
Your eyes...burn into my heart
Your touch is...awakening my heart
Your smell is...exotic
Your smile is...encouraging
Your love of a kind
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Your Suicide.. by Konstantine
Your Name/Username
Favorite Number?
Favorite Color?
How will you commit suicide?You will drown yourself
How many tries will it take?87
When will you commit suicide?October 24, 2013
What will your suicide note say?Now there's simply one less heart left to break
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Wolf or Were? by Nanakyi
Favorite Color
Mental Status (be honest!)
Your Species IsYou are a demon wolf...
Your Main Color IsGrey with shifting eyes
Your Objective IsRevenge
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Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:Loyalty
In a survival situation, you:Cleverly trick your attacker
Your hidden talent is:Seeing the best in others
Your gift is:Irresistible attractiveness
In groups, you:Are the center of attention
Your best quality is:Your sense of humour
Your weakness is:Your passivity
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Which of the Goddesses of Darkness are you? by vyvyan
Favourite color
The name of the Goddess you areLenoré
You are the goddess ofFlight, midnight and the dark
Are you a protector?Yes, of life
A creator of something?Yes, of Hell
A ruler?No, just the mistress of darkness
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Your Dream Vampire Boyfriend(Girls only) by Cainesgirl101
Zodiac sign
Your dream vampire-guyShoulder length black hair, and red eyes. Dark clothing and described as entrancing.
How you metHe'd seen you once before, and stood outside your window at night hoping to get another glance.
The first thing you said to himDamn- you are hot!
Where you two ended upHe visits you regularly for a small amount of blood, and to spend some time with you.
His favorite thing to do to youHe loves making out with you- simple as that.
Will you end up as a vampireYep- eternity with him at your side.
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Which Male Vampire Chronicles Character Shall Be Your Mate? by boogiemanfacade
Your mate:Quinn Blackwood
How does he fall in love with you?His original intention was to kill you.
Length of time together:Seven days, then he mysteriously disappears.
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Your life in the Vampire Chronicles by jadeddyskrasia
Your maker will be:Armand
You will die at the age of:438
You will be killed by:Lestat, who got jealous when Louis said he found you more attractive
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The reasons why I take these..........