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All About Me

name:: Sarah E Clarke

nicknames:: Jade, Rose, Cris

birthday:: June 29th of fucking 83

birthplace:: Denver Fucking Colorado

current mood:: Very fucking happy

current taste:: Umm it doesnít matter cant taste right now

current hair:: Auburn short

current clothes:: A black and white bra and blue jeans

current annoyance:: My fucking radio keeps doing static *growls*

current smell:: Vicks vapor shit

current thing you ought to be doing:: Sleeping

current desktop picture:: spider and its web

current favorite band: Tool

current book:: The Vampire Armand

current cd in stereo:: N/a

current crush:: should I really get into that?

current favorite celeb:: Hugh Jackman

smoke:: Yes

do drugs:: Maybe

have dreams that keep coming back:: Yes

remember your first real love:: Yes

still love them:: Yes

read the newspaper:: when I get one

have any gay or lesbian friends:: Yes

believe in miracles:: Sometimes (still waiting for mine to happen)

believe its possible to remain faithful forever:: Depends to what or who

consider yourself tolerant of others:: Yeah

consider love a mistake:: sometimes

like the taste of alcohol:: Oh hell yeah some nice JD or some goldslauger

have a favorite candy:: resses cups

believe in astrology:: yes

believe in magic:: yes

believe in God:: yes

have any pets:: yes 2 damn dogs and 2 cats

got to or plan to go to college:: maybe

have any piercings:: my ears

have any tattoos:: two one dragon and one special drawing of mine

hate yourself:: Why would I hate myself?

have any obsessions:: Nails like my toenails and finger nails

have a secret crush:: Yes

do they know yet:: No

have a best friend:: Yes

wish on stars:: Sometimes

care about looks:: Nope

love life:: To a point

first crush:: Travis (donít remember last name)

single or taken:: Single

ever been in love:: Yes

do you believe in love at first sight:: yes

describe your ideal significant other:: Oh not right now


rubber:: condom

rock:: concert

green:: Twiztid

wet:: tears

cry:: wet

peanut:: butter cookies

hay:: fever

cold:: Fucking snow

steamy:: love

rain:: The Crow

bite:: me

fuck:: fuckity fuck fuck fuck


hair:: mid length and Reddish brown

eyes:: blue

height:: 5'8"


bought:: Shampoo and conditoner

ate + drank:: Barbque prok ribs and chessey taters Jack Daniels and Coke plus a beer

read:: some pages from The Vampire Armand


club or house party:: house

beer or cider:: beer

drinks or shots:: both

cats or dogs:: cats

single or taken:: Both

pen or pencil:: pen

gloves or mittens:: gloves

food or candy:: candy

cassette or cd:: CD


dated one of your best friends:: No

loved somebody so much it made you cry:: yes

drank alcohol:: Yes it was yummy. All of it.

done drugs:: Yes

broken the law:: Yeah and no if you want to know what its all about email me asking me what ya wanna know

run away from home:: No

broken a bone:: nope

played truth or dare:: yes

kissed someone you didnít know:: No

been in a fight:: yes

came close to dying:: Yes

the most embarrassing cd in your collection:: All Saints it gets my daughter to sleep

what is your bedroom like:: A small computer desk a twin bed on the floor and my daughter crib with all my decorations on the walls

your favorite thing for breakfast:: Donít eat breakfast


talked to:: Tammy

im'ed:: Nate

hugged:: my pillow

kissed:: Chris

had a serious convo with:: Shauna

yelled at:: donít know

befriended:: been awhile too long to remember


whats on your bedside table:: My computer

what do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night:: Anything to eat?

what is your secret guaranteed weeping movie:: the crow ( almost all of them)

if you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done:: No clue

what feature are you most insecure about:: my stomach

do you ever have to beg:: Hell No

are you a pyro:: Yes I am and Iím damn proud of it

do you know anyone famous:: Nope

describe your bed:: on the floor and very comfortable

spontaneous or plain:: Spontaneous

do you know how to play poker:: Yes

what do you carry with you at all times:: My cross necklace

how do you drive:: Fine haven't been in a accident

what do you miss most about being little:: Freedom

how much money would you have to take in order to give up the internet for a year:: none really

what color is your room:: Brown Grey black and white

what was the last song you were listening to:: Over and Over Nelly Feat. Tim McGraw

do you talk a lot:: Not normally

do you like yourself and believe in yourself:: Yes I do and I will be what I can be with support and help

do you think you're cute:: Oh Hell ya Iím cute

do poor, homeless, or starving people annoy you:: No

pick a word that describes you best at the moment:: Confident