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Show Wins

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CH Royal's Dance To The Music "Starr"

CH Royal's Tropical Storm X CH Royal's Heaven Sent

Starr picked up  several majors reserves as a puppy.

Kankakee KC, Sat.  "Starr" takes the major! Now at 12 points, all majors.

  CH Royal's Sinfully Delicious "Bree"


CH Diamante's Little Red Corvette X CH Royal's Slightly Sinful

Bree takes a Major Reserve on Sat. at Kankakee
Sun. at Kanakakee Bree takes a major win. She is now at 5 points.
Sat. Dec. 6th, Fayetteville, AK, Bree wins a 4pt major.
Finished 4/12/09 with four majors

CH Royal's Summer Heat "Max"

CH Overland's Red Hot Summer X CH Royals Heaven Sent

Dec.06 in Amarillo TX, Max picked up two majors (4pt, 3pt) at the age of 8 months old  under judges Danny Canino and Judith Goodin

Jan. 26th, 07, at the Greater Tulsa Collie Club show, Max took a 5pt major reserve under judge Linda Simmons.

Jan. 28th, 07 at the Central Oklahoma Collie Club, Max picked up his 3rd major (5pts.) under Mrs. Barbara Ridgeway.  He now has 12 points, all majors.

Feb. 4th, 07 at the Collie Club of Southern Wisconsin Max went Best in Sweeps under sweeps judge Nina Biddinger.

Feb. 20th, 07 at Central Iowa Collie Club Max went Best In Sweeps under sweeps judge Becky Crowley  and took home the Lois E. Smith Challenge Trophy.

Amboy, WD,  2pts to FINISH!

Max placed 4th in the 9-12 puppy class at the 2007 CCA Specialty.

CH Royals Slightly Sinful "Amber"

CH Overland's Red Hot Summer X CH Royals Heaven Sent

4pt Major Reserve on Sunday, Jan. 22, 06 at the Oklahoma CC. j:  Van Tassell 

3 point major and BOW & BOS under Heitzman on 3/12/06

WB/BOW/BOS (over a special) at the Sooner State KC Show  Oct. 15th, 06 under judge Sophia Kaluzniacki 
4pt major to FINISH!

Group 2, October 20th, 06, Caribe KC under j:Heitman
Group 2, October 22nd, 06, Caribe KC under j:Nickles

Amber was beautifully handled by Rebecca Barth!

CH Diamante's Royal Delight "Kimber"

CH Overland's Red Hot Summer X CH Royals Heaven Sent

bred by Lenore Owens
owned by  Rebecca Barth

Lee Canalizo gave her a group 4, as a 7 month old puppy, Decatur, IL

Major win in Des Moines, IL, 4 points total.

BOV over special and a group 2 in Kokomo under judge: Steen.

Kimber FINISHED with a major going over 2 specials for breed and then on to group 2.  This was her second breed and group 2 in the last couple of months. 

 CH Royal's Angel Dust "Goldie"

CH Overland's Red Hot Summer X CH Royals Heaven Sent

Goldie has both majors and is sitting at 8 points.

Goldie went BOV over top specials under Norman Herbel, in Lawrence Kansas

On 10-14-07 Goldie finished her championship in Springfield under judge Pat Hastings

CH Royal's Betsy Ross "Betsy"

CH Overland's Red Hot Summer X CH Royals Heaven Sent

bred by Lenore Owens
Owned by Bob and June Shuldes

Betsty finished with 4 majors.

CH Royals Tropical Storm "Andrew"

Bit O' Heaven's American idol HIC X Highcroft Royal Embrace

bred by Lenore Owens & Michelle Tennis
Owned by Lenore Owens

February 6th, 2005, CC of Southern WI, j. Louise Palarik,  Major Reserve (10 months)

February, 2005,  Back to back RWD at Illiana Collie Fanciers, & Chicago Collie Club

November 20th, 2005, Nebraska J: Sandra Thompson WD/BOW 4pts

March 10th, 2006, Northeastern IN KC, j: Linda Robey, WD/BOW/BOV (over specials) 3pts to FINISH!

Royals Kiss By An Angel "Charlie"

Best In Match under Robert Myers
Heartland Collie Club of Central Illinois

She went on the next day (4/26/09) to a major reserve in Decateur, IL under j. Charles Trotter

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