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We are a Team of Specialists, serving the Fisheries & Aquaculture :

International Fisheries Consultants is a private bureau specializing in natural resources planning and management, with a particular focus on fisheries, aquaculture, and coastal zones. Typical assignment covers a whole project analysis from the identification phase to the feasibility study.

International Fisheries Consultants supply technical advice to fish producers on all aspects of fish handling, processing and marketing and help processors and exporters to prepare their product to market requirements and to expand into new product lines.

International Fisheries Consultants act as a gateway to the products and services, expertise and know how

Fishing Trading Point

If you are buying, selling or processing seafood products, there is a service you should know about : International Fisheries Consultants.


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Rachid EL GHARBI, of Casablanca, Morocco, FISHERIES MANAGEMENT EXPERT, I would be prepared to help follow-up your ongoing fisheries projects: Implementation of Projects Reconnaissance Surveys Fisheries Projects Evaluation Pre-feasibility Analysis Fisheries Development & Management Research & Development Third World Export Market Research Cost/Benefit Analysis Marine Resource Economist - Graduted from the University of Rhode Island, USA, Extensive research in Fisheries Management augmented by a cross-section of international marine related programs. Also a graduate of the Economic Institute, University of Colorado. Two certificates in Economics, University Mohammed V, Rabat (Morocco) ...

AWARDS/SUPPLEMENTARY EDUCATION (MARINE AFFAIRS) ... Award from The International Center of Marine Resource Development (ICMRD), USA ... "The Dollars and Sense of Quality Seafoods" on behalf of the New England Fisheries Development Foundation, MA/USA ... Keys Seminar on Agricultural Development , Washington State University, USA ...

PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES AND ACTIVITIES IN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: ... 1986 Member of International Institute of Fisheries Economic and Trade (IIFET), Oregan State University, USA ... 1988 Member of the Federation of African Consultants (FEAC), African Development Bank, Ivory Coast... 1990 Fisheries 2000...

NAIROBI CONSULTATION : Review of the International Development Research Centre Programming in Fisheries in Africa ... Review of the development problems and issues of the fisheries sector in Africa and identification of the most important issues impeding development that require attention from fisheries researchers ... March 1995 Vice-President of the Technical Committee at the FAO-Center for Marketing Information and Advisory Services for Fishery Products in the Arab Region (INFOSAMAK) ...

WORK EXPERIENCE Present: International Fisheries Consultant -Thorn EMI & MacAlister Elliott: Proposal for a satellite surveillance system for the Moroccan fisheries. We have joined forces to offer the complete range of fishery control services from Fisheries Management through to Electronic Surveillance and Monitoring ... A lecture before the Friedrich-Naumann Foundation's Brussel 95 Seminar on : Management of the fisheries in north african countries and their economic relations with the European community ... Arab Organization for Agricultural Development AOAD, Investment & trade in the Arab world fisheries ... Saudi Fisheries Company: Feasibility study for pelagic fishing and processing operations in Morocco ... Infosamak:1996 program preparation & implementation ... 1991-1994 : Departmental Head / Research & Development at ONA Group's Sea Products Activity(High Sea Fisheries, Sea food canning industry ... Duties and responsibilities include supervision of a team of fisheries professionals; liaison with officials of the Government;provision of policy advice and guidance; fisheries activity development ... 1990 onwards : Export Manager (Sea-Food Products, Olives & Olive-Oil ... Marketing studies and strategies, AFI Convention/USA ... International Food Exhibits(SIAL, ANUGA, Food Expo...1988-1990 International Fisheries Consultant : Development/Management, market research, fisheries projects identification and evaluation in more than 14 African States. Consulting for International Fund for Agricultural Development-IFAD :Congo : Preparation of marketing and local initiative project; Critical review of the Cuvette Fisheries Project with a view to a required reorientation of the above project. African Development Bank-ADB : Terms of reference concerning the development of the industrial fishery in Cape Verde / Fish Technology Consultation in Africa ... International Development Research Centre-IDRC : Fisheries 2000, Nairobi Consultation ... USAID Agency for International Development <> ... European Development Fund/European Commission-EC : Fisheries Project Evaluation -PAMEZ- Ziguinchor in Senegal.... 1986-1988 Marine Economist/Management Expert, Resources Development Associates International Inc. Responsible for formulating national fisheries policies and strategies, fisheries development programs and an overall plan for the strengthening and stabilization of the fisheries sector in the Republic of Djibouti.... During this period, I have gone through a long and comprehensive process of identifying and analysing the administrative, political and human factors intrinsic to the development of a meaningful strategic planning proposal for the local fisheries sector... 1984-1986 ONP Fisheries Economist, Institut Scientifique des Peches Maritimes.The position main components are fisheries resource management, research, statistics, institutional development and training. Taught Fisheries Economics at the "Institut Agronomique et Veterinaire Hassan II", Rabat.... FAO Consultant : Implementation of INFOPECHE - Project (Dakar, Libreville, Brazzaville, Kinshasa and Freetown);Case study on possibilities of promoting Morocco's fishery product exports by barter trade arrangements ...World Bank - Small Scale Fisheries: Analysis of Constraints and Options for Rural Integrated Development... ...


Phone : + 212 61 46 55 46

Fax : + 212 22 26 09 50

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