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1977 Corvette
"HOT" 1977, C3, C2 & C1 CORVETTE FORUM"

Joey and Victoria's 1977 Corvette

Hi all and welcome to our corvette page! This is our baby, a 1977 Corvette. We purchased her in November of 2004 and have been working on her from day 1. I have since made a new webpage for the vette as the other page wasnt what I wanted so I decided to redo this page over. I hope you all like what you see. As we continue to work on her, I will be posting new pics as they are taken!

Here she is in our backyard. She seems to be winking at us. We will soon be correcting the headlight vacuum problem she is having. But she winks to all to say hello!

Here we go with some of our progress as we work on her.As you can see, we have the door open so as to install a new rug in her as the old rug was not in very good shape.

Here is where we started to install a new rug in her. the old carpet was old and nasty and we wanted to make her really stand out with a nice red color inside.

Here Joey is vacuuming the rug to keep it nice and clean!

The seats were cleaned and were salvagable. We have installed new seat covers on them. They look really nice!

Here is an up close shot of part of the controls

Here are the rims that adorn her. They are sooooooooo cool! And, they look really nice in person!

Here she is when we first got her before we started working on her. We took her out for a nice little ride around the block!

She loves to show herself off a little!

Here is a nice shot of the engine compartment. We have since changed the air filter in her due to the fact that this air filter was shooting particles in the carburator and we have gone back to the original cleaner. This type of air filter is not that great. I would not reccomend putting one of these in ANY corvette!

Here are a couple of pics that we took when we first got her. We call her Black Beauty!

Another shot of her parked in our driveway!

Hubby loves his new toy and wants to take really good care of her!

Very hot day! She looks like she wants to go for a swim!!!

Looking pretty!

These are our 2 babies! A 1965 Mercury Comet and our 1977 Corvette!!!!!

Here is our new addition this year. A 1989 Chevy Camaro RS!

Here she is looking just as pretty as our Black Beauty!


This is where we started to take the paint off her

Here hubby takes the paint of the rear side panel.

Paint seems to strip pretty good

Passenger side getting ready to strip

Hubby is finishing up the rear-end

Rear end is stripped nicely

We are almost finished with this side. Still more work to go

Joey works on the nose for a bit.

Lest we forget....t-tops!!!!

Here we have another shot of the tops.Looks good to me!

More work on the nose

The stripping of the paint goes on and on! Big job prepping but very much worth the time.

Let the paint chips lay where they may!!!


Here are some new pics that were taken on 11-06-06. I will be adding more pics as the restoration continues!

Here we have the start of the t-tops being filled and sanded

Here is hubby getting into his work! Sanding is key!!!

Here are a few shots of what the t-tops looked like before and after they have been filled and sanded and primed.

Another before and after shot!

Here is our latest edition to the family. It is our daughter's first car. A 1995 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor! She was very excited when we went to get this car.

Another shot of daughters car!

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HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON ALL!!!! Turn up the volume and enjoy!!!

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