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Marloes, Kurt, Zandra & Kira

Check back for an updated Family-of-Four photo!

Zandra Sophia Miller

Now  years  weeks and  days old!

Kira Sophia Miller

Now  years  weeks and  days old!

See Zandra's Birth Announcement

or Kira's Birth Announcemnet!

FYI: Kurt is now  seconds  old!


Dec-03   Wow, gloves!
Nov-03   Horsey!
Nov-03   Sticker shirt
Oct-03   Little Devil
Oct-03   Halloween Portrait
Oct-03   Pumpkin Girl
Oct-03   In the box
Oct-03   On the hay maze
Sep-03   Peekaboo!
Aug-03   Cardboard sportscar
Aug-03   Hooray! Gorilla!
Aug-03   Chalk artist
July-03    Big Girl in Entertainer
July-03    Fun at the Flamingo Beach Club, Vegas
July-03    Limo Smile - Arriving in 'Vegas
June-03    Zandra at play - Bryce's 3rd Birthday Party
June-03    Backyard Pool
June-03    Father's Day
June-03    Swing at Martin Acres Park
May-03    Push Me! (Seth & Alex BBQ)
May-03    Flamingo Girl
Apr-03    Kurt, Zandra, and Andy
Apr-03    hmmmmm, Icing!
Apr-03    Too Many Eggs!
Apr-03    Birthday Blocks
Mar-03    Zandra with Grote Beer
Mar-03    Zandra's First Car (just her size)
Feb-03    Sweet Smile :)
Feb-02    You Talkin' to ME?
Dec-02    The Christmas Pic
Dec-02    Grandma, Granddad, and Zandra at Christmas
Dec-02    Yeah! Food!!
Dec-02    Present Overload
Nov-02    Us with Big Ben
Oct-02    In the Pumpkin Patch
Oct-02    Reflections
Oct-02    Queen of Fall
Oct-02    Belly Laugh
Sep-02    Zandra with her duck "hat"
Sep-02    Snuggle
Aug-02    Poser
Aug-02    Flying
July-02    Very Entertained
July-02    Cheyenne: Our First Rodeo
June-02    Our Little Raptor
June-02    Smiling at Daddy in lab
May-02    Zandra's "Tigger" Impersonation
May-02    'Uncle' Steve plus one
May-02    'Uncle' Andy plus one
May-02    Sakusky Family ('Uncle' Balesy & Co.) plus one
May-02    Brown Family ('Uncle' Jay & Co.) plus one
May-02    Oma Hoedt with Zandra
May-02    Gran-mom & Gran-dad Miller with Zandra
May-02    Great-Grandmother Clara with Zandra
May-02    Uncle Eric & Aunt Susan with Zandra
May-02    Zandra trying on her Christening Dress
May-02    Christine & John leaving Church Circle
May-02    'Aunt' Luly with Zandra
May-02    'Uncle' Jer with Zandra
May-02    'Aunt' Jules and Grey Harral with Zandra
Apr-02     Dr. Wepman with Zandra
Apr-02     from announcement: Marloes and Zandra sleeping in Hospital
Apr-02     from announcement: Zandra in Hospital with Thor the Tiger and JILA the Dog
Dec-02     from announcement: 20 Week Ultrasound - already sucking her thumb

since 11-July-2002