How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Really Go? #2

Which Spirit is still whispering into
the spirit of man and guiding him?
Can you read between the lines?
Do You understand his dark speech
hidden throught the world?

Do you have eyes to see? Ears to hear?
Or Have you been asleep little virgin?

Pepsi is the brand belonging to the "new generation"
(New World Order Understand?)
Da 8:23
And in the latter time of their kingdom,
when the transgressors are come to the full,
a king of fierce countenance, and understanding
dark sentences, shall stand up.

Ask Father Elohim to help you see the dark sentences
as you read down this page.

- The Pepsi Generation. "Come alive! You're in the s Pepsi Generation"

Pepi Pharaoh

1982 "Pepsi's got your taste for life!"

1984 "Pepsi. The Choice of a New Generation"
Michael Jackson, stars in the first two commercials of the new campaign

Meet ....

Jack's... Son

1987 "America's Choice."

1988 Michael Jackson.. "Chase"
"the most-watched commercial in advertising history."

Evidence of the Masonic presence is also commonly found
in the popular music of more recent times.
Michael Jackson hails today the King of pop regarded
as the greatest entertainer of all times responsible
for producing best selling albums in the World may not
be known to be linked with the Masons.

However the cover of his "Dangerous" album had some
interesting features on it the Masonic symbol of the
One Eye can be found. The cover also has on it a picture
of a bald headed man well known to the occult as Alistair
Crowley.He himself was a Mason who became a Satanist
and wrote the book "The New Law of Man" which stated
in it that it would one day replace the Qur'ân as the
law of man.

1990 Ray Charles teams up with Uh-Huh Girls.
"You Got The Right One Baby, Uh-Huh."

Or do you?

1996 Pepsi's presence on the Internet.
One of the most ambitious entertainment
sites on the World Wide Web.

2 Timothy 3:4
Traitors, heady, highminded,
lovers of pleasures
more than lovers of God;

1998 Pepsi launches its new look, called "Globe,"
Taking it world wide!

1999"The Joy of Cola !"

"Star Wars: Episode I - "The Phantom Menace" hits movie
The spots, titled "Landing" and "Play Acting,"
illustrate the great lengths the young alien will go
to enjoy both of his passions: Pepsi and Star Wars.

Rev 12: 9
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent,
called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world:
he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

President and Mrs. George Bush, Lady Thatcher and Walter Cronkite
also help to commemorate the occasion where Pepsi's legacy is honored
and a new look for the millennium is unveiled.
The three-dimensional globe against an ice blue background
becomes the universal symbol for one Pepsi family
- poised for innovation and world leadership as it enters the new century.

"The World is getting ready for a one world Goverment!!! Hello?

2000 Pepsi's "Takin’ it to the Fields"

" Takin it" ( Deception) to the whole world!


Pop superstar Britney Spears appears in her first Pepsi commercial

"Great Britin's"... own version of “The Joy of Pepsi.”
Pepsi puts “a little twist on a great thing!”

2002 The company introduces Pepsi Blue.
If Your reading between the lines you'll "feel " blue too!

as you find the hidden meaning in this new stars name!

In December, American music and film sensation

Beyoncé Knowles...joins the Pepsi family!
"Beyond Knowledge"......Yes, They've gone to far now!
Beyond.... hope for some!

2Ti 3:7
Ever learning,
and never able to come
to the "knowledge" of the truth.

"Pepi" ... The Choice of a New Generation


Pepsi - Pepi Pharaoh

Neferkare (Pepi I)
c.2321-2287BC (6th Dynasty)

Teti’s son was Pepi I (c.2332 - 2283). The internal policy of Pepi I was a
continuation of his father's attempts to consolidate the power of the central government.
It is from Pepi's pyramid that the modern name Memphis derives. It was called Mn-nfr.

The Old serpent has been hissing
sweetly and softly in mans ear
down through the ages Offering them
Money, Sucess, Fame, Postion, and deception!

Aspartame Posioning


If you drink Diet Coke & Diet Pepsi,
you might find this an interesting read...

Triangle or Pyramid and "Evil Eye":
The Eye of Horus
Symbolizes a select order of liberalist
who have built a religion (mystic worship) on the
Mysteries of the Scriptures They are in control of
the eye of Lucifer and believe they are chosen of
Satan to control the finances of the world.

The Seal of the Illuminati

The Seal of those who follow satan.
and are building the one world empire.
Worshipers of Tubal-Cain,
resolved to restore the birthright of Esau!
Controllings the finances of the world!

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Lets follow the Rabbit a little deeper.



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