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Guygo's Gallery

Hello, my name is Jasper Guygo. I am a photographer in the town of Boulder, Colorado. Over the course of my career, I have taken photographs of every family in the tri-city area (Boulder, Colorado Springs, Blue Spruce). The purpose of this page is to share a look at the lives of these wonderful people with you. Think of it as an online census, if you will, with photo-yellowpages.
Oh! By the way, since I am an old-time photographer, none of the backgrounds have been enhanced by computers. They're all 100% real, you see them like I saw them when I took them.
I hope you enjoy my photos!

Jasper Guygo's page has no connection to Playmobil(R) and is not, by far, an official homepage of that corporation. All information contained on these pages about Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Blue Spruce is fictitious.

ALSO, in this version of Colorado, time has no meaning. All time periods are taking place at the same time in the Tri-City area.