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Colorado Mountains

neon animation

by Larry and Cindy

We are Larry and Cindy from Grand Junction, Colorado.

This page is about our favorite rides on Larry's Harley.

Larry and Cindy on Harley

There's nothing better than a ride on a nice summer day. No particular destination in mind - just hopping on the Harley and going wherever our hearts content.

No matter what is stressful in life, it all just seems to disappear after a few miles down the road.

1979 Harley Superglide
1979 Superglide FXE

Links to other parts of this page

The following is a list of links to other parts of this page that describe our experiences on various rides (just click on highlighted words). Inside these pages are links to areas of interest. Hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoyed experiencing them.

baby photo of Larry & Cindy
I took a baby photo of Larry and made it transparent and put it into one of mine. His was taken approximately 1949, mine approximately 1960.

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