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Hi, I'm so glad you stopped on by, come on in and make yourself comfortable and stay awhile.

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Table of contents

Our ATV trips
more photos!

5 different, beautiful photographs
Check it out

Tribute to Jessi
A memorial to my daughter, Jessi
May 30, 1985 to January 25, 2000

UPDATED Alaska Photographs
A few photographs I have from Alaska
Updated March 2006

Scrapbooking Page
A few of my scrapbooking pages

Colorado Scenery
Photos we've taken of western Colorado
Updated 8/2002

Household tips
My shortcuts around the house

Words of Wisdom
Favorite little sayings

True Stories
3 True Life Stories

Family Pages
Get to know my family here

Scarecrow's Adventure
We kidnapped a scarecrow see where he went with us

Bee, Hedgehog, Fish, Car, Lion, Train
Panda Bear, Lion cub, and orca
NEW - Polar Bear
NEW - Columbine Flower
NEW - Pigs

Favorite links to all kinds of places

Humor Page

What the monthly moons are called

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