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   MODSS Member News, Issue #1, September 1, 2004


Editor's Note:

Since the Movement for One Democratic Secular State went public on August 8, 2004, we have been asking new members whether or not they would be interested in receiving a little electronic newsletter keeping them abreast of new developments. With but very few exceptions, most new members have indicated their interest in this, thus this new "MODSS Member News". It would seem that some people had a more comprehensive journal/magazine in mind and this is currently being explored, however, hopefully you'll find this members newsletter useful as well. We are interested in your feedback, so if you have any comments, criticisms, or suggestions, please be sure to share them with us!

        Words of Wisdom...

MODSS Devlopment

Since going public on August 8, 2004, the Movement for One Democratic Secular State has been developing decently. From the outset, the project has been administrated by a provisional steering committee comprised of Aref Nammari, John Sigler, and Virginia Tilley. Although we put up opinion polls in the member's area asking whether we should change this administration, thus far there was very little feedback, so at least for the time being we intend to continue as we have been. Any member is more than welcome to suggest a motion - including changing the administration - to the membership using the voting option provided on the member's page.

As of September 1, 2004 we are at 48 members and are continuing to develop the project. The next proposal on the agenda is for a comprehensive electronic journal/magazine for the general public, not limited to members like this newsletter. The details are being worked out presently and of course the MODSS membership will be the first hear about it.

Call for translators: While a lot of our target audience are English-speaking Westerners, especially Americans, Australians, and others in countries that Israel depends upon to maintain the status quo, we do believe the project would benefit from some translation. In particular we are looking to have the homepage, the positions page, and the purpose page translated. While we are most interested in translations of these three pages into Arabic, Hebrew, French and Spanish, people willing to help us translate them into other languages are more than welcome as well. While these translations are not vital for our success, considering much of our target audience, it would still be useful in expanding our appeal. If you are able and willing to help in this respect, please send a note to that effect to

New reciprocal links for August 2004

For a largely online project, reciprocal links are of great importance in bringing people to the website to explore our public resources and to consider our position. For this month we would like to thank the following for linking to us and we have already returned the favor on one of our several links pages.

  • Academics for Justice
  • American Perspectives on the Middle East
  • Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights
  • Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee - NJ
  • Citizens for Fair Legislation
  • Music Weaver
  • Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • Rafah Kid Rambles
  • Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel
  • If you have added a link to the MODSS website to your site, please let us know so we can include your website in this section next month.

    New Book by MODSS member...
    Mazin B. Qumsiyeh, most noted for his activist work on behalf of the refugees with Al Awda has recently authored a book calling for one state in Israel/Palestine. Sharing the Land of Canaan is currently widely available. I found my copy on the shelf at our local Barnes & Noble, which means it should be easy enough for anyone to find.

    August 2004 One State Press Review

    In that an ever increasing number of people of all stripes and perspectives are coming to realize that the two-state separatist schemes are no longer possible, or at best growing ever more impossible by the day, discussion of the topic is steadily becoming more popular throughout the world. Of course this is not to say that all the commentary is sympathetic with the one state perspective. Quite the contrary, for Zionists it is frequently viewed as a "nightmare scenario", and yet one of Israel's own creation.

    As discussion of the topic continues to expand, we hope to provide MODSS members with a monthly press review of articles in the media discussing and/or commenting on the one state idea.

    This press review is NOT meant to be all inclusive and it focuses primarily on articles published in English. Nevertheless we hope this resource helps to inform members of MODSS about what is being said and by whom. We include articles that are Pro-Unity, Neutral, and Anti-Unity in order to provide a balanced portrayal of current one state discussion.

    Click Here for the August 2004 Press Review

    Advocacy Tips

    In that the Movement is meant to be an active advocacy campaign, one that seeks to "normalize" the one state position, especially in those Western states that Israel relies upon to maintain the current situation, here we intend to provide advocacy tips for the Western one state activist.

    If you have your own advocacy tip to share, have comments about the tips we provide, or a story of how one of our tips worked (or didn't work) for you, please be sure to send them to

    I want to start advocating for one state, but I'm not sure where to start - any advice?

    I've been advocating for one state, but I keep on running into the accusation that I just want to "destroy Israel" any pointers on how to address this?

    Also, if you're American, remember that our friends at Citizens for Fair Legislation have a system set up whereby you can send either a pre-written letter, or one you write yourself, advocating one state directly to your state Senators as well as your specific Representative. It takes all of five minutes. Remember that letter writing plays a significant for AIPAC and other Zionist lobbyists, so it certainly can't hurt our cause.

    Featured website

    Each month we intend to feature a member's one-state related website. For this, our first newsletter, we'd like to feature the website of the London One-State Group. Included you will an extensive archive of one-state related articles as well as many other interesting resources.

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