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Neil Diamond, 1974.

This Is a Fantasy....

Morningside....the old man died...
And no one cried....they simply turned away....

And when he died...he left a table made of nails and pride....and with his hands he carved these words inside...

For My Children...

"The human voice is the most important instrument at our disposal, yet it is one of the most difficult to understand or define. You either hear it, or you don't. It either moves you, or it leaves you is more than just a is the soul itself."

About Me

I enjoy talking and laughing with friendly, funny people. It is a great stress reliever.

I Love Neil Diamond, in case you haven't guessed.


We raised our now 23 year old grandson, born on 12/25. He has kept us young, at least mentally! He is one terrific young man, and we are still nuts about him.

Hubby & I have been married 48 years as of June 25th. We met when we both worked for Frontier Airlines here in Denver. He worked as a ramp agent at the time, and I was a stewardess. We had 2 daughters, Patricia and Kathleen..and have 4 grandsons, James, Kalen, Jeremy and Johnathon. We would have had 3 girls, but God chose to take our middle baby to be with him...Leslie died 10 minutes after birth.

Since I couldn't fly anymore once we married, and after the babies started coming, I worked as a checker in a supermarket off and on/part-time for over 14 years, did a year as a teacher's aide, and then I found myself drawn to a career in law enforcement. I worked as a civilian for 3 different police departments over 22 years as a Records Ckerk/Specialist. I retired from the last job in 2000. I miss the was exciting most of the day was ever the same...yet at the same time any given day could become terribly boring when nothing much was happening. Those were the days we got a lot of data entry accomplished!

Running a home, raising a family, and working in jobs I loved kept me busy, and caused me to want to contiue to learn and grow..After 20 years of going to college off and on and part-time too, I received my paralegal certificate in 1997. I now do some "secret shopper" jobs, and do other little odd jobs on the computer...

Hubby's and my main source of entertainment has become the casinos here in Colorado. We are just small players in the large world of gambling tho.

We do enjoy going to the Ute Indian tribe casino in Ignacio, and have been to the Southern Ute tribe casino in Cortez, CO. On some trips to Texas, we found some Native American casinos in Oklahoma, and stopped and visited them. We took a trip to South Dakota in 2007, and saw Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse's monument that still is being constructed, Deadwood, and Sturgis. The Black Hills are absolutely beautiful. On our way from Chadron, Nebraska, into South Dakota, we saw a sign for a Native American casino down the we followed the road and that had to have been the best casino we have been in. We couldn't lose that day! Course, it may just have been that luck was on our side that day, you think?

Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon. I may have some updates to add in time.

Besides Neil Diamond, I enjoy all types of music, for example: Mannheim Steam-Roller, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Mozart, Pavarotti, Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, all the oldies, plus the new "swing" sound....and Kenny Rogers & the 1st Edition...and of course Waylon & Willie....and Charlie Rich...the Silver Fox....The Moody Blues......and Bread....and Gordon Lightfoot...James Taylor...Carly Simon...Roger Whitaker....Bob Seeger...Peter Frampton... Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton...the ORIGINAL Four Freshmen...Creedence Clearwater Revival...and, The Verve..."Bittersweet Symphony", a little off the track of my type of music...but this one has a sound that will get your attention. A last tribute to the man with the voice: Goodbye Barry are already missed. And I cannot leave Ray Charles off of this list...great NEWEST "group" of singers...Celtic Thunder! They are awesome. And I have to mention a dear friend I met through this website...David Sherry...who does a Tribute To Neil Diamond...he sounds like Neil...His group is called Diamond Is Forever, and you can read about him in the Guestbook below. David usually performs around the Southern California area.


I am an avid sports fan. My top team choices are: football-Denver Broncos & University of Nebr.; baseball...Colorado Rockies & Kansas City Royals and as an added attraction, the St. Louis Cardinals; hockey...Colorado Avalanche; soccer...Colorado Rapids & Foxes. (I believe the soccer teams have changed, and will look for the new name.)


I enjoy honest, loyal, people. Those who aren't afraid to be truthful with themselves, or those they call their friends.

A sense of humor is my number one priority. If you can laugh at yourself, you can handle anything life throws your way.

Life is too short. Don't take it so
seriously that you miss all the little golden gems sprinkled along your path.

Live, love, laugh....honestly and openly. You will do yourself a favor, and help others without even knowing it. Remeber, a smile massages your heart...what a great exercise!


I love the Four Seasons, but Spring and Autumn are my top choices. My all-time favorite movie is Bambi.
close 2nd movie is ET "Turn on Your Heart Light"
Favorite place to go-a Rockies baseball game.


I just can't handle liver.
Or phony, insincere people.

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by Roma Downey
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My Special appreciation to RTurne....for his wonderful work on re-doing my homepage...

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