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2006 Florida Crossover Tour

I decided to come up with this tour for more than one reason.

1) I allready hold an "EXTREME" Skimboarding event on the eastcoast. It's the only contest in the WORLD that has all the MAJOR SKIMBOARD MANUFACTURERS equally supporting it, I thank them all. I pride this event with the fact that no other MAJOR EVENT allows each skimmer 2 chances before their eleminated. It's a true tournement of skill, with no politics, for instance a few years ago Jed Currington showed and blew away the rest of his division, you might say so what?. Well his division was the MEN's, meaning he beat GRADY ARCHBALD (laguna) and CLIFF CARTWRIGHT (nags head) just to name a few.

2) I've tried in the past to help unify the sport with others thus creating tours such as the Zap eastcoast tour and the UST. As far as the UST goes, we are trying to work out age groups for the amateurs, so the divisions will be equal accross the board, and an amateur ranking will finally happen. WOW !! Great for the sport!! As far as the individual events go, In my opinion, the events will and should always be different in some way.

3) I've never been the kind of person to sit around and see what's next, I'm the kind of guy who creates what's next. I was blessed with the fortune of being born and raised in a state where the emphesis is family and fun. Also a state where the shoreline seems endless as well as the amusement parks.

So having the largest and coolest in-door SKATEBOARD park on the eastcoast in my birthplace (TAMPA), as well as the World's Best Inland Surfing Lagoon in (ORLANDO). It just sort of made sense to combine them with my Skimboarding event. Thus creating the FLORIDA SKIMBOARDERS CROSSOVER TOUR.

I'm hoping to showcase some incredible SKIMBOARDERS who also possess the talents of SURFING, and SKATEBOARDING.

Who knows, they might get some new sponsers.

Anyway It's supposed to be about fun and it will always be about having fun in FLORIDA.

On top of all the fun you're going to have, some extra money for the Skate, and Surf champions, as well as 1st thru 4th overall.


Here are the Atheletes for 2006


Jake Hendry, Vilano -Steve Boomhower, Venice Fl

Dave Scott, Jax Fl - Morgan Just, Dana Point CA.

Austin Bleiweiss, Naples - Dion Davis, Venice Fl

Jed Currington, Vilano - Pete Anderson, Reddington bch FL

Brandon Rothe, Laguna bch. CA - Dave Armstrong, Venice

We will produce a short video of the entire tour. We will be making the video as the tour unfolds and show it Saturday night at the Vilano Ramp Pavilion, just so all the ones that didn't get tickets will be able to see what went down earlier that week, following it will be the showing of the 10st Bros. latest video release. It's all shown drive-in style.

If you are one of the Contestants PLEASE CONTACT US, AS SOON AS YOU HEAR YOUR INVITED !!!Due to the fact that most of you have moved, we can't reach you. There is an entry fee for the entire tour: $200.00(it includes your $100.00 skimboard entry).

ALL INVITES :: R.S.V.P. by August 10th, 2006. We have an alternate list in case someone can't make it. If you do not confirm/deney acceptance by the above date, we reserve the right to substitute the next alternate in line.

The events will begin on Wed. August 16th 6:00pm ( meet at the park by warm up) in TAMPA with an indoor street competition. We're stoked that Ryan allows us to hold this contest at S.P.O.T. They just don't allow people to hold events other than their own sanctioned events. We will follow their guidelines, which means their won't be any skimmers judgeing. The judges will be Professional Qualified Skateboard Judges.

Here's the event

The order of seating will be determined by your current Professional U.S.T. ranking. The 3 amateurs will go first, second, and third (according to their Florida Skimboarding Pro/Am ranking from 2005) followed by the lowest ranked Pro and will follow with second lowest Pro and so on, #1 ranked Pro will go last.

Warm up round: 50 sec. run each rider solo.

Round 1: 2-50 sec. runs each rider, 6 eliminated.

Round 2: 2-50 sec. runs each rider, 6 eliminated.

Round 3 FINAL: 2-50 sec. runs.

Points will be awarded just as UST is.

Prior to the event you will have plenty of time to free skate the park.

As far as spectators are concerned, for this event, bring the whole family, it's free !!!! Ryan, from S.P.O.T., had such a great time last year, that he would love to see the entire place filled to capacity.

Check out the some shots from past events, click on Jason, moving at banner speed to see S.P.O.T., or the other pic of Bill Baxter for the results.

Thurs. August 17th 6:00P.M. (WE HAVE TO MEET IN THE PARKING LOT NO LATER THAN 5:30P.M.), Event 2, ORLANDO, Fresh Water Wave Pool Surfing. An Inland Lagoon will be spot for this event. It's the worlds best inland surfing lagoon. You will surf A-frame peaks (min. 4 foot), I feel this wave is the fairest conditions for the Skimmer's, you will get to ride your strongest direction every wave!

Here are some shots from past events, click any one, and go inside for more.

Tom Cooper, Bill Baxter, Bill "Beeker" Bryan, Brad Evers, Keith Peery, Erik "the CHAMP"

The rounds will go as followed.

(PLEASE UNDERSTAND: Once the waves are started it won't stop, you have to exit the pool quickly after your ride and get back in line.)

The order of placement will be decided by height,(shortest to tallest...just kidding, I'm a big kidder) It will be decided according to the S.P.O.T. event results. The last place finisher will go first an so on.

Warm up round: 1 wave each, due to the fact we are riding A-frames, we are allowed to have two(2) riders per wave, so each of you should actually get two(2) warm-up waves.

Round 1: 3 waves each, 5 riders eleminated.

Round 2: 3 waves each, 5 riders eleminated.

Round 3 FINAL: 3 waves each.

Points will be added to day ones points.

After the event you are free to party in ORLANDO, just remember the Florida Skimboarding Pro/Am will have check-in on Friday at 3:00p.m. and we WILL NOT hold Pro heats the evening of the 18th. I think you'll be able to have some fun, stay the night in orlando if you wish, and have plenty of time to get to Vilano by 2:00 pm on the 18th.

As far as spectators, this is an EXCLUSIVE EVENT, the Water Park will be closed to the public.

Thanks, We will continue to update this tour as more information and sponsers becomes available. Steve.