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Pictures from an August, 2003 trip to New Jersey and New York; descriptions are as follows:
0507: Massachusetts has begun selling low-numbered license plates at a premium, sometimes at auction. Although I'm unsure of whether this was sold in such a fashion, it is one of the lower-numbered Massachusetts plates.
AN81L: Michigan, "Grand Valley State University."
CC 74JS: New Jersey, "Conquer Cancer" (hence the 'CC' prefix).
CW 760X: New Jersey, "Conserve Wildlife," ('CW' prefix) design one.
WC 855L: New Jersey, "Conserve Wildlife," design two. These plates actually had stacked prefixes beginning at "WA," with the "W" indicating 'wildlife.' This design featured an American Bald Eagle in flight.
FF 1560: New Jersey, "State F.M.B.A." These plates are for members of the Firemen's Mutual Benevolent Association. The "FF" prefix indicates "firefighter."
ZZ 2117: New Jersey, "Discover NJ History." These plates promote tourism to historic places within the state.
AAX7959: This type is the rarest standard passenger plate in all of New Jersey. It debuted 1 January, 1993 but drew criticism because it was thought that seven characters were harder to read than the six the state had been using for years; only about 300,000 were issued and all seven-digit design production was ceased by June, 1993 when the state decided to go back to six-digit production (AA-000A first followed by the current AAA-00A).
IB 1000: New Jersey, "Teamsters." Interestingly, this plate was photographed on a Dodge Dakota decked-out with Teamsters insignia and decals; also of interest is that it is the first Teamsters plate issued in New Jersey. The "IB" prefix stands for "International Bretheren."
152: New York, "Birthplace of Baseball." This design is the only specialty design from New York not on the "custom" base (which I could not photograph). This design is rare and probably intended to commemorate the Baseball Hall of Fame, located in Cooperstown, New York (Cooperstown is also the alleged 'birthplace of baseball,' though that claim has come under some question in recent years).
OS 00004: Pennsylvania, "Ohio State Alumni." In recent years, especially in the northeast, it has become common practice to have alumni states for colleges and universities not even within the state; Virginia even has a license plate for Arizona State University. Of note is that this is just the fourth Pennsylvania Ohio State plate issued.