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The Historical and Mythic Thoth

Thoth is known in mythos as a God of the Egyptians, later adopted by the Greeks and re-named "Hermes." As a God-Being, he was venerated in Egypt from at least 3000 BCE. He was given credit for inventing hieroglyphic writing. He was known as the "Scribe of the Gods," and as such, was the recorder of all human deeds. It has also been said through the ages, that the Great Thoth brought to mankind the sciences of law, astrology, anatomy, medicine, chemistry, art, magic, alchemy and architecture. There are certain learned scholars of the past who equated Thoth with the biblical prophet Enoch, saying that they were one and the same. Iamblichus declared Thoth to have been the author of twenty thousand books, while Manetho credited him with having written more than thirty-six thousand. The Greeks called Thoth "Hermes Trismesgistus," the latter name meaning "Thrice Great." The exact reason for this title is variously postulated upon by scholars, but is not specifically known.

The ancient Egyptians often depicted Thoth as Ibis-headed, although he was also portrayed at times with the head of a baboon.

There are ancient texts which claim that Thoth was the architect of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The most famous books attributed to him are "The Emerald Tablets" and "The Pymander."

Thoth, the Illumined Enochian Master

From my direct receipt of the Being who identifies himself to me as 'Thoth,' I have received the following biography of his life and current status (in brief).


"As 'Toth-Mus-Zurud,' I came within a vesica of Light, a merkabah of golden and blue-white fire, from Rigel, through the 'Asefetas' (the Belt of Orion), and descended unto 'Rastaru' (Rastau), the etheric manifold of the plain of Giza. With me, I brought the Enochian Table containing the blueprint for the building of the Temple of the Risen One, later to be called the Temple of the Lion, which is now known as the ‘Great Pyramid.' I was the Master Architect of this construction, which was begun in the year 10,400 B.C. It was completed in 10,348 B.C.

"It was not until 9,160 B.C. that I entered the genetic Earth born embodiment through which I would reassume my ‘Thoth' role as Raismes of Aphra. In this Earthborn form, I would dwell for 300 years. After that time, I reincarnatated on Earth as Amenophis, architect to Akhenaten, Imenhotep, architect to Zoser, and Hiram Abiff, architect to King Solomon, among other experiences.

"Toth-Mus-Zurud has been referred to in texts as ‘Thoth the Atlantean,' as my work with the Atlanteans was then prominent, but I was of pure Orion genetics. However, at the time of my birth as the one who was to become Raismes of Aphra, it was necessary for me to embed the light grid of the Risen Temple within the genetics of the Earth.

"When I returned to Egypt, the priests of the Great Temple saw beyond my physical body, into the auric veil which surrounded my form, and they knew that He who is the Tat-tet, the Tehuti, had returned. To those of my family and personal fold, I was known to them as Shansi, 'The Beloved'."

'Thoth', 'Toth', Tat-tet and 'Tehuti' are all forms of the same root, which are titles meaning, 'one who gives breath to', or the 'Grand Communicator'. Toth-Mus-Zurud was known in Atlantis as the ‘Sword of Orion'. His origin is Ultra-Terrestrial, from the ‘Eighth Sphere of Heaven.' He tells me that this denotes the dimension of his realm, which is the eighth. In that dimension he contains the genetics of the Light Races of Orion with the sun of his creation being Rigel. As he communes with me in this time-space, Thoth or ‘Tehuti' is both Toth-Mus-Zurud and Thoth, Raismes of Aphra (translated as ‘mouth of sun of the altar place'). When he ascended at the end of his ‘Raismes' life experience, he did not at that time take his physical body with him, but instead left it in a state of suspended animation. He later returned to re-claim this form, merging it with his higher Light Body as Toth-Mus-Zurud. In this way, he descended through the nine layers of the Earth into the interior world or inner cavity of the planet, wherein he now dwells with the Central Earth Tribes.

‘Ultra-terrestrial' is a term Thoth uses to define the spiritually evolved beings from whom we are descended through our star genetics. ‘Extra-terrestrials' cover an assortment of types from other worlds who are at various degrees of spiritual and physical evolution, but are not spiritualized within their heart centers to a high degree. Many of these beings are creations of the angels who ‘fell from Heaven' with Lucifer, whom Thoth refers to as the ‘Nephilim.'

Ultra-terrestrials come from the universe of the Metatronic Light spiral. This ‘spiral' is the path of the full Light spectrum. By ‘Light' in this context, is meant divine energy beyond the atomic level. The ‘full Light spectrum' exists in what Thoth calls the ‘Attasic Universe.' It is the Unified field of all consciousness where there is no separation. It is the coming together of all time fields and Universal strata striking a harmonic in the center of the soul's atoma or central sun (composite of all seven chakras).We, on Earth as well as the Extra-terrestrials, dwell in a half-Light spiral or spectrum called the ‘Oritron.' The Oritronic Spiral is incomplete, yet it is not warped. It contains the essence of the Metatron, but without the ability to create full consciousness movements.

The starry field of Orion in the Attasic Universal Light Grid is the ‘Holy Home' of Thoth. It was in Orion that the seam in the universe was rent in the Luciferic event which created the ‘Universal Tear.' Thus it is the role of the Orionians who remain in the Metatronic Light of the Attasic, to take the lead in the redemption of original Light, gathering this trapped, sacred energy back unto the folds of the Divine. Toth-Mus-Zurud was the ‘Sword of Orion' to the Atlanteans because they recognized him as ‘sword of truth and light' who came to the Earth as an emmisary of the Light Redemption Factor of Orion.

In the Age when Toth-Mus-Zurud descended into to this world, he dwelt primarily in Atlantis, with periods of time spent among the Tribes of the Central Earth. Thoth's entire ‘mission' was threefold. One was to bring to Earth the ‘Enochian Table,'which was knowledge of sacred geometry for specific Earth structures to be built upon this sphere to aid us in our return to the Attasic Universe. Originally, those whom Thoth calls the ‘Master Builders of the Sun Bow,' set up patterns and grids upon and within the planet, from which sacred temples arose. But as the etheric veil of the Earth deteriorated, greater consciousness patterns were needed to be nested within the Gaia-form of this world. His second planetary objective was to supervise these constructions, so that they would be accomplished according to the Greater Plan. Thirdly, he was to bring to this realm a great deal of knowledge that had been lost from the hearts and minds of the Earthborn. This he gave us in such works as the ‘Emerald Tablets,' and many other books on such subjects as sacred geometry, alchemy, healing sciences, and the true Genesis of our universe. All of his ‘writings' as ‘The Thoth' were not done pen in hand, but as direct transmissions into the akashic records. Many channel-scribes through the ages have tapped into the Akashic Repository of Thoth, and written from his Record.

In re-orienting this world with its true origins, Thoth served to enlighten humans in that age that they were not the spawn of the Nephilim, the fallen angels of Lucifer. He revealed to them that although the Fallen Lords had greatly tampered with their mortal bodies through eons of genetic manipulation, human kind were still ‘angels unaware.'

The full accomplishment of Thoth's threefold mission was extended through his life as Raismes of Aphra and on, into this current day. His time with this world is not yet completed.

While it was as Toth-Mus-Zurud that he was master architect of the original Temple of the Risen One (the Great Pyramid), as Raismes he again became its architect in greatly renovating it after the Atlantean Deluge. Also as Raismes, he wrote in the akashic most of the ‘Thoth' texts, such as the ‘Book of Thoth' and the ‘Pymander.'

From the unfinished manuscript, "JOURNEY OF THE BELOVED," on the life of Thoth, Raismes of Aphra