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Hello and Welcome to my little corner of the web. Hope you have a good time here and find everything that you need. I'm 36 and I have been quilting for 28 yrs of it. I was a lucky child and was taught on my Grandmothers knee. I in turn passed the tradition onto my six kids. Cody, 20, Ryan, 16, Amanda, 14, Christopher, 14, Justin, 11, Dannielle, 8. We love to gather around the frame and hand quilt and all of the children have there favorite part of it.
I was featured in an article for handquilting in North Carolina and this year am being considered for publication in Quilt magazine. We homeschool four of our children and really enjoy that too! David and I have been together forever and plan to stay that way. Please browse the site and feel free to add any suggestions you might like to see here! I am no longer taking any orders due to my health and the dishonestly of the world.

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