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Specializing in custom model cars.


Would you like your car turned into a model? If so, fill out the request form
and we will send you a price estimate for your car. If accepted, you can send
us a picture of your ride and we will turn it into a model and ship it to you for
.  Prices vary for different types of cars and what accessories you have or
want on the model of your ride.


What we can do:
    Custom cars and trucks.
    Dropped vehicles and some raised. (No Hydraulics)
    Custom paint (candy colors, metallic, flake, etc)
    Some murals.
         Rims (wire wheels, five stars, trios, and some others)
         Some custom engine parts (chrome and gold)
         Chain steering wheels
         Chain license plate frames (option Lowrider license plate)
         Trim (Chrome and Gold)
         Pin stripes and racing stripes
         Tinted windows
         Some interior work, depends on how hard.


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