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The Martial Arts Research Fellowship

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greetings and welcome to the webhome of the Martial Arts Research Fellowship


Creating an organization with members dedicated to advancing the martial arts through creative research and investigation. Our members are not willing to accept statements such as, "Because that's the way it's always been done". Dedicated to breaking down the "tradition" status quo.


Developing a membership that is open to all styles and systems, be they eclectic, traditional, classical or any other as long as they are dedicated to the advancement of the combat arts and are willing to share themselves with fellow members.
Membership will provide an opportunity to have your work recognized in the publication, Creative Combat


There is no perfect system or style, there is no "only one way to do it" thinking. We want to promote a mindset of a beginner or the inquisitive approach of a child. Always keep in mind that someone may have found a better way to train or fight.
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