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Letters to J.A.I.L.
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Letters to J.A.I.L.

Hi Ron:

Here's a little excerpt of judges confession in Hawaii to an associate of mine who is very active in the anti-corruption movement over there. This taken from a recent email I thought you would enjoy:

Met with a retired judge tonight (good guy) .... He will be removing himself from the system and has been assisting us in legal proceedings. He has also given us the insight into the judicial system, and yes, he admits that the there are judges who are capable of disregarding the law because of judicial immunity. God bless


Please put me on your email list. I'm a notorious victim of the L.A. Court Corruption, a friend to many of your current members and a person who is willing to spend the rest of my life making sure that judges lose their immunity.


Hey, man your doing a really good job! I have been unsubscribing to most newsletters, because of priorities. But your's is the exception, it's to good to do without! Keep em coming.


Sent: Friday, February 11, 2000 10:44 am Subject:
Re: Washington State JAIL Chapter Developing


I will have the total number of judges by county later today, I have contacted the administator of the courts in Olympia and should have a fax shortly.

We have 4 mountain passes and it is very rare they are closed more than 5-7 hours for avalanche control. We also have the gorge route through the Columbia River that is always open. Maybe 2 would be the way to go, but this part is new to me. I am not a lawyer, however I have been sucked through the legal knothole backwards and understand how the system works, or lack thereof. You have probably heard of the Wenachee child sex ring case that didn't exist, they are now undoing all the convictions.plea deals as a result or one crooked policeman and a judge that turned his head. Pastor Robertson, the main defendant, sued the state on the West side of Washington( very liberal) and won the case but was awarded one dollar for the destruction of his entire life. He then appealed and the state settled out of court for 800,000. The City of Wenachee will end up bankrupt and us citizens will pick up the bill. I have a friend that sued a guardian ad lidem for lying to a court in a child custody case. When he started scanning the documents in the case and posting them on his website, the judge confronted him in the clerks office and became so angry he threw papers at him. He then sued the judge for 4th degree assault. When his suit survived summary judgment and was to move forward, he was charged with intimidation of a witness and convicted!!! This was a class "B" felony for suing a guardian ad lidem. This man has not seen his daughter in 3 years now and spent 150,000 on lawyers. I don't even want to go into my story, but the choices are simple, we work within the framework of the system and make positive changes with things like J.A.I.L. or we will end up with anarchy, and none of us want that. I travel the Northwest on business and I can tell you people are getting fed up, frustrated and angry. I have never seen anything like this. People are overwhelmed "politically" We are quickly becoming a majority tyranny.

They try to break you financially, then they try to break you emotionally,then they try and break you mentally, then they try to break your spiritually..if this does not make you go away, they lock you up. The only difference between now and mid evil times is back then they took your possessions and threw you in jail the same day. Today, they drag it on for 3-4 years and you always think, that's ok, the system works and its about the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God. Its also about guilt beyond a reasonable doubt! In the State of Washington you are convicted "IN THE LIGHT MOST FAVORABLE TO THE STATE" and "THE JURY SHALL ONLY HAVE TO FIND AN INFERENCE OF AN INTENT TO COMMIT THE CRIME" This is direct quotes from several jury trial instructions where people were convicted of "crimes". So much for beyond a reasonable doubt.

The jury only gets to hear what the judge and prosecutor want them to hear, People are over charged with crimes, polls have been taken where 85% of jurors feel the person in the defendants seat must have done something wrong or they would not be there. We have an adversarial system, prosecutors tell less than the truth, its about winning at any cost. They have and endless supply of our money to fight us. Most people charged with any crime plea bargain because of the cost. I cannot tell you how many people tell me," going to jail for a year or two is better than loosing everything I own and rebuilding my life at 50". Its a economic reality and we have become a society that telling the truth and standing up for what is right isn't as important as the condition of our 401k or bank account. Remember a fish rots from the head down.

I have exhausted an estate worth more than 7 figures fighting the good fight at the age of 40. I will rebuild and do it again if need be. I have seen many a hearse going down the road and none of them pulling a U-haul. In fact if you walk around the back you will not even see a trailer hitch.

People this is our country and they work for us, let us not loose sight of that. We need accountability or we could loose it forever. Socialism is a failed political philosophy.

WINSTON CHURCHILL SAID " Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. It's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."

I love my country and want to leave a better world for my children. Lets help RON!!!

God Bless America, we need all the help we can get.


Okay, Brad, I have rewritten the California JAIL Initiative for the State of Washington based on two Special Grand Juries. Study it carefully, consult with your associates. Pay particular attention to paragraph (f). It may be revised at your discretion.

Since you are going to be a proponent, you must be fully prepared to defend this initiative. (Of course, I will always be here to back you up.) That is why you must pour over this thoroughly. If you have any questions, query me. Anything at all, no matter how big or small. You and your fellow proponents will be subject to hostile questions about this initiative. I believe this initiative to be fully defensible. You must be totally sold on it!

Once you are satisfied that you are ready, then submit it pursuant to the instructions of the Secretary of State. Once that is done, you are official. When it comes back, you are off and running. You will doubtless be contacted by the media. We'll all play on that throughout the internet world.

You will doubtless have an Ali in Jack Metcalf. He knows me personally. I've been in his home and stayed with him and his wife for two days back when he was a state senator. I think he is U.S. Senator now. (I must admit that my experiences with him is dated, so with a little prompting, he'll recall me. He's a great man. He wants to abolish the Federal Reserve Banking System, and we discussed just that. I still have a video tape of my stay with him.)

We already have two other states outside of California (Georgia and Alabama) that are jumping in with a JAIL Chapter, and JAIL will continue gaining other states. A lot is happening and fast!

We are working on establishing a common URL wherein each state will control their own website on that URL. That is in the development stage right now, so don't concern yourself with a webpage at this present time.

Always keep me updated. I have a separate Washington State JAIL Chapter file I have now created. Down load the attached petition and go to work studying it and asking questions.


I have briefly reviewed your website at I intend to review it more thoroughly over the next few days. I would like to provide any assistance I can regarding your efforts to make judges accountable for their misconduct, arrogance, incompetence and outright dishonesty.

I am at the present time involved in a lawsuit wherein I am suing three (3) county judges herein in Toledo, Ohio for fraud, conspiracy and intentional infliction of emotional distress and other damages.

I successfully sued a county judge in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the early '80s and settled the case without need for trial, and I did this pro se as I am doing against these three judges.

It is my opinion that the only way to reign in judicial abuse and/or attorney abuse is by way of passing laws that remove their ability to police themselves. In other words, laws must be passed wherein the conduct of lawyers and judges is reviewed by civilian panels empowered to disbar them and/or remove them from office when the evidence warrants.

The present system proves it is basically nothing more than a joke and does nothing more than act as a protective society for judges and lawyers. To suggest that a complainant must seek redress from the brothers and sisters of complained of judges and lawyers is a joke. This is analogous to limiting death penalty juries to death row inmates and then complaining that no murderers are being convicted.

I have a daughter that resides in Hollywood and works as a co-producer for Paramount ABC and another daughter that lives in Sacramento. It is my intention to move to either the LA and/or Sacramento area as soon as I my litigation is resolved, the sooner the better.

I believe that I have some constructive views on how to go about making judges and lawyers accountable for their conduct in a public setting and to rid ourselves of the present system that is obviously corrupt and is in place to protect dishonesty and incompetency.

I would be more than happy to work with your organization in seeking a way to persuade the California voters to enact a law that abolishes the present disciplinary system and replaces it with one that is operated by civilians who are not beholding to judges and lawyers.

I would be interested in copies of any news media reports on your efforts if those are available to you. And, I would be more than happy to provide you with copies of anything I have that you may deem to be of interest.

David Palmer

Ron, your eMails have gotten me motivated. ... I am looking for a webmaster and also plan to sign up for web design classes. You could put my name down as a contact for Georgia and I could start with a list or something. I will check with the Secretary of State about the items you mentioned. Recently the Judge on my case recused herself because I sent her some articles on prosecutorial abuse. Seems it was "inappropriate of me to do that" - articles about all the corruption is inappropriate communication?

Georgia JAIL Chapter
Janice Carlisle PO Box 468116
Atlanta, GA 31146-8116

JAIL comments: All of you from the State of Georgia are encouraged to get in touch with Janice at


I'm in Washington State. ... I contacted a good friend of mine the other day and discussed JAIL with him and forwarded some of the information, including the web-site address. He's a psych major with a major interest in politics himself--in fact considering running for public office once he's done with his B.A. I'm hoping to get him interested... he's naturally gifted in the public arena and wouldn't be a bad ally and/or spokesman for JAIL. Where writing is my major talent, speaking is his.

We'll probably discuss everything over the course of the next few weeks and see where we want to take it. He's already intruiged and, once he's familiarized himself with it, I'll either have him contact you himself or act as go-between and possibly begin to formulate a plan of action for our state.

I found the initiative's wording very concise and without the usual redundancies and vague statements common to most legal documents. So far I'm very impressed. Keep up the good work.


I want to start or participate in a JAIL For Judges in Washington State. We have an initiative process and I will assemble a commokazi fleet of volunteers to get signatures. We need 185,000 based on the last election. What can I do to help? We are one of the few states that do not have a grand jury, and so the prosecutor is King!!!!! and the body count is way too high!


JAIL comment: How about the rest of you? What about your state?

Date: Tuesday, February 08, 2000 3:38 PM
Subject: BATF misraid again

"Hey, Daddy, there's a bunch of guys outside with machine guns." How would you like to hear that from your 9-year-old son some fine morning? That's what Clyde Highbarger heard in his Cave Junction, Oregon home 8 a.m. Jan. 27 from his boy, Christopher.

Then came the knock on the door. "Police. Search warrant. Open the door." For the next five and a half hours, the Highbarger family experienced what all too many innocent Americans have begun to experience lately -- state-directed police terror.

Highbarger and his wife, Ruth, were handcuffed by dozens of federal, state and local police wearing combat-style uniforms, helmets and visors. The Highbargers' four children -- Christopher, 9, Laurel, 14, Robin, 7 and Madeline, 2, were forced to stand in the chill morning air, some still in their night clothes.

Mrs. Highbarger, holding Madeline, who is nursing, was ordered out of bed at gunpoint and told to keep her hands up. The toddler wore a thin nightgown. The mother wore a long shirt and underwear. As Mrs. Highbarger headed for the front door, baby in her arms, an officer aimed a semiautomatic handgun.

"I'll thank you to not point your gun at my daughter's room," she said. "I'm just doing my job," said the officer.

Yeah, just doing my job. Where have we heard that before?

You know, sometimes, to understand what's happening in our country, you have to get away from the TV talk shows and the network newscasts and turn your attention to your local weekly newspaper where police stories still rule.

What happened to the Highbargers' last month is not unlike what has happened to hundreds of other innocent families throughout the country in recent years. The cops came looking for drugs. They didn't find any.

Who knows why they came? Maybe they got an anonymous tip. Maybe the drug informants they employ provided bogus information to protect their friends. Maybe, God forbid, the drug search was just an excuse by cops to intimidate and harass what they described as "anti-government" people.

The Highbargers are home-schooling Quakers. But the cops, while on their fruitless search for contraband, let them know they did not appreciate some of the literature they discovered in the house. There were videotapes on shooting techniques and magazines about self-reliance.

One of the cops asked Highbarger why, if he was anti-government, he just didn't "come out shooting." Maybe the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and other agencies dispatched to this dangerous detail would have liked that. Mrs. Highbarger, on the other hand, simply explained: "First, we're not anti-government; and second, we're not stupid."

The harassment of the Highbargers was part of a larger series of drug raids that took place in southern Oregon last month. About 140 officers from the FBI, DEA, IRS, U.S. Attorney's Office, National Guard, ATF and lots of local cops took part in serving 20 search warrants for psilocybin manufacturing plants. It was part of a three-year investigation, requiring thousands of man-hours, at who-knows-how-much cost.

The results? The searches produced 10 mushroom growing sites, two spore labs, one marijuana patch, some peyote plants, 14 pounds of dried psilocybin mushrooms, several firearms and approximately $10,000 in cash. Wow! Big deal. I have to ask myself if such a haul is worth pointing one gun at one baby's head? I don't think so.

I think our government is out of control. And the so-called "drug war" has provided the excuse -- the rationalization for invoking terror on an untold number of innocent people,depriving them of their rights, invading their homes and spending a fortune of taxpayer dollars to do it.

This has got to end -- now.

Recently, WorldNetDaily told you the story of Donald Scott, the Southern California man who lost his life at the hands of cowboys like this. The Highbargers consider themselves fortunate to have escaped this raid with their lives. Many victims of this kind of government terror have not been so lucky.

Enough is enough. The government is merely empowering the drug lords with its phony "war." America is losing its civil liberties in the name of law and order. It's time to call off the dogs, get the federal troops out of our communities and send them packing -- disarmed -- back to Washington where they belong.

I declare the drug war over


Above was forwarded to JAIL by YIKES. Comment: What Americans are going to have to wake up to is that the problem is not DEA, FBI, CIA, BATF, IRS or local police. The problem is with the judicial system "NOT doing its job" of holding arbitrary police action in check! Until the people regain control over the judicial system, it will only get worse.

Dear Sir,

One of the things that has occurred to me is a letter writing campaign to the media, might be to our advantage. The media is often overbearing and obnoxious, but can be an effective tool for anyone involved in something that might be perceived as controversial. Something that would also be advantageous would be to try to attract the attention of a celebrity or two to the cause. .... [T]elevision and radio ads could be also advantageous.

That's me. Always thinking. Consider me involved, sir. I will do anything I can.

M. S. Williams

Attn: Ron,

I'm planning a massive 2000 + e-mails, attack on the east coast to all judges, lawyers, police departments, courthouses, prosecutors office, congressmen, senators, governor, mayors, attorney general, ethics committees, doj, radio, TV stations, newspapers and foundations. I would like your input as to what you would like me to include in these mailings.

I was thinking about (Ron) writing a strong letter along with your website link Ron, I spend more time reading your many excellent e-mails than working on finishing my website. I give up, I'll work on getting the message out about our injustices nd also putting Jail on the map. As you know, I'm already considered the enemy of the state in NJ. Great!!!!!!

Imagine my new title after I send these 2000 + e-mails. All I ask, is if I'm arrested for JAIL to rally behind me by sending e-mail letters of my arrest to JAIL members and NJ officials. Your asking why should he get arrested, Read my story A Father's Quest.

Also I received a letter from a radio station asking me to appear on their show to discuss my story, A Father's Quest of corruption and injustice. This is the perfect time to promote our cause and I'm considering having you appear on the show instead of me or we can both appear. Which ever, you decide and let me know if your interested.

Thinking about starting a chapter on the east coast let me know. Ron, how about making T-shirts for JAIL at $10.00 donation for cause. I have many great ideas which I will discuss later. It's 3:30am time to sign off after 16hrs of working to get justice the same way your doing. It's hard work but someone's got to do it. Ron, you've read my story and I'm out of work since 1998, so this is my new line of work and I'm 100 percent dedicated to our cause. ....

Read story...: A Father's Quest - The Samuel Nieves Story ....

A true story of "Injustice Horror's" this innocent man has faced and continues to face within our Law Enforcement, Family & Criminal Courts System which has failed to protect this innocent victims rights.

Samuel Nieves, Proud NJ member of the JAIL4Judges cause

Ron: (This is from an attorney)

In my first contested custody trial, the guardian ad litem ... told me that if people were too stupid and incompetent to properly deal with their lives and left it up to lawyers and judges, then they would have to take whatever we gave them.

He went on to explain that it was simply not my turn to win that case, that I could win the next one and that I should shut up and do as I was told. I didn't. I won, with the blessings of a fine, fair and wise judge. But that was one of the very few fine, fair and wise judges.

I agree that the judicial system is in crisis. As I am not highly regarded in my legal community, because I have publicly challenged the corruption, I have no support money to offer you. But if you can use another recalcitrant attorney, let me know what I can do.

L. J. Burton

Dear Ron,

I wanted to applaud your efforts via JAIL, some of which I have become aware of from forwarded e-mail. I think you are "right on" in your comments to the Florida Bar News which I received today. I am one of those so called "pro se litigants", being currently the Plaintiff/ Petitioner in a Declaratory Judgement and Title 42 sec. 1985 action against five local government officials in Graham county Arizona, claiming breach of the Arizona and federal Constitution and civil rights law violations relating to protection of private property.

Even though I possess far above average intelligence (gift of God) and have devoted my whole life over the past seven years to the study of law, state and federal statutes, and the rules of Court; the federal Court has delayed my remedy even when it seems clear to me that law and justice is fully on my side.

These government abuses affecting private property rights are a big part of what create all those pro se litigants, and "the seeds of future revolution" to quote the Judge referred to by the Florida Bar News in the recent letter you published.... For both of us, no doubt, there is so much to do and so little time. I remain Your servant,


Please send me emails and updates. God Bless You. I am sick of what the judicial system has done to my brother in Arizona. The judges should be imprisoned (if they can take time out from their busy schedules to attend their trial). The judicial system in this country is a farce with attorneys filling the pockets of judges. I guess this is a form of legalized bribery.

Arlene (1/9/2000)

Ron, I sue judges and lawyers for a living. Could you add me to your mailing list?

Jeff Sciba

Absolutely. Consider it done! It's good to hear from attorneys that have principle. Where are you geographically located? Let's get to know one another. Tell me more about yourself. I'll forward this to the attorneys working with us. It's time to unite in common efforts.

Ron Branson


What is your background? I first heard of your organization from an attorney here in AZ, who spoke with Phil Putman. He is the atty who is filing suit against 10 judges. Is that correct? Are you an atty also? How did JAIL get started? This is such a big problem, I really feel with all of us all over this US, we can change things. I would like to be a part of a coalition that is national and is not governed by our government, or made up of peers that are trying to protect those who are under investigation.


Dear Lisa:

Thanks for writing again. My background is a minister, not an attorney. However, I became very knowledgeable on law through my experiences in the courts in the last seventeen years. I have been tortured by electricity emitted from a police tazer gun every time I mentioned the word "Constitution," told I had no rights under the Constitution. Held without food in a cell, strip-searched multiple times, assaulted by police, imprisoned for six days without ever seeing a judicial officer. I've been held imprisoned in a cell with no plumbing, not so much as a drain in the floor and told I could not use the toilet like the other arrestees until I gave a Social Security Number. Having no SSN, I was forced to use the floor for a toilet.

JAIL got started out of the recognition after that I had entered every door of supposed redress, (judicial to the U.S. Supreme Court numerous times, state legislature, District Attorney, Grand Jury, U.S. Attorney, Department of Justice, FBI, House Judiciary Committee, etc,) all without remedy, or even the expression of concern that there be a remedy, being unwilling to accept that "there was nothing anyone could do about it," I decided that I had to go directly to the People through the initiative process!

Yes, Phil, an attorney, is an associate, and the one who filed the lawsuit you are referring to.

The goal now is to wake up the People to recognize that JAIL is the ONLY hope for America. Nothing will change in this country until JAIL becomes law, state by state. And here is were you come in. You can both help us promote and saturate America with our message and spearhead a JAIL Initiative in Arizona. Since you sit on four Arizona State Senate committees, you can use that to your advantage to fight for accountability of the courts.

Thanks for your questions, and for your support. I know that you will not rest or be silent on this issue. God bless. Working together we shall all win!!!

-Ron Branson-

Please add me to your e-mail list for any information on JAIL. ... JAIL and stronger measures should be this country's first priority.

Lager (1/2/00)

I am enjoying your web page. I have to tell you, I am probably the most outspoken activist in Michigan on the judiciary. Last March, our Gov. (johnboy) Engler, had his staff contact every judge, from district to supreme, who was up for reelection and politely demanded they retire. Sitting judges were dropping like flies all over the state. So, on my radio show I announced this.

Finally, a judge who was my next door neighbor growing up, who performed my marriage, and whose kids I babysat for, was the first to retire. Engler then appointed all of his best friends and/or their spouses. The most outrageous was his legal advisor's husband to the Michigan supreme court. How are we suppose to sue our state when the gov has his best friend on the bench?

He amassed over one million dollars in campaign funds. ALL THE RECENTLY APPOINTED CHIEF JUDGES were appointed "because of their ability to raise funds".

We simply have to take back our courts--make it so future gov. cannot appoint. I've been saying that I believe Engler's acts were illegal under federal law and that he conspired and colluded to tamper with the Michigan judiciary....

Suburban Whistleblowers - (Michigan)

.... I know of one lady who was fined by the state of Virginia $150 a day (yes one hundred fifty dollars a day), because she would not make her daughter go back to Virginia (they live in California).

The child is there now and in tears begging her mother to let her come home and the courts of Virginia will not help the child and the courts of California (to their disgrace will not interfere). Justice is fast becoming a whore in this country. The reason I say this is, if you have enough money you buy your justice. We need J.A.I.L

Ron S.



I have a story to add to yours.

In 1989, .... I was arrested for illegal parking and having in my possession a concealed weapon. The weapon in question was an antique pistol not covered by federal firearms law. Even the few cartridges I had were as old as the pistol.

I was told by four different gunsmiths that the gun was irrepairable. It was a wallhanger and nothing else. It was the gun I carried unloaded in my holster on my guard job.

I spent 58 days in jail; was put thru a Papal Inquisition type trial, found guilty and let go on time served. During the time I was in jail, the Deputy that made the arrest left my auto on the causeway for twelve days before he had it towed in.

During that 12 days, persons yet to be legally determined relieved me of all my worldly possessions. I can live with the loss of my ordinary ownings; its the invaluables I lost that "Get my Goat"!

My original Honorable Discharge, my Original DD214 and copies; Technical College Grades, military awards and albums containing photos of Great Grand Parents, Grandparents, Parents, Children and Grandchildren, not to mention the photos of me and my Inamorata of seven years and our travels.

The reason I believe the deputies were the burglars is because the Chief Jailor wore both of my expensive sport jackets right in front of me two different days in a row. Parading around deliberately in front of me to let me know that he had them.

How about that? Fun fun fun! To this day, I have not been returned my property.


We are working on a web site right now. I am working on getting links for every state, so someone can just click on their state, and pull up all the resources we are connected with in that area, along with that state's gov. site and statute site. It is very important for people to know the law. As I mentioned I sit on 4 State Senate Task Force committees on family violence. I work with numerous senators and represenatives who are very interested in doing something to make a difference and bring back accountability.

As you well know.........."money" slows things down, or shall I say the lack of it. We do currently have some corporations noticing us and starting to get involved and support us, however small it may be. I am constantly putting together proposals to get more funding. We are non-profit 501 c3. Thanks to the support of these corporations. It will take a great deal of funding to get chapters set up in each state but that is our goal. Judicial accountability is a major role of what NVRC is about. NVRC fights to make better laws, enforce the laws we currently have, and bring accountabiltity back into the system, largely due to exposing the corruptness to anyone and everyone we can and bring the media (both local and national) in as much as they are willing. We have many people come to us, most of which are in the same situation. They either have no money due to they way the left an abusive situation or they have been totally drained of all finances due to the court system battles. We want to be able to financially assist people with PROPER AND COMPITENT legal representation by having a staff of attorney's who work with us and we will set fee's on a sliding scale. Clients pay what they can and NVRC picks up the rest. There are numerous children who need to go into counseling due to the abuse, but once again, finances are a problem and these children are not getting help.

NVRC was formed 2 1/2 years ago and for the most part all expenses have come out of my own pocket. They have had holes in them for some time now, but I do what I can to keep things alive until we get that larger donation. I believe if we can get on the Leeza show to expose what is going on or some other form of media, then we can reach millions and will be able to touch those and get the funding resources we all need to keep things rolling. I must say I had a great pleasure one day at one of our sub-committee hearings where I sit on the board. This particular one was about court appointed psychologists and evaluators and accountability. Members of the committee, including 2 senators all sat at our places with our name plates and microphones, which was elevated above the rest of the room. That day we had brought in the presiding judge over DR court and put him on the hot seat. WOW what a rush it was for me! That man stood there trembling for the whole time, scared (others in audience remarked at how scared he was and how his hands were turning colors from clutching his pen the whole time) of what was going to happen and what we were going to pin on him. The whole thing was very business-like, appropriate, calm, and respectful....yet we politely asked him procedural questions about cases, and of course he answered them as to how these cases should be rules and how those cases are few and far between and these things just don't happen. We would respond with "Well lets just say this DID happen, how would you rule on it and what is the proper procedure." Of course we got the response that was per statute and how things SHOULD be. He also mentioned that if these things did indeed take place, then he would like them on is desk immediately and it would be grounds for reversal of the order. Of course we got things to him within a couple of days and of course he passed the buck and reclused himself from it. However, the wonderful part was that THIS time it was a judge who was having to answer the questions and who was scared and it wasn't me! What a feeling that was.

Needless to say there is a lot of work to be done. MASA's email is: I believe they just got a web site also. Ask them for that. If there is any way you can make a trip to AZ, let me know. I will set up a meeting with a big group of people and we can help with all we are able to.


Dear Lisa:

I have just sent off an email to MASA. Your second letter, like the first, is quite encouraging. We certainly need to give this matter national attention, and I think the way to do this is state by state. Only one state has to prevail in order to start the domino effect. I will pass on your letter to my immediate circle of friends for their encouragement. Let's keep in close touch and keep each other informed of developments.

Hi Ron!
Many, many thanks for adding me to your list!

Ever since 1992, when a so called 'district court judge' conspired with 2 other fellows, another lawyer and a fellow who had fiscally entrapped us to the tune of $26,000, I have been interested in the real law. Jim and I had interviewed a lawyer, a member of a prominent law firm in Longmont, Colorado. But when we walked out of his office, we looked at each other and said, "Why would we hire that guy?" We were not impressed.

So, Jim decided he could handle it himself because it was so obvious it was a fiscal entrapment. However, 'the judge' flat told Jim he 'had no rights in his court!' Jim looked around and said to himself, "What country am I in?" To make a long story short, the judge assisted the two criminals to extort the $26,000 by making a 'judgement' against us.

I decided to start studying the law and how that could happen. I joined a Law Club and studied on my own as well. Since that time, I have been a 'court watcher' in many cases from municipal, to county, to federal and I have not seen a single judge in 7 years uphold the people's rights or the law in court!!! Where do all these unAmerican criminals come from? The private, political club from England called the Bar Ass.

The misconstruction of our government by this private club is so pervasive and the people are so ignorant about their own government, it seems like an overwhelming task to turn it around. We are thankful for people like you who are taking a leadership roll in finding solutions.

Talk about misconstruction by this private club, one of our researchers found a letter in the Colorado Archives from the head of the Bar Ass. dated January 18, 1933. It was addressed to the then Governor Edwin c. Johnson and in the first sentence this Bar Ass. Head, Ernest L. Rhoads says: "In accordance with your request, I appointed a Committee to consider the question of the abolishment of County Courts." I haven't had a chance to see if Johnson was also a member of the bar, but I would bet is was.

I helped form the Common Law People's Court in our county. It was the only one that has not been attacked. And I've had super help from reporters with the Greeley Tribune and the Longmont Times Call in attempting to keep it alive. Sadly, not many people have the time to study and help.

You are right, the only way to stop all this criminal and unAmerican activity by the judiciary is to set up People's Grand Juries, and I look forward to when we can do that here in Colorado.


Probably long before your group focused on the problem of corrupt judges, I was detailing and documenting this problem, through books (third editions of Unfriendly Skies and Defrauding America, first edition of Drugging America, and in various federal filings under RICO, Civil Rights, Bivens, and Title 18 USC Section 4. These included sophisticated Supreme Court filings.
.... Compliments to you for getting attention to this serious matter that is inflicting great harm upon many innocent people and undermining the institutions of the United States.

Rodney Stich

This is Mary, ... is there anything I can do to help support JAIL. I don't have much money being a single mom, but I do have some time I can donate. And it is the truth about people looking the other way, no body believes my case. They just give me that scorn look and say that this just can't happen. I think that is what these judges are doing. They know the more out landish and belligerent they get, the harder it is for anyone to believe it's happening!!!!

Mary K


I have been a part of the crooked judge attorney circus.

They ruined My life, and could care less. I would like to be on your mailing list, on any future updates. I currently live in Michigan ( don't want to get caught spitting on the sidewalk here) I am currently trying to relocate to Arizona. I also have friends who have been a part of the court circus, with the attorneys in the judges pocket type thing, and also, the power of prosecutors with no evidence and the rate of conviction in our courts, is amazing. It is all a money thing. I would like to get your updates, and if there is anything I could do I would, I am disabled but would do what I could. I was denied medical treatment, and then forced to lie in a court of law just to get the circus off my back, and to walk away and shut up. It is a long story, but the courts corporations and attorneys and also M.D.s that would do anything for money and power is amazing.



I agree that all judges should have an open financial record just as any government employee. Without an open record, how the hell are we going to know how they make bribes?? What's to keep them from lying even with this law? You have 100% of my support, and I will put a page on our website along with 100s whom I am sending this today.

Don Proctor

Hi Ron:

Got a copy of what you are trying to do. This is great!

I can't even begin describing the hell I have been through. I have spent $92,000.00 to date. I have had a lawyer lie and a judge falsify an ex-parte and put in black and white I was there, but I was not.

I have been also asking the question how do we make these sadistic lawyers and judges accountable for their actions? They make their own laws as they go along and get belligerent on the stand.

God Bless your work. I will forward some information on my case to you. But keep up the good work. Reading your report lets me know there might be some light at the end of the tunnel for our justice system.



I'm in trial right now for having more than 3 cats on my property, and more than 3 dogs on my property. (The dogs followed their cars up our one mile long private driveway. So I'm being prosecuted for my neighbors 7 dogs). The Animal control officer claimed today that he is a tax collector for the kennel license law (more than 3 cats and more than 3 dogs) This didn't sound right to me, but the DA and the Judge agreed that he was. Have you ever heard of this?


We've come a long way to chase down cat and dog owner "criminals." And then they tell us they need more police to control crime. Next thing you know, they will be arresting people for buying a loaf of bread without a national ID card/license. (We'll need more prisons and more guards).


Dear Ron:

This is a beautiful statement on nonviolent revolution. I will work with you and feel privileged to do so because you have wisdom. Change comes through work, through persuasion and hard work. Guns rarely settle anything.

My best to you.

Pat (Attorney Patricia Barry)


I admire your spunk, really. But I lived in California for almost twenty years. I watched it deteriorate into what it is now. I saw the courts overturn every GOOD measure or initiative the people tried to pass. The initiative and referendum ballots in California are all but dead ducks. You may well be able to accomplish something though by bringing the public "into" the courtroom.

You will make them CLOSE the courts to the public. True STAR CHAMBERS. Maybe then the public will care. Lyle Myhr Jr.


Unlike every prior California initiative, JAIL stands on a different footing. We are establishing a forum who sits in judgment upon all California judges when a complaint is filed against them. Every judge is under their jurisdiction and is a potential defendant. Obviously, we couldn't have the subject judges sit in judgment of the forum who is sitting in judgment of them. Paragraph (w) sets forth: "No judge under the jurisdiction of the Special Grand Jury, or potentially affected by the outcome of a challenge to this Amendment, shall have any jurisdiction to sit in judgment of such challenge. Such pretended adjudication shall be null and void for all purposes and a complaint for such misconduct may be brought at any time, without charge, before the Special Grand Jury by class-action, or by any adversely affected person."

Re: Judges Coming Out of the Closet

How Much I agree with you. There are far too many Judges who are not fit to judge at all. Too many are drunks or drug addicts, and many commit crimes like changing transcripts which is a felony.

Jim Wade
Cloverdale, Indiana

We will have you on cereal boxes by next month


"Breakfast Of Champions," we trust!


YES, YES, YES!!! This is too good to be true! Please include me on your mailing list.


I have printed this article, [Judges Coming Out of the Closet] and copied it, and copied it and copied it. I shall mail it to my attorney who cowered in front of the "Almighty Judge", even when his blatant God like decisions permeated our beings despite all documentation and facts.

I shall mail it, anonymously of course, to "god" himself who has been instrumental in destroying lives by his very pompousness. I shall post it on the bulletin board at work to hopefully awaken a few sleeping souls.

I thank you for this "upper" right before I was ready for another sleepless night permeated with obsessive thoughts of injustice. Perhaps, I shall sleep tonight, knowing there could be a light, the light of hope, not of the reality that still lives in our judicial system.



Thanks for the continued update. Since J.A.I.L. fits perfectly into the agenda that we are going to pursue locally and eventually statewide, I would like to get your input. I am at the beginning stages of educating myself on judicial misconduct, how I go about detecting in, seeing it in action, and knowing what I am seeing. You are much further along the learning curve on this issue than I am. Can you give me some suggestions, research recommendations, etc. that can help me along the right path.


Gary Ellis

Wow do I totally agree.

I was a busy young housewife raising 3 kids till I made a very poor choice and got breast implants to try to live up the image of a young woman back on the market after divorce ---bad choice. And after 23 years of bad health and a lesson in law I didn't need or want --I have seen the law and justice so slanted an driven by power and greed that I am appalled.

The things that I have learned--sadly are the way things are nowadays -- the judges and the lawyers are feeding on a system that lets the victims be priced by the company "Bean-Counter and attorney" and big business can injure, maim and kill and get by with it while the victims suffer and die waiting for some kind of justice that will not come in the system that's in place now.

You can count the number of women who got anywhere near the compensation she should have on one hand --- but the number of lawfirms who have built new offices and joined the ranks of multi-million dollar fee earners are huge.

They stood by and watched the PR firms and the legal machine of the large chemical companies run over the DR.s, the studies, the media, and the victims like a huge tidal wave, and no matter which side they were on they reaped the big bucks while raping the victims, even their own clients.

The lawyers of today are not the lawyers of the people. They answer to noone and the judges are just lawyers of a different color-black - and I don't mean race, I mean heart color and robe color.

If we the People don't stand up and be counted, we will never get any control over this monster, and we will have no legal rights at all.

I know the phrase "As California goes, so goes the country," and I hope this stays true and you get the ball rolling cause as we saw in the Whitehouse, hijacking by the Congress for their own vendetta, the people could not be fooled, the majority of the people are smarter than the big dorks think, and they saw thru the whole disaster. ...

The knowledge out in the population is smarter than they like to think, and we are not going to go down the path the high rollers and fast talkers want us to take.

This is our country and the law and justice system will be the breaking point, cause if our justice system fails, we have nothing left of the "Freedoms we so cherish."

Please do all you can for the sake of our nation and our grandkids and citizens.

The New Millennium must be for all, not the rich and powerful only. And if we really are the America we think, we will start with the justice for all, and take it to all levels of our government.

No one is above the law and especially those who are the gatekeepers of justice, the judges and lawyers. The buck stops with them. The citizens laugh at the many lawyer jokes, but it's not funny when the future of our country depends on some truth and honesty in the courts.

Find the few honest and true lawyers and judges and oust the rest and return us to the ideals that made America the place to live and love. Simple, but true, go with truth and we will follow. Thanks, and keep me e-mailed with your progress.


Please put me on your e-mail list. I'm a researcher/writer working in issues in the California justice and correctional agencies and am interested to learn as much about the judicial misconduct issues as possible. In fact, I'm working on some at the moment.

Thank you,

JL Henriques

Dear Brother In Truth....

I will start by getting petitions made up for the county (BENTON) .... I will tell as many as I can about your site....I shouted at a grocery store out loud the government is corrupt IS CORRUPT!!!.....I heard right away...TRUE!!! Man what a great feeling to know that many are just about to pop and it won't be much longer till the chickens come home to roost (SMILE GRIN GRIN).

Have great interest in subject of courts, omission of evidence, etc. and failure to have sufficient "evidence" to charge a crime... have three cases of men being sent to prison for life on .... no actual evidence..and one.. altered evidence. Where is the liability and responsibility for .. 1. arrest without actual evidence 2. pursuing to trial without sufficient evidence, and obtaining convictions?

These and others have lost their lives to overly - ambitious or suspect prosecutors and judges.. both participating in "empty" trials ..producing BIG convictions? What can we do?

Mary Graham of Joplin, MO.

Answer: JAIL for Judges, Missouri style.

I am happy to see that I am not the only one to see the corruption of officials.. by incompetence, or let us face it ... pay off or pay back time.... they need to be jailed....

Our judges are corrupt.. there is no question in my mind about that.. laws have been bent to make our court system slanted in favor of the $$$$ crowd... I feel the trial lawyers also get too much of a persons settlement if that person has to go to court.. it is all corrupt.

If you need me to help in the searching for info to help bring back an honest system, I will gladly help.. It is about time that the people stood up.. this is suppose to be a country for the people and by the people... Let us make it that way...

We need to have a means of keeping people honest.. and if that means jail time and very heavy fines, so be it.. maybe for the attorneys too that misrepresent facts.. I do not think that justice is hiding the truth... Merry Grant

The biggest threat to our freedom and security is the growing rate of attorneys in America. The home of the free and brave is rapidly transforming itself into the home of the parasite. This letter's intent is not to describe lawyers as greedy and power-hungry. However, lawyerism is characteristic of communism or any other form of non-representative government in that it is a failed concept. For anyone to conceive communism failed because the right people were not in charge is flawed and erroneous. The system was innately bad.

America must awaken from its unconscious stupor and get out of its stage of denial. We must de-lawyer society immediately. All other problems permeate from this root cause since this non-productive, parasitic, predatory profession has reached unprecedented proportions.


This is the best thing ever. We wish we could do it in Nevada, the only problems is that we'll end up without any judges. In Nevada all and every one of them are corrupt, without exception.

Keep me inform of the progress. And if you need anything published, we will be very happy to do so at the Las Vegas Tribune (the only controversial paper) in Clark County. Yurizan

The biggest threat to our freedom and security is the growing rate of attorneys in America. The home of the free and brave is rapidly transforming itself into the home of the parasite. This letter's intent is not to describe lawyers as greedy and power-hungry. However, lawyerism is characteristic of communism or any other form of non-representative government in that it is a failed concept. For anyone to conceive communism failed because the right people were not in charge is flawed and erroneous. The system was innately bad.

America must awaken from its unconscious stupor and get out of its stage of denial. We must de-lawyer society immediately. All other problems permeate from this root cause since this non-productive, parasitic, predatory profession has reached unprecedented proportions.


"I am a candidate for Clerk of Court in Bay County [Florida] ...

There are three judges (Bower, Foster, and Hess) who have had confirmed links to organized and other criminal enterprises in Florida associated with gambling, cocaine, and other criminal activities.

Myself and other citizens have worked together to expose these connections and to question the influence these connections may have had on these judges and their official decisions in court proceedings.

As a result, Judge Glen Hess has taken actions to retaliate and to ban me from the courthouse by, in part, having me arrested merely for attending meetings with public defenders and their African-American clients who had been targeted by the Bay County Sheriff, Guy Tunnell. Tunnell is under investigation by the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice..."

Kevin Wood

Ron, I am happy to see your energy. Go for it, bud. Kick butt. You are quite as I was when I tore California a whole new butt. You have an incontestable cause and you are sticking to that point as if super-glued to it. Plus you have faith in the cause and the possible results. I can tell you this: any man with your determination and energy cannot be defeated. J.A.I.L. will prevail!

Ain't it sweet?

Lokey (11/6/99)

The last thing anyone would need to be able to distinguish right from wrong would be legal training. The whole system is corrupt from 'legal training'; all that needs to be done is require anyone running for any responsible office to read the 75 page book, The Law, by Frederic Bastiat. Yours truly,

Cliff Hume (11/6/99)
(In response to Gene Vorobyov's criticism of JAIL)

Nice clear rebuttal Ron. But, it's obvious with this guys reply that what we have here is another typical, programmed LAWYER! Don't these guys learn comprehensive reading in school or is he the prime example of what's wrong with the teaching these last 40 years or so.

Dale Newman

I applaud you sir. I wish there were more like you. I would have kept my sheriffs badge. Instead I turned it in knowing I could not watch another person railroaded into prison. this country needs more like you.

Ron Schulte (11/6/99)

I think J.A.I.L. is very exciting and I wish you had started it 20 years ago. I can't wait to see it take off and I'll be happy to do anything to help promote it.

Ed Wolfe 11/6/99

I have been left with no other opinion than that we live with little more than corruption and tyranny in our courts. The Constitution is ignored when expedient and justice goes to the highest bidder. Frankly all logic and research dictate the same. It is ironic that the only persons who seem to think the system is fair are the attorneys who profit from it.

We are not idiots, and many of us "laymen" know as much of the law as many attorneys. We at least know that any institution accountable to no one but itself is soon corrupt by proxy. Such is our third branch--corrupt to the core, and sufficiently rooted in the other two branches to prevent the checks and balances from judging it so.

Brad Ingram


I think the judges and their staff in this state are beginning to see that this initiative, JAIL4JUDGES, is gaining strength as each day passes.


Please put us on your update list.

Governor Bill Owens, of Colorado, has commenced a 60-member task force to 'make the courts more accessible and less expensive' for the people. Trouble is, he's foolishly appointed most of the lying lawyer DAs, etc. on the task force. Of course, they will never improve anything, since they are the ones misconstructing the courts for their financial gain in the first place.

Thanks for all you are doing.

Janet Lee: Meisinger

That's some great news about J.A.I.L.. It's about time, Some of the things that go on in these so called courts is unreal. Did you hear about the judge in Pittsburgh who has been dealing drugs from her chambers? One of her suppliers came up before her on distribution charges and she ruled to give him six weeks probation. That made him mad so he turned her in. However she is still hearing cases and still getting her pay, she gets to go home every night. Something is very wrong when this is allowed to happen.


I agree with you on putting dishonest judges in jail. I have not seen any honest ones in California nor have I heard of any of them in other states. Let me know if our group in Independent America or Taxgate can help.


There are no words I can say to reply to this Speech! There have always and recently been tears in my eyes because of this speech being emblazoned in my mind since I was quite young. I have recited it word for word for more than forty years and it has guided me always. This is the reason I sent you the web site a couple of days ago. When do we know that it's time to be primed and cocked for action? It is nearing! Unfortunately.

Dale Newman

Branson, I hope you all the best fortune in your endeavors against this enemy. I have been fighting him for many years. I kicked his sorry butt in California at great cost, but I kicked his butt. I gnawed on him, as you appear to be doing, until I heard him screaming in pain and agony. At the time this was good enough for me. ....

When God is with you all you have to do is hold out till the end. In the end of the matter you will triumph. Hold with it. Kick their sorry butts. Nobody in history has ever needed it more. They need more than just jailing. Many of them need to be tried, convicted, sentenced to death and executed ... B. Lokey (Alaba

I just learned of your efforts and I salute you. I pray Our Heavenly Father will grant you much success.

I host a one hour live radio program, By Yahweh's Design, on Friday nights at 9 PM EST. The cost to you would be zero. You call in on a toll free number and we could have a live discussion as to what you are doing. It is truly 'about time' we the people did something to stop this insanity.

Dear Ron:

I am from the California Libertarian Party Region 63, and currently the secretary for the LPLAC. Our group has been observing J.A.I.L. We have also been active with J.A.I.L. petitions. Would you be interested in giving our Region a presentation about J.A.I.L. ? .... In Liberty,

Grace Scharler
Libertarian Party Los Angles County


My deepest sympathy and strongest support goes out to you. We have a bunch of unethical and immoral crooks in the power base of our country. The reasons the general public does not see this and mutiny against this are that either they have not had the misfortune of encountering the judicial system (yet) or the graft is so incredibly deep and widespread that people can't/won't/don't want to believe it exists. But it does. ....

Do you know of any way to hold a New York State Supreme Court justice RESPONSIBLE for his failure to read briefs, failure to judge on the basis of the evidence, failure to consider all aspects of the case before rendering a judgment, etc.? Is there anyone to whom he is accountable? If so, what do you do to get justice? Thanks for your great work. Mo.

ANSWER: JAIL4Judges in New York, that's the ONLY way! Ron


I'm Burk-Elder, Third: Hale. National Administrator of the Fully Informed Grand Jurors Alliance (FIGJA). Your endeavor sounds most interesting, and I'd like to know how we may join together to see this endeavor succeed. Please let me know how we may work together?

"This J.A.I.L. act looks interesting and even potentially quite effective. I'm curious as to how it might stop the profit motive in the prison industry and the trend towards property seizure ..."

Shady I EVER agree with this!

Every incident I (and my family) has had with the court system has been a farce and a travesty. THERE IS NO JUSTICE TO BE FOUND IN THE COURTROOMS OF AMERICA TODAY!!!!!

I was hoping that the 'common law courts' might work....but they have no way to enforce anything. Anyway...I'm sure you know how it all (doesn't) work. I wish you great success with this and maybe if we can get rid of some of these nincompoops who call themselves judges...things will get better!

Anyway, I live in Alaska, and we have the right to initiatives here...think we should get a petition started to correct this rotten system. (Anonymous)

From: gramiepat
To: Ron
Sent: Monday, October 18, 1999 7:53 PM

Please send me all the info on your program J.A.I.L. for Judges. I would like the copy of how the initative will read as God knows we need just such a law here in state of Washington as we have some real winners for Judges and they should be held accountable for the decisions espically when they have been warned about peoples actions and the judge totally disregaurds the warning and something happens. Judges are no better than we commom people with one exception, we have common sense and logic of which they do not have!!



From: R. J. Tavel, JD
To: Ron Branson, Jail4Judges
Sent: Monday, October 18, 1999 7:32 PM
Subject: "Wolfgang Nordmeyer, J.D."

Dear Ron:

I sent this message to my "Learning Electronically About Freedom" free mailing service and got this reply from a lawyer-Arbitration-Judge subscriber thereto. Thought you would enjoy reading it. sRJ

I like the J.A.I.L. idea in general - but there is one item which concerns me - and that deals with arbitrators. Does this term refer to arbitrators in COURT arbitration only, or does it also refer to arbitrators who are arbitrating under CONTRACTUAL arbitration (there are these two kinds of arbitration in CA - where I went to law school and lived for a while.) If this term is to be used to apply to private arbitrators who are handling private, contractual arbitration, then under J.A.I.L. the government in interfering in private matters. Please clear up this vague language and keep private contractual arbitrators out of it. We are under the control of our clients (and potential clients) - and certainly don't appreciate the government stepping in.

- Wolfgang Nordmeyer, B.S.Law, J.D.
- Arbitration Judge

Dear R.J. Tavel:

First off, I wish to thank you for promoting our cause by sending out our material. (I am interested to know more about your services.) Second, I thank you for bringing to my attention the response of the Arbitration Judge.

This judges' concern deserves consideration. This is my instant comment, without consulting deeper. If the judge is exercising judicial discretion, and enjoys a defense of judicial immunity in any way, then he is the subject of JAIL.

On the civil side, parties are free to contract with whomsoever they will on the terms and conditions established or agreed on by the parties. This agreement is governed by California contract law. As long as the Arbitrator Judge does not WILLFULLY violate that law, he should have no concern.

Criminally - if a party to the contract, for example, lodges an affidavit against the judge for criminal fraud as defined within the California Penal Code, with the appropriate prosecutor within the time provided, and the prosecutor fails to act, then the party may thereafter take the criminal affidavit to the Special Grand Jury for an indictment, which, of course, is an exercise of their discretion.

As I said, this is the short answer. I'm very glad he has asked it. I suspect that I will be posed with many more such questions such as this. I would appreciate it if you would "bounce" this off the judge and get his response. If he should take issue with what I have said, I would love to hear it.

Again, thank you for promoting JAIL, and please do inform me more about yourself and your services.

Ron Branson

From: Rick Flores
To: Sent: Thursday, October 21, 1999 4:08 PM
Subject: JAIL Ideas

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for the work you are doing!! I have been given my own talk show here in Orange County starting in several weeks and will be broadcasting live on Friday's on FM.

First off, I would like a 30 second PSA from you so I can read on the air each week; Secondly, I need a telephone number as well to have one of your Attorney's come on my show and share with my listeners about the judicial corruption; lets take it to the people and clean out courts. The Constitution has been trampled down by these liberal communists in black dresses.

Please keep up the good work! You all are in my prayers.

Rick Flores

Hey Ron,

Looking good man! That nation wide initiative is definitely the move.


Ron, So, how does it feel to be a pioneer?

The time is more than right for a simultaneous assault on a number of STATES.

-Michael - 10/19/99.

Today, October 27, 1999, I linked this following URL to the main index page of this web site

I appreciate your permission and hope that this initiative gathers momentum nationwide as it is an excellent, as well as sorely needed, piece of legislation.

My Best Regards,

Terry L. Fesler

Hey Ron, you did good! Can I use your stuff to try to get Hawaii legislature to pass a similar measure? Introduce to them the idea, at least.

Aloha, gp-c/o The MAN

Hi Ron! Sounds wonderful! Plus I like that you have attorney's on board! What type of action do you want from Patriots? I have an Action Alerts group that might be able to help in some way. And GOOD LUCK!!

Tam Tami Kay Freedman

From: Kaylin Robinson
Sent: Saturday, October 16, 1999 4:07 AM
Subject: Please add me to your email list


I received information regarding your petition via one of the many lists I am on.

As a former investigator for the Utah Judicial Conduct Commission, I am interested in your actions.

Please keep me posted.

From: Christopher HanseN
To: Sent: Saturday, October 16, 1999 10:43 PM
Subject: JAIL

I am a member of the Independent American Party of Nevada. We are the largest third party in Nevada. I am on the Central Committee. I would like more information on your project. I think it is brilliant.

Christopher Hansen


Thanks for adding me to your mailing list. Please send any more information about the Jail for Judges - because I now have a bone to pick with U.S. District Judge David F. Levi in California. More later.

Dot Bibee

From: Dorothy Mataras
Sent: Sunday, October 03, 1999 4:45 AM
Subject: JAIL


Someone that knows I'm in pretty much the exact same position as you send me the link to JAIL. I love it. I read your article related to the Petition to the US Supreme Court. Ironically, I've been trying to get a hearing in a state court under 201(d) and it just gets denied every time without comment. I'm now going on appeal to the highest state court. I've already decided to take the next denial up to the US Supreme Court in addition to filing a Federal Law suit against the judiciary in New Jersey. I live in upstate NY and they even had the audacity to take unlawful jurisdiction in another matter. I couldn't get a hearing on it for love of money.

I've joined several groups related to trying to change the system but this JAIL petition sounds wonderful. I'll be spreading the word here in the east.

If it wouldn't be too much trouble, I'd love to have a copy of your entire brief. My sense is that if enough people started petitioning the Supreme Court to do something it just might get heard. Of course, the only ones who can go up are those who are denied their rights.


Dorothy Mataras
Liverpool, New York

From: Christine VanHise
Sent: Monday, August 30, 1999 7:05 PM
Subject: Jail 4 Judges

Wow! what a great idea !!!! please let me know when you get your URL working. I will make a car sign and let the other commuters be informed. Currently my car sign (displayed in the rear window of my car) reads:

"Federal govt. is NOT above Constitutional Law"

I hope to provoke thought in the minds of all who see it.

" does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brushfires in people's minds..."
Samuel Adams.

Meanwhile, I am sending an e-mail link to your website to those on my e-mail lists. God bless you ! You know He will because He hates injustice.

Christine VanHise

From: the Townsends
Sent: Saturday, October 09, 1999 7:35 AM
Subject: Re: Radio show


Thank you all for appearing on my radio show. I received many, many, calls after the show when the lines were clear again. The show generated tremendous interest. I hope you will agree to come on again sometime in the future.

Thanks again,
Rick Townsend
Radio Free Lenawee

Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 1999 12:46 PM
Subject: Way to Go!

Ron, I'm very impressed by what I saw and heard last nite, so you can count me in enthusiastically. A lot of time, I can't spend, but I'll do what I can on call-in talk shows and letters to the editor, especially. I have had over 50 hours of guesting on radio and TV, and while that spoiled me a lot on calling in, I can do it. While you are in studio, it is so much less stress and more effective than waiting blindly on the phone to talk and not knowing how long you will have.

Although I got no response last night to my suggestion, G. Gordon Liddy is a natural, nationwide, and I believe he has guests as well as call ins. I was listening to him on the way in and he was talking about the unbelievable incompetence and viciousness of Judge Sirica who sentenced him. He had earned political favors and he became a judge when the Republicans couldn't find any law firm that would keep him on staff.

I'm not much of a joiner and typically do only my own thing, and do it well, so as not to risk being compromised by what others may do or limiting what I do.

The Prop. 13 of the Justice System. Everyone complains about taxes and the courts, but no one does anything about it until now at least bad judges can now be removed!

Unfortunately my friend Ray Briem, who owned the night, at KABC radio for about 30 years has recently cut back to one evening a week on KIEV. He was THE major forum for Howard Jarvis and Prop. 13. George Putnam should be informed and perhaps he will give some support. I guested some 40 hours on Ray's program and the former station manager gave me 24hrs to promote my then project after I helped him beat a speeding ticket. I was featured near the beginning of every hour with recorded comments.

Someone who has access should prepare a list of the email addresses of all who have email so that we can keep each other informed on what is occuring.

George Shutt

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