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My African Violet Page

"Summer Lightning"

African violets first made their appearance as collectable plants in 1892 when a few plants were collected by Baron Walter von Saint Pasul-Illaire from the northeastern part of Tanganyika.

"Rhapsodie Neptune"

He collected these plants and sent them back to his father in Germany; who was a keen gardener. He was impressed and passed the plants to the director of the Botanic Gardens at Herrenhausen, Herman Wendland. It was he who named then Saintpaulia after the Saint Paul family, and ionantha because of their fancied similarity to the garden violet.

African violets come into the Gesneriaceae family. With them in this family are many other plants now fairly well known to house plant collectors such as columnea, aeschynanthus, espiscia, streptocarpus and florist's gloxinia, etc.

My Plants DON'T FLOWER !!

Possible causes:

  1. Insufficient light
  2. Lack of fertiliser
  3. Unbalanced fertiliser, with too much nitrogen
  4. Plant grown in too large a pot
  5. Temperature too low
  6. Too many side shoots over-crowding the plant

"Kiwi Dazzler"

"Edna Fischer"


"Skagit's Doll"

More Problems...

"Sassy Lass"

More Problems...

"Luv It"

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