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First of all, WELCOME to my page of love for these United States that we live in. Taking on the task of putting this page together has been an entire act of love on my part. I get no money or compensation from this site, just the joy that I found while building it and the knowledge that I hope can be passed on to those who view it.

I feel compelled to warn you that this is a very Graphic-rich site, with a lot of Java Script on almost every page. It is going to take a while to load even on a fast machine. I hope that you will take the time to visit it anyway and have the patience to view the pages.

The strange thing about doing this site is that I found myself falling in love with each state as I worked on it. I can not pick one that I didn't enjoy or one that I liked better over another. They were and are all beautiful and the fact that they work together to form a Union is even more amazing.

Many of the pictures are vintage pictures. Pictures of buildings or bridges that may have long since been torn down. They are still part of each states' history.

We live in a wonderful country. One full of beauty, mountains, bridges, water, cities and people. I sincerely hope this page brings a smile to your face. That maybe you might learn something from the words of the state songs, or just enjoy the pictures of the birds, and flowers and of course, the state itself. I hope that teachers can use this site for teaching that each section of America is beautiful, wonderful and totally unique.

God Bless you and God Bless America

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