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I have been doing hypnosis for many resistant medical problems for 20 years. I am a certified family practioner for 40 years. I specialize in hypnotherapy. Most requests are to help smokers to stop, and helping dieters to lose weight. I use hypnosis for many other problems. For example, it is useful in curing insomnia, reduction of pain, relieving anxiety, overcoming phobias, nausea of pregnancy, and many other areas of medicine.

My smoker program is effective 80% of the time on the first visit. Many of the other 20% who do not stop, will with the second or third visit. The program usually requires more than one visit for support and guidance. I have helped over a thousand smokers become smoke free.


My specific program is tailored to your needs. You are required to bring a letter with you on your first visit. The letter will contain information, which I will tell you when we consult by telephone. Your first visit usually lasts 1 1/2 hours. A cassette tape will be developed for you by me focusing on your specific needs. You will be taught self-hypnosis techniques to eliminate the desire to smoke. Hypnosis makes the stopping process very comfortable. Withdrawal symptoms are minimized with my technique.

Most people say if they knew how easy it was to stop smoking with hypnosis, they would have done it years ago.
There are no dangerous medications needed to help the stopping process. There are no other forms of nicotine used like the offensive flavored gum or patches which have withdrawal symptoms at each reduction stage. Many people even smoke while using the gum or patches. Many patients say the prescription medications have annoying and objectionable side effects. My program has NO SIDE EFFECTS. You walk into the office as a smoker, and leave as a non-smoker, most times if you are motivated.

Ocasionally a patient will tell me they previously tried hypnosis and failed to stop smoking. Each person practicing hypnosis designs their on program. If you failed before, this does not mean you can not succeed with my unique approach.


My diet program consists of two or three visits depending on your needs. When you come to the office I need a list of your diet for one week. We then have a long discussion about your problem. Following our discussion you are given hypnosis to help correct your specific problems..A cassette tape will be made for you with your address your specific solution, and to reinforce my suggestions.


My insomnia program will show you how to go to sleep easily and quickly until you re-establish your normal sleeping habits. This can be used for people who wake up frequently during the night or just have difficulty initially falling asleep. Medications used to promote sleep are habit forming, hypnosis is not. You can learn to fall asleep in seconds with my program. Forget counting sheep.

All programs are less effective for people taking anti-depressants or tranquilizers, for a long period of time or at high dosage levels. What I need is a motivated patient and I can do the rest! My office is located not far from the Plymouth Meeting mall. When you call for an appointment specific directions will be given to my office. When you call each specific program will be discussed and prices will be quoted. If I do not answer when you call, i may be in session with a patient. Leave your name and phone number and the best time to return your call.

Most people ask, can I be hypnotized?

The answer is Yes, any one with an imagination and who is willing, can enter the state of hypnosis.There is something you should understand about people giving hypnosis. No license is required in the state of Pennsylvania to practice hypnosis. Anyone can call themselves a hypnotist with or without training. Many groups of lay people have formed organizations with official sounding names to give themselves legitimacy. I am a licensed physician and a member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. To belong to this group you must be either a doctor, dentist, psychologist or licensed social worker. I have attended many courses given by this society which has connections to the AMA. This is the only hypnosis society which is run by psychiatrists, psychologist, physicians and dentists.

Call for appointment (610) 277-0790
My office is located less than a mile from the Plymouth meeting mall. When you call specific directions will be given.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Monday and Thursday Evenings 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Saturdays if needed

Call and leave a message consisting of the following:
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