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Extra Facts!

These are the ten rarest and most expensive Beanies: Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant, Brownie the Brown Bear, Teddy New Face Violet Employee, Derby the Fine Mane Horse, Nana the Monkey, Punchers the Lobster, Quackers the Wingless Duck,Chilly the Polar Bear ,Slither the Snake, Humphrey the Camel.

The original 9 Beanies are: Chocolate, Cubbie, Flash, Legs, Patti, Pinchers, Splash, Spot, and Sqealer.

The 10 Rarest Beanies are: Spot without Spot, Peanut Dark Blue, Quackers No Wings, Zip All Black, Patti Magenta, Chilly, Nip All Gold, Humprhey, Pecking, and Teddy Brown(old face).

The 28 May retirees are: Twigs, Peanut, Quackers, Scottie, Weenie, Bones, Zip, Inch, Pinchers, Inky, Ziggy, Rover, Squealer, Lucky, Patti, Gracie, Waves, Stripes, Hippity, Hoppity, Waddle, Floppity, Ears, Blizzard, Baldy, Echo, Happy, Jolly.

These are the Teddy (new and old) Colors: Brown, Cranberry, Jade, Magenta, Teal, and Violet.

There is a Ty-Riffic store at O'Hare airport. It is located at the end of Terminal 3, Concourse L (near security checkpoint). It is owned by a man named W. H. Smith, with the cooperation of the Ty company. This store opened on May 28th, 1998.

Beanie collectors sometimes use certain terms, when talking about Beanies. Here is what these terms mean: MIP: Mint in plastic MWBMT: Mint condition Beanie baby with both mint tags. MWMT: Mint condition Beanie baby with mint tags. MWCT: Mint condition Beanie Baby with creased tag. MWM3T: Mint condition Beanie Baby with 3 mint tags(Tush, swing, and Canadian tush tag).