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Welcome to AWoR, this is our main page. AWoR Means Ancient warriors of Rhydin. If you like to be your own boss and in control of your sparring rate and anything else, join AWoR! We are a Free Lance guild meaning we are a guild made of Free Lancers. We belong to the forum MFoR-Mystical Forum of Rhydin. We belive in keeping our members names secret. Please fill free to look around and maybe fill out an application.
General Backround Information
AWoR is a Neutral guild. We prefer Neutral/Chaotics more then anything. We are run by free lance warriors. By becoming an AWoR member you will not have to give up the right to join other guilds that do not have free lance positions. AWoR is only meant to give free lancers a place in Rhydin with the help of others. We usually have a low member count compared to other guilds but thats only because we like to keep it like a family. We do not have specific positions like warrior or b/g. We are multy talented and perform all tasks. The only job we have is the High Council. You will be asked to at least recruit once a month. Be sure this is the kind of person we want in the guild.
Benefits of AWoR
While working for AWoR you will receive a weekly payment of 5,000 GP. This of course changes if you become more active. However it decreases if I do not hear of you. You are able to be in charge of yourself. You while be able to fight on your own and live on your own. You will be rewarded for following directions. If you show that you are extremly talented you will be rewarded high dice. Even if you are new here you can earn dice fast. You are to send all the things you do to me. That means killing, sparring, healing or anything else. You will recieve a Reg# for AA/PH/FL. If you make the cut you will join a family of close friends, this means you will come to the aide of any brother or sister in need. There is power through numbers. You will be given enhancers. Further details will be given later if your accepted.

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