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Skaggs in the diary of Archibald Thompson

The Archibald Thompson Diary

The diary of Archibald Thompson is the basis for most genealogical research concerning his branch of the Thompson family. This page contains a recent transcription of the diary based on a new and much more readable photocopy of the original pages. The new transcription was made by Lula Hunter, a Thompson researcher and author of previous transcriptions from earlier photocopies. An index has been prepared by Jemima Gee Morse.

Found at the following web site:

Page 1

(written in opposite direction) May ye 9th 1782 Thirsday Mr John Stasey & lucy Skaggs was Joyned in the holy State of marriage All in perfect health Bless be god in his mercies Amen


May 9th 1782 Mr John Stasey Junr. & lucy Skaggs was Joyned in the holy State of mattrimony All in good health we bless the almighty Amen ------1795 Archibald Thompson October 182 (1802)?


Archibald Skaggs Son of Charles & lucy his wife was Born the 3 of January 1759
------------- Rachel Skaggs Daughter of Charles & lucy his wife was Born the last day of August 1761
------------- Nancy Skaggs was Born April the 22 1763
------------- frederick Skaggs was born the 11th of December 1764
------------- Mary Skaggs was Born September the 16th of September 1767
------------- Thomas Skaggs was Born December 16 1769


Sarah Skaggs Daughter to Charles & lucy his wife was Born Deber 27th, 1771
------------- Moses Skaggs Son of Charles & lucy his wife was born the 27th January 1774
------------- RIGISTER for CHARLES SKAGGS his Children (dates written sidways below word children) 1794 1787 1775 1778 19 12 9 (Two rows of wavy lines) 1780 1788 1787 1758 1760 1763 26 8 14 18 Archibald Thompson July 20th 1788


John Thompson Skaggs was born on the 4th 5th of Deber 1760
------------- Lucy Skaggs was born the 5th of December 1762
------------- Solloman Skaggs Son of Henery & mary his wife was Born the 30th of January 1766
------------- David Skaggs son of Henery & mary his wife was born the 28th of April 1767
------------- Silvanus Skaggs Daughter of henery & mary his wife was Born the 18th of February 1769
------------- Mary Skaggs Daughter of henery & Mary his wife was Born the 19th of Dec 1771


March 26, 1773 I Removed my family from the head of Smith River over the mountain to the mouth of Indian Creek & Cropt There with John Elswick & Jonathan one year then Removed up to Nathaniel finches plan tation October 1773---- and lived there five years and then Removed my family to Henery Skaggs plantation february ye 20th 1778 then Cropt there two years then Removed to Mr Edmond Vancils plantation made one Crop there 1781---- and Removed my family to the head of the Shugar Run the last day of December 1781


So please To Deliver calf and lams which I have at your house to archibald 42 12 42 11 42 5
David Skaggs 74 12 8 83 4 2 39 4 10 22 8 6 199 To 3 bushels Corn
Mr Jeams Crumpton To 7 peks of Corn 0:3:6 To 2lb butter a 0:1:6