National Campaign for Firework Safety
Our aim is to promote the safe use of  fireworks

Welcome to the website for the National Campaign For Firework Safety, last updated 19 January 2004.

National Campaign for Firework Safety is the longest running full-time fireworks safety campaign in the world.  It began in 1969,  a group of parents and professionals, appalled by the increasing injuries caused by fireworks.  Members of the Emergency services, Doctors, Nurses, Fire-fighters, and Policemen.  Teachers and Pyrotechnists.  Our members come from across all sections of the community and include politicians from all parties.

Our interest is in who makes fireworks.  Who sells fireworks. Who imports fireworks, and who uses fireworks.  We are concerned with firework laws.  We want regulations, based on safety, which will address the problems of fireworks. 

We want a change in the acceptance of the firework injuries that happen year after year.

Too many children and animals have been killed and seriously injured by fireworks because of a ridiculously outdated and dangerous tradition Guy Fawkes.  It is far too easy to access the dangerous and explosive Category 3 and 4 fireworks.

Let us get fireworks out of the hands of the hooligans

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