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Rodriguez left the Seattle Mariners after the 2000 season to join the Texas Rangers, becoming the highest-paid player in sports history. Averaged out over the full calendar year, he makes approximately ...

80 cents every second
$47.95 every minute
$2,876.71 every hour
$69,041.10 every day

Or, based on his statistical averages from the past three years, that's ...

$175,000.00 per game
$42,567.57 per at-bat
$142,372.88 per base hit
$700,000.00 per home run
$229,090.91 per strikeout

Rodriguez's replacement as the M's shortstop is Carlos Guillen, who is making $285,000 in 2001. A-Rod will make approximately that amount every four days for the next 10 years.