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          Feb 5, 1950; Teaticket, Massachusetts. 5:10 p.m. Witnesses: Marvin Odom,
          former U.S. Navy fighter pilot, USAF Lt. Philip Foushee, pilot from Otis AFB, and
          two others. Two thin, illuminated cylinders, one of which dropped a fireball,
          maneuvered together and then disappeared high and fast after 5 minutes.

          * Feb. 22, 1950; Key West, Florida. Pilot, ground observers, radar at Naval Air
          Station. Two glowing objects streaked over field at height too great for pursuit. From
          USAF Intelligence Report.

          Feb. 24, 1950; Albuquerque, New Mexico. 1:55 p.m. Witnesses: Municipal
          Airport Weather Observers Luther McDonald, Harrison Manson. One white,
          slightly elongated oval was watched for 1.5 minutes through a theodolite while it flew
          straight and level.

          Feb. 25, 1950; Los Alamos, New Mexico. 3:55 p.m. Witnesses: Twelve Atomic
          Energy Commission security inspectors. One cylinder with tapered ends, silver and
          flashing, flew slow and hen fast, fluttered and oscillated, and changed course.
          observations by individuals varied from 3 seconds to 2 minutes.
         * March 8, 1950; Dayton, Ohio. R/V. Two F-51 pilots saw "huge and metallic"
         UFO which ground radar detected. Object gave solid "blip", climbed vertically.
         15,00 feet.  Report

          * March 9, 1950; Selfridge Air Force Base, Michigan. R/V. (AF listed in error
          as March 3), 11:05 p.m. Witness: First Lt Frank Mattson. One intense, dull
          yellowish light descended vertically, then flew straight and level  very fast for 4
          minutes. So impressed the AF that Adj. Gen. sent SECRET letter to Directorate of
          Intelligence.  Report
          March 20, 1950; Stuggart, Arkansas. 9:26 p.m. Witnesses: Chicago & Southern
          Airlines Capt. Jack Adams, First Officer G. W. Anderson, Jr. One 100' circular
          disc with 9-12 portholes along the lower side emitting a soft purple light, and a light
          at the top which flashed 3 times in 9 seconds, flew at not less than 1,000 m.p.h. It
          was seen for 25-35 seconds.

          March 27, 1980; Motobo, Okinawa. 10:30 a.m. Witness: USAF radar operator
          Cpl. Bolfango. Tracked on radar for 2 minutes while it was stationary and then
          moved at 500 m.p.h.. Visual observation not detailed, only mentioned in summary.

          March 28, 1950; Santiago, Chile. 3:15 p.m. Witness: M/Sgt. Patterson, of the office
          of the U.S. Air Attache. One white object observed for 5-10 seconds through
          binoculars while it flew high and fast, crossing 30^ of sky.

          March 29, 1950; Marrowbore Lake, Tennessee. 7 a.m. Witnesses: real estate
          salesmen Whiteside and Williams. Six-twelve dark objects shaped like 300-lb.
          bombs, estimated 5 feet long. Flew 500 m.p.h. and descended, making a noise like
          wind blowing through the trees.

          April 8, 1950; Kokomo, Indiana. 2 a.m. Witness: Earl Baker. One grey metallic
          disc, 50' in diameter, 15' thick; top-shaped with a "conning tower" at the top and
          three ports on the rim giving off a blue light. It hovered for 2 minutes, then flew
          away. Baker aroused from sleep by his dog.

          April 14, 1950; Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey. 2:30 p.m. Witness: Army M/Sgt.
          James. Four rectangular, amber objects, about 3' by 4'. changed speed and
          direction rapidly; the group of objects rose and fell during the 3-4 minute sighting.

          May 7, 1950; Nine miles sough of Ely, Nevada. 6:45 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs.
          George Smith and their grandson. One silvery white object hovered at 100' altitude,
          moved back and forth for 10 minutes and then flew up and away. Note in case file:
          "No investigation."

          * May 11, 1950; McMinneville, Oregon. Famous Trent photos of UFO with conning
          tower. University of Colorado and others determined object was unexplained.  Report 
          * May 29, 1950, White Sands, NM. UFO spotted by two cine-theodolite stations
          just before firing a missile. Object tracked and photographed by both stations.   Report

          June 24, 1950; near Dagett, California. Three aircarft crews observe UFO.
          Crews of two commercial airliners and a Navy transport sighted a cigar-shaped
          object NE of Los Angeles.  Report

          June 27, 1950; Texarkana, Texas. 7:50 a.m. Witnesses: Terrell and Yates,
          employees of Red River Arsenal. One object, bright, shaped like two dishpans
          face-to-face, flew straight and level, fast for 4-5 seconds.

          * June 30/July 1, 1950; Royal Canadian Naval Air Station, Dartsmouth, Nova
          Scotia. Radar/visual.  Report

          * July 11, 1950; nr. Osceola, Arkansas. R/V. Disc-shaped UFO sighting visually
          by Navy pilots, tracked by airborne radar. Speed: 200 mph. Est. Alt.: 8000 feet.

          July 13, 1950; Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. 5 p.m. Witnesses: two skilled Arsenal
          employees including Mr. Washburn. one object, shaped like a bowtie, and like
          polished aluminum. Flew straight and level, then one triangle rotated 1/4 turn in the
          opposite direction and returned to its original position. The object then made a
          right-angle turn and accelerated away after at least 30 seconds.

          Aug. 4, 1950; approx. 100 mi. SE of New York City (39' 35' N., 72' 24.5' W.).
          10 a.m. EDT. Witnesses: Master Nils Lewring, Chief Mate Jacob Koelwyn, Third
          Mate, of M/V Marcala. One 10' cylindrical object at 50-100' altitude, flying with a
          churning or rotary motion, accelerated at end of 15 second sighting.

          Aug. 20, 1950; Nicosia, Cyprus. 1:30 p.m. Witnesses: USAF MATS liaison officer
          Lt. William Ghormley, Col. W. V. Brown, Lt. col. L.w. Brauer. One small, round,
          bright object flew fast, straight and level for 15-20 seconds.

          Aug. 25, 1950; approx. 250 mi. SW of Bermuda (29' 40' N., 67* 28' W.). 8 p.m.
          Witness: B-29 radarman S/Sgt. William Shaffer. Radar observation, plus possible
          blue streak 3 minutes later. B-29 followed unidentified target, then passed it at
          l/4-mile distance, target followed for 5 minutes, then passed B-29 and sped away.
          Total time of tracking: 20 minutes.

          Aug. 30, 1950; Sandy Point, Newfoundland, Canada. 1:30 p.m. Witnesses: three
          local employees, including Kaeel and Alexander, of the Air Force Base. A dark,
          barrel-shaped object with a pole down from it into the water, flew at 3-5 m.p.h. and
          15-20' altitude for 5 minutes.

          Sept. 3, 1950; Spokane, Washington. 2 p.m. Witnesses: Maj R.J. Gardiner, Mrs.
          Gardiner and neighbor (former saw three objects, others saw one). Metallic bronze
          discs, 20-30' long, 2-6' thick. Moved independently and erratically for 5 minutes.

          Sept. 20, 1950; Kit Carson, Colorado. 10:49 a.m. Witness identified only as a
          "reliable source". Two large, round, glowing objects and three smaller, internally lit
          objects. Two hovered for 1 minute, moved, and three smaller ones came from
          behind or within the two larger objects, and all sped upward and away.

          Sept. 21, 1950; Provincetown, Massachusetts. 9:52 a.m. Witness: M.I.T. research
          associate and Air National Guard Maj. M.H. Ligda. Radar tracking of one object
          during M.I.T tracking of USAF flight of F-84 or F-86 jet fighters. Object speed
          was 22 miles/minute (l,200 m.p.h.), made turn of 11-12 gs acceleration during 1
          minute observation.  Report

          Oct. 15, 1950; Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 3:20 p.m. Atomic Energy Commission
          Trooper Rymer, J. Moneymaker, Capt. Zarzecki. Two shiny silver objects shaped
          like bullet or bladder. They dove with a smoke trail and one vanished. The other
          hovered at 5-6, altitude, 50' away, left and returned several times somewhat further

          Oct. 15, 1950; Pope AFB, North Carolina. Witness: Daniel. Listed as "unidentified"
          in folder index, but no supporting data could be found.

          Oct 15, 1950; Pope AFB, North Carolina. Witness: Woodward. Same as previous

          Oct. 23, 1950; Bonlee, North Carolina. 12:42 p.m. Witness: ex-USAF pilot Frank
          Risher. One aluminum object shaped like a dirigible or Convair C-99 cargo plane,
          with 3 portholes, arrived from southeast, hovered 3-5 seconds and flew away to the
          south- south-east at end of 40 second sighting.

          Nov. 5, 1950, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 11:55 a.m. Witness: Fairchild Aircraft
          illustrator Don Patrick. One translucent object, light grey with dark core, shaped like
          a pear or bean. Flew for 5-10 minutes with rapid, darting movements.

          Dec. 2, 1950; Nanyika, Kenya. 10:50 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. L. Scott. One pearly,
          iridescent object with a flattened top, spun while hovering and made a sound like
          bees buzzing. Only data in files was from East African "Standard" newspaper.

          * Dec 6, 1950; Bruce Maccabee has been trying to locate records related to the
          radar inspired national alert on December 6, 1950 at about 10:30 AM when radar
          picked up a number of objects approaching the northeastern United States.  Report

          Dec. 6, 1950; Ft. Myers, Florida. 5 p.m. Witnesses: former aircraft purchasing
          agent Harry Lamp and four boys, using lO-power binoculars. One 75' object, 3-4'
          thick, bubble on top, silver with a red rim having two white and two orange jets
          along it. The center revolved when the object hovered; then it flew away very fast.

          Dec. 11, 1950; l0 mi. NW of Gulcana, Alaska. 10:13 p.m. Witnesses: crew of
          Northwest Air Lines flight 802. Two white flashes, followed by a dark cloud which
          rose and split in two.