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Welcome to my Seal page

Welcome to my Seal page! Check out the links below for more on the musical talent that is Seal. You will noticed that I have already begun to make changes to my webpage. I have moved the News/Facts section to be the premiere part of the page at this point because there is, and will be, much going on in the Seal world, hopefully, with lots of exciting news. The links section has been updated slightly and I plan to update and re-write my Seal biography soon, but it will probably not be fully re-written until after the release of the new album on September 9. As always, please feel free to e-mail me at at any time with questions, comments, information or anything else concerning Seal or my webpage. Remember to place "Seal" somewhere in the subject header so I can respond to your e-mail promptly.

NOTE: I do not know Seal on a personal basis, I am not in direct contact with him and therefore can not direct any messages to him. Also, I am not, nor have I ever been, employed by Seal, his management, or his record label, Warner Bros. Records. I am only a fan who is dedicated to providing information for Seal fans and visitors to maintain and hopefully, peak interest in Seal's music. If you would like to get in contact with Seal, you can e-mail him at Also, you can refer to the contact information provided under "SUGGESTED CONTACT INFORMATION under the "Interesting and Important Seal Facts" section.
Seal News

  • 12/12/04 - SEAL NOMINATED FOR GRAMMY! Seal has been nominated for Best Male Pop Vocal Peformance for "Love's Divine" from Seal IV.

    "Love's Divine" was a huge hit in Europe and the UK and received moderate success in the United States. Seal was last nominated for a Grammy in 1996 and in 1995 Seal won three Grammies for Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Peformance for "Kiss From A Rose."

    Nominations for the 47th Annual Grammy Awards were announced Dec. 7 in Los Angeles. Also nominated for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance were:
  • Elvis Costello - "Let's Misbehave"
  • Josh Grobran - "You Raise Me Up"
  • John Mayer - "Daughters"
  • Prince - "Cinnamon Girl"

  • The Grammy Awards will be presented in Los Angeles Feb. 13, 2005 and will be televised live on CBS. For the complete list of nominations, visit

  • UPDATED 11/14/04 - "Best: 1991-2004" RELEASED: Warner Bros. Records released Seal's first greatest hits collection Nov. 9, 2004 consisting of 14 tracks from the first 13 years of his career. The collection is available in two different forms, all with a newly-recorded cover of the Burt Bacharach song, "Walk On By." You can buy the main disc with the 14 tracks or a double-disc version with a bonus CD of new acoustic recordings of 13 Seal songs.

    The track listing of the main disc will be the following 14 tracks:
    1. Crazy
    2. Kiss From A Rose
    3. Killer
    4. Prayer For The Dying
    5. Waiting For You
    6. Don't Cry
    7. My Vision feat. Jakatta
    8. Love's Divine
    9. Walk On By
    10. Get It Together
    11. Fly Like An Eagle
    12. Lips Like Sugar feat. Mikey Dread
    13. Human Beings
    14. Future Love Paradise

    The acoustic album contains the following 13 tracks:
    1. Bring It On
    2. Killer
    3. Crazy
    4. Colour
    5. Kiss From A Rose
    6. Prayer For The Dying
    7. Love's Divine
    8. Get It Together
    9. Just Like You Said
    10. Touch
    11. Waiting For You
    12. Don't Cry
    13. Walk On By

    To purchase Seal's "Best:1991-2004," visit your local record store or follow this link to

  • 8/9/04 - SEAL FAN DINNER AND DANCE: Some very clever fans have decided to organize an event long overdue: a true Seal fan get-together! The event is scheduled for November 20, 2004 at the Sheraton Four Season's Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Visit the event website for more specifics. The event should be great because it'll be a great time to celebrate the release of Seal's "Best Of: 1991-2004."

    Seal said he will not be able to attend because he has a show in the UK and would not be able to make it to North Carolina in time.

    I encourage all those fans who can attend to do so because it'll make it all the more worth it I'm sure. I myself won't be able to attend because I'm a college student and just can't afford it. But I am looking for a fan who's attending the event who would be able to take photos and write about it for my site so all of us fans who couldn't go can know about it.

    Hopefully this can be a regular function and have it at different places around the country or the world. Good luck guys!

  • 8/9/04 -- SEAL IV 2004 WORLD TOUR: Seal has been on tour to promote his fourth studio album, Seal IV, since the fall of 2003 and has toured the U.S., Europe and the rest of the world. Here's the remaining dates on his world tour as of August 9, 2004 (courtesy

    August 25 - The Backyard - Austin, Texas, USA
    August 27 - Grand Casino - Gulfport, Mississippi, USA
    August 28 - Arena Theatre - Houston, Texas, USA
    August 31 - Sandia Casino - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
    September 2 - Luther Burbank Center - Santa Rosa, California, USA
    September 4 - Bumbershoot Festival 2004 (Main Stage) - Seattle, Washington, USA
    September 5 - The Orpheum - Vancouver, Canada
    September 25 - Hollywood Bowl - Hollywood, California, USA
    November 11 - "Produced by Trevor Horn" Tribute Concert - Wembley Arena - London, England - for tickets visit The Prince's Trust website here

    To purchase tickets for these concerts, visit Ticketmaster. For more Seal tour updates, check this website as well as

  • 8/9/04 -- SEAL SPEAKS OUT: In my attempt to catch up on Seal news, I came across a post from Mr. Samuel himself on the official message board where he thanks the fans for their continuing support, especially since the release of Seal IV. He also criticizes the head of Warner Bros. UK for slacking on promotion for Seal IV and its subsequent singles. This is a real problem considering Seal IV has been such a success outside the US. He also announces plans to release a double-disc greatest hits album in the future.

    Here's what Seal wrote (read the original post, but you must be registered):

    "Well what can I say; it has been a very interesting journey indeed. I didn't quite know what to expect having not played outside of the US for a good number of years but to my delight, the reception that we've received across Europe has been better than I ever imagined � outstanding! I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you for the kind words you all have to say and for the relentless commitment and loyalty each of you has shown. I read a lot of your postings saying things like 'he gives so much at his concerts' or 'I wonder if he knows how deeply he touches people'. Well those are wonderful things for anyone to hear but the truth of the matter is that the phenomena that takes place either at the shows or through personal experiences listening to the albums, is really a two-way event. The reason I am able to continue doing what I do is largely due to the incredible amount of love and good wishes I receive from almost everyone I meet. I remember being approached by a woman about a year ago in Chelsea. She told me that she'd hoped that she would meet me one day to tell me how much the music had helped her through a difficult time and that I would never really know what it had done for her. As she was telling me this, there were tears welling in her eyes but she hastened to point out that she was no longer in a dark place in fact, she was the happiest she'd been for a while but she was clearly overcome with the emotion of the situation. 'I just want you to know this' she kept saying. Well, the reason I tell you this in such detail is that I'm trying to give each of you an understanding of what it is like to experience something like this. It is like God telling you that you are doing what you're supposed to be doing in this life...serving your vocation here on this earth. That is an amazing feeling, to know that in your own small way, you are contributing to the cause...LOVE!
    "There are so many questions I wish I could answer but there is only so much time. One subject I want to touch on however is the state of the records commercial success in the UK. I don't really know what to tell you other than that I worked my ass off (well not literally of course) doing everything they asked of me by way of press etc. yet little avail. Far be it for me to ever pass the blame for the lack of success of one of my records but I think in this case, one has to look at the facts. How is it that 'SEAL IV' can enjoy considerable success in the US and other parts of Europe including a #1 airplay record in France (non-English speaking country where, by law, 70% of all music played on French radio must be French), Germany (where we have sold over 400,000 albums), Sweden #1, Switzerland (platinum), US (platinum) the list goes on. Yet in the country of my birth, my producer Trevor Horn wasn't even aware that 'Love's Divine' had even been released as a single! indication of how pathetic the promotion behind it was. There are some people at the grass roots level of WB like Andy Preveso, Sarah Adams and Andy Hipkiss who have endeavoured to do the best they can but the truth of the matter is that the head of WB UK has shown no enthusiasm whatsoever in promoting this record and has therefore not championed it nor made it a priority! So there you have it...another over-paid, tired record company executive deciding the fate of yet another Seal record.
    "On a brighter note, 'SEAL IV' is not the only record I will make, as long as there is life in my body I will sing and make records for whoever cares to listen. This brings me to the next topic, THE NEXT OFFERING! Well I know a lot of you are asking for a DVD and I can tell you that the plan is to record a double album which will consist of a greatest hits with perhaps four new tracks and an acoustic album which will be accompanied by a live DVD of probably both the acoustic sessions and our live shows.
    "One of the things that I feel particularly blessed by is my amazing band. Chris Bruce, Darren Johnson, Ramy Antoun and Eric Shermahorn are quite simply the best musicians I've had the privilege to work with to date. I regard them as my family because that is what it is like to travel with them. Every night I feel as though they completely have my back and there is little I wouldn't do for them. Also I want to give a nod to Charlie who does the lights, what a hard working, brilliant lighting technician he is, not to mention...a great person to be around. My dear friend Steve remains as steady as a rock (his official title is guitar tech but does much, much more). Tom, whose commitment over the years has proved priceless.
    "Well I must sign out for now but once again I want to send everyone my gratitude and love for being there during the rough and the smooth.
    "Love, love, love, S."

    This really is horribly frustrating for fans and must be so for Seal that he can't get the proper promotion his music deserves. You can get more insight on this problem from Gareth Edwards at the best Seal site in the UK, Future Love Paradise.

    Like Gareth, I suggest fans continue to recommend Seal's new album and singles to friends and buy the singles where you can. Also feel free to contact Warner Bros. Records and express your concerns about this problem by calling or writing to:

    Warner Bros. Records Inc.
    3300 Warner Blvd.
    Burbank, CA 91505
    Phone number: 1-818-846-9090

    Make sure to address your concerns to Warner Bros. UK. When writing, put ATTN: Warner Bros. Records UK on the mailing address.

    Good luck, Seal and keep on brother!

  • SEAL IV INFO: According to a January 10 update at, Seal stated that around the end of December 2001 he began writing new songs for a new album because of problems with his record company. When Seal finally presented the final product of his first version of Togetherland, the heads at Warner Brothers Records were not pleased with the result. So Seal decided to take a new direction towards the new album which was reported to be more ambient, trip-hop and sensual or soulful. But because Seal was going for a new sound, he dropped the "Togetherland" moniker as well as placing all the songs from the first version into the vault, perhaps for another artist to record someday.

    This new album will once again be produced by long-time collaborator Trevor Horn and is hailed by to have a "broader range of music styles" while "at the same time remain true to Seal's original sound." Returning to this album are musicians: Chris Bruce, Earl Harvin, Gus Isidore and Jamie Muhoberac. Seal recorded the new album back in London, England, a place Seal said helped "recapture the sound of the first two albums," according to

    Also be out on the look later this year when Seal's rendition of old Nat King Cole's "Mona Lisa" will be released for the soundtrack to the Julia Roberts movie of the same title.

  • TOGETHERLAND ALBUM INFO/CLARIFICATION: It seems there has been some confusion among Seal fans and visitors to my site regarding the album Seal recorded titled "Togetherland" which was to be released as Seal's fourth album last year. You can find the details of that information below under the Updated New Album News, but to clarify the album "Togetherland" will NOT be released. reported last year that Warner Bros. and Seal were not pleased with the final mix which drove Seal to the decision to scrap the songs recorded for that album and record a new album. He moved back to England from Los Angeles, where "Togetherland" was recorded, to record new songs with producer Trevor Horn in England. The result of those sessions is the new album titled "Seal" which will be released September 9th of this year. Seal said he placed the recorded "Togetherland" songs "in the vault," so to speak, perhaps for another artist to re-record someday. My hope is that Seal decides to release some of these songs as b-sides for the singles from the new album, but I have no information which would support that or make it true. If I receive any information regarding these songs, I will, of course, post it here. For those still confused, please e-mail me at the address at the bottom of this page with your questions.
  • SEALFANS.NET CLOSED: As of May 10, 2003,, the internet's premiere Seal website for the past 3 years has been shut down. The following message was left by the webmaster at the site:
  • May 10, 2003

    Due to unforeseen circumstances will cease operations effective immediately.

    I've had a great time running this site for the past four years, however the question has been raised as to whether I have spoiled the impact of the new album's launch by releasing the track listing and describing the tracks in a recent newsletter. I had nothing but the best intentions for this site and for Seal and his music during the entire time I have worked on it. Between this and the lack of time and resources I have to devote to keeping this site running the way it should, I must close it down. I did my best to bring you, the fans, everything I could regarding Seal and his music in the hope of uniting Seal fans across the world and giving them a common home on the web. It was never my intention to betray Seal or his music, and if that is the way anyone feels then I am sorry. It has been my pleasure to meet so many of you through our common love of music over the years. I wish Seal and his new album nothing but the best.

    Please do not email me regarding this site.

    Sincerely, Scanman20 (1999-2003)

    I very strongly suggest that concerned fans and visitors of the site DO NOT contact the webmaster regarding the site's closure. The above message posted is what the webmaster intends for visitors to read and those who e-mail me regarding the details of the site's closure will only receive a reply with the above message.

    As a Seal fan, I am deeply and sadly disappointed about the site's closure.,, and the early versions of the site provided the Seal fan community with a wealth of information never provided before as well as serving as a successful internet resource that helped build Seal's fan base exponentially. I would like to thank Scanman20 and all the people who helped contribute to and the invaluable information it has provided me and millions of others in the past 3 years. My webpage, as well as the Seal fan community will never be the same without it.

    But again, I ask you do not e-mail me regarding the details of the site's closure, and please be polite enough to not contact the webmaster regarding the site.
  • RECENT COLLABORATIONS: While Seal has yet to release a full album of his own material, he has been busy lending his pipes to others.

    Last year Seal provided his vocals to the L.A.-based rap group Outlawz, who worked with the late Tupac Shakur whose murder was the initial influence for "Human Beings," on a song entitled "History." According to, the vocals are from a rare Immortal Soul track. The song, which features Seal's vocals in the chorus, can be found on the groups latest release, Novakane.

    In the world of techno music, a genre in which Seal seems to be increasingly immersing himself in, Seal gave a hand to techno group Jakatta. Seal layed down his vocals early last for the group's single "My Vision," which went on to be a smash hit in the UK and parts of Europe. While it is not exclusively a Seal song, all major vocals were provided by Seal including the verses and chorus. For more information on the group Jakatta, visit here.

    Despite Seal's residence in America during the production of Togetherland, he has not forgotten about his musical cohorts overseas. In late 2001, Seal collaborated with French singer Myl�ne Farmer on her singlethe duet titled "Les Mots" (which means "The Words" in French). The song was released as a single, and the title track, from her 2001 "Best of" collection. You can purchase the album here at While Mylene's lyrics are in French, Seal's, of course, are in English.

    Less recent Seal collaborations from the past two years include Spanish electronica artist Jose Padilla's "Adios Ayer" on which Seal provides his vocals and lyrics. Seal has also worked with an underground techno artist named piLL while working on Togetherland. The collaborations include songs titled "Is It A Dream," "God Sits At The End Of It All," and "Breathe" which made it onto the final cut of Togetherland without piLL's production however.

    Information via, and Scanman20, Future Love Paradise, and tasoR's website.

    Interesting and Important Seal Facts
    • INTERESTING FACT #1: Seal considers his music to be Soul music; music that comes from the soul.
      HEIGHT: Seal is 6 feet 4 inches tall.
      INTERESTING FACT #2: Seal is left handed.
      MUSICAL RELEASES: Seal has released 3 albums: Seal (Debut Album), Seal (Second Album), and Human Being. His fourth self-titled album will be released sometime in the summer of 2003. Togetherland, his previous fourth album will not be released.
      AGE: Seal is 40 years old, born on Feb. 19, 1963.
      FULL NAME: Seal's full name has been reported to be Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel. Seal's name has also been spelled Sealhenry Samuel and Sealhenri Samuel.
      MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Some of Seal's musical influences include: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Crosby Stills and Nash, Joni Mitchell, Johnny Nash, Bob Marley, David Bowie, Steve Miller, Sly Stone, Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach, Led Zeppelin and Yes.
      INTERESTING FACT #3: Seal would like to be remembered for "somebody who contributed to the happiness of others," according to a chat transcript.
      INTERESTING FACT #4: Seal is listed as the 2nd most outstanding Nigerian according to THE SOURCE magazine.
      FAMILY: Seal is the second eldest of six brothers. One of his brothers, Jeymes Samuel, is an aspiring musician who you can find more about at Jeymes Samuel artist info at GiantStep. His mother, Adebsi Samuel, is Brazilian and his father, Francis Samuel, is of Nigerian descent.
      ETHNICITY: Seal's ancestry includes Nigerian, Brazilian, and Afro-Caribbean.
      NON-MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Some of Seal's influences outside of music include: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., his father, very close friends of Seal and the woman he spends his life with (possibly his girlfriend or wife).
      HOBBIES: Seal enjoys playing tennis, snowboarding, and surfing the internet in his free time or when he's not making music.
      INTERESTING FACT #5: Seal is listed as #1 on the Top 10 Male Hardbodies in the Music Industry of 1999 list according to Flex Magazine.
      INTERESTING FACT #6: Seal was briefly mentioned in a Parade magazine article February 13, 2000. Tyra Banks was interviewed in a Q & A by the magazine and she was asked which man did she say broke her heart? She was talking of her ex-boyfriend Seal. The couple dated in 1996, but broke up after a short while. Tyra said Seal wrote about their break-up in the song "When A Man Is Wrong" on Seal's 1998 album Human Being.
      SUGGESTED CONTACT INFORMATION: If you would like to get in contact with Seal I would advise you to contact Seal's WB representation, Luke Burland. You can contact her at Warner Bros. Records in Burbank, California by phone at 1-818-846-9090, just ask for Seal's representation. Or you can contact her through postal mail:

      Luke Burland, Warner Bros. Records Inc., 3300 Warner Blvd., Burbank, CA. 91505

      I have no way of knowing if any of these methods will insure that your message is delivered directly to Seal, but it is worth a try.

      The Life and Times of Seal

        Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Samuel was born on February 19, 1963 in a small town called Kilburn near Paddington, England to a Nigerian mother and Brazilian father. Shortly after Seal was born, his parents sent him to live with a white foster family in Essex, not very far from London. His mother and father were students and held part-time jobs so the foster parents were temporary caretakers for their child. When he was four years old, his natural mother, Adebisi Samuel who was a wig maker, reclaimed Seal after his parents marriage dissolved and he lived with her in London for two years. When Seal was six years old, his mother fell ill and returned to Nigeria so Seal was sent to live with his father, Francis Samuel,  who abused his son, despite Seal's admiration for him. Francis wanted him to become a lawyer or a doctor, so when Seal showed a desire to become a singer, Francis beat him even more. While some neighbors and close friends of the family have claimed Seal's father was a decent, fair and giving man, Seal still stands by his claims that he was abused. However Seal also states that experiencing a rough childhood plays a major factor into who he is today.
        When Seal was just 11 years old, he performed for the first time in front of an audience at his school's parent-teacher association night. Seal decided to sing Johnny Nash's "Bright Sunshiny Day". It was very a cappella, very unplugged as Seal recalls it. Due to his father's abuse and other problems Seal was going through, he ran away from his home at the age of 15 and dropped out of high school as well. When he did return back home later in his teens, it was to transport his father's ashes to Nigeria for burial. Seal also had Lupus when he was young, which left him with scars evident on his face.
        Before Seal's musical career, Seal graduated from college with an architectural degree and took up different jobs around the London area which included working at McDonald's, designing leather clothing and electrical engineering. Then after a while Seal began singing in local bars and clubs and joined Push, an English funk band, in the mid-'80s and toured with the band in Japan. While he was in Asia he joined a blues band from Thailand for a while. After some time with that band, he traveled throughout India on his own. In 1990, Seal contributed lyrics and vocals to Adamski's "Killer" which was a big dance hit in 1990 in the UK. This really spun the wheels in motion for his musical career and from there Seal started working on his debut album which would be self-titled "Seal". Seal released the album in 1991 with former musician, Trevor Horn, as his producer. Seal released five singles from the debut album. They include "Crazy", one of his most popular songs from that album, "Future Love Paradise", "The Beginning", "Killer" and "Violet". His first album sold 1 million copies in the United Kingdom and 3.5 million worldwide. Seal also produced a compilation video for his debut album which was released in 1992 which included the music videos that were made for his singles as well as some acoustic, stuido performances of some songs from his debut album. Seal also went on a european tour to promote his album. In 1993, Seal teamed up with guitar legend, Jeff Beck, to perform a cover version of Jimi Hendrix's "Manic Depression" on the Stone Free: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix album. Seal and Jeff Beck also released the song as a single.
        After his success with the first album, Seal began work on his second album which would also be self- titled "Seal". He released the album in 1994 with a new look. Seal decided to get rid of his dreadlocks and sported a new, bald-headed look. Seal also came back with a new outlook on life and increased spirituality after his experiences over the previous three years. The album is his most successful album yet selling 700,000 copies in the UK and over 5 million worldwide. Seal also released five singles from this album which include "Prayer For The Dying", "Don't Cry", "Newborn Friend", "I'm Alive" and "Kiss From A Rose" which is probably one of his most popular songs of his career. Seal performed "Kiss From A Rose" on the Batman Forever Soundtrack, which helped promote his second album and won him three Grammy awards in 1996. The Grammy awards include Best Male Pop Vocal,  Best Song Of The Year, and Best Record Of The Year. The song remained at the No. 1 position on the U.S. Billboard chart for 12 weeks. Seal wrote "Kiss From A Rose" in 1988 in London. Seal does not remember the inspiration for the song, but he was broke at the time and most likely brokenhearted.  Seal bathed in the success of his second album and went on tour with Soul/R&B artist, Des'ree as the opening act.  In 1996, Seal performed "Fly Like An Eagle", originally performed by Steve Miller, on the Space Jam Soundtrack. Seal has also performed on other compilations and in 1994 performed on Joni Mitchell's album, Turbulent Indigo. She also performed on his 1994 album on the song "If I Could".
        Seal began working on his third album sometime after the sucess of his tour and second album. The album would take longer to make than his previous work because of personal life troubles, problems with his record company, and conflicts with his producer Trevor Horn. After about 3 or 4 years of hard work, Seal released his third album "Human Being" in 1998. Seal released the song "Human Beings" as his first single from that album. The inspiration for the song came from the murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. as well as Seal's own thoughts on death, self-esteem and fame. In 1999, Seal released the song "Lost My Faith" as a single from his album Human Being. He released the single with a remix of the song which was featured in the ending credits of the film "Entrapment". He produced a video for the song with actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. Sometime around February of 1999, Seal began rehearsing for his next tour with Rock/Pop artist, Joan Jones as the opening act. The tour began in March of that same year. In July of 1999 Seal cancelled his tour due to bad promotion, financial problems and other issues. 
        Seal's soulful, insightful and often deep lyrics has contributed to fresh, innovative and creative music throughout his career. Seal has captured several different musical styles and blended them into his own unique style of musical art which has pleased listeners throughout many years. Seal's music will continue to grace music listeners for generations to come and place him among the most talented musicians of all-time.


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