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Unraveling the secrets of the year 2000

The Millennia Consortium was originally founded to research the effects of the year 2000 on mankind.  An inter-disciplinary group of scientists, engineers, and philosophers were gathered, without the support or interference of the government for this project.  What was initially supposed to be a minor exercise in group cooperation stumbled across possibly the most important discovery since man first stood erect.  The findings are startling; the conclusions irrefutable.

     Areas of study were carefully selected from diverse branches of the sciences.  Normally scientists from different specialties do not get the opportunity to discuss how a new finding might impact another branch of science.  Also there is a barrier between the established sciences and newer, more experimental areas of study such as the paranormal and extraterrestrial. 
     The Millennia Consortium chose these areas of study for a single purpose.  To find how the change of millennia would effect mankind.  While information from a single source may be intriguing, the confluence of conclusions of all of these varied sciences is overwhelming. 
     The evidence is clear; very shortly, mankind will be facing its greatest challenge.  Mankind's survival is not assured.  We believe that within the next few years or even months, the earth's surface will undergo a catastrophic upheaval.  Entire continents may disappear.  Earthquakes, floods and

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