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My Online Reviews

Playing By Heart (This one is a SPOILER)
She's All That


My Newspaper Articles

Theater Reviews

I often wrote reviews of my college theater company. Vinegar Tom was a good one.

Porcelain was directed by a friend of mine. These guys are performing professionally.

As many of you know, when a theater "puts on"
Rocky Horror Picture Show, they have a cast act out the parts while they play the film on the screen. Well, our local RH was awful and I love to trash something if it REALLY deserves it.


The Game starring Michael Douglas.

The Zero Effect starring Bill Pullman and Ben Stiller. I love this one!

Welcome to Sarajevo is a docu-drama much in the way of The Blair Witch Trials where you question the validity of the storyline. Sarajevo is mostly true. Part 1 and Part 2

Instead of reviewing Kiss the Girls I did a review of the career of
Cary Ewles who is best known as "My sweet Wesly" from The Princess Bride. I've been told that this review gives away the ending to Kiss the Girls so if you still want to see the movie, watch it before you read!


These are all from the MLB playoffs of 1997. Preview, League Champs Part 1
Part 2, World Series Part 1 and Part 2.

Please let me know what you think of these!
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