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Well everyone, it's been fun...The Dragon's Lair in it's FF8 form has been up for over a year and a half's time for a change. So the site is shut down while my fiance and I turn it into a more comprehensive Final Fantasy site. I'm not sure about Ask the FF8 Cast - it's been around awhile too, and it's getting to the point where the same questions are being asked for the umpteenth time around. We may open up an Ask FF6, or Ask FF9, or maybe both. You can email me to tell which one you would prefer. I believe many people did not understand the volume of mail that generated. I was the sole answerer, and I received over 50 letters per day. Hopefully, myself and the new co-webmaster will have more people helping us. Until this site is updated, go to Nightmares of the Soul, an FF7 fanfic/fanart site I co-run with two other girls, and visit Ask the Final Fantasy 7 Cast. It's been fun.