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Florence.Com is an Internet column that appears weekly in the Florence Citizen. The Florence Citizen is a weekly newspaper published in Florence, Colorado. Bob Wood is the publisher of the Florence Citizen. Christine Dunne is a columnist for the Citizen as well as a free lance reporter and writer.

This Web site is designed to help the computer user to understand more about the Internet and how to get around on it. Also how to design a web page and add items to it.

The following articles have appeared in The Florence Citizen and are copyrighted by Christine Dunne. I hope that you enjoy the articles and the graphics and will pass them on to your friends and any other new comer to the Internet.

So my Gentle Readers, keep on surfing and Enjoy the columns.

The Florence Citizen is published weekly: For subscription information please e mail to this site or to Bob Wood: Editor

To read some of the articles published by The Florence Citizen in the column Florence.Com click on the title below.

  Home Page of Florence.Com 
  Making a Web Site 
 How To Find and Install Graphics
  How to Find and Install Midis 
  How To Send On Line Greeting Cards 
 Regular Links for Florence.Com 
  Computer Family: Buying the Machine 
  Computer Family: Getting on the Internet
 Computer Family: Getting Around on the Internet  
  Computer Family: Setting Up the E-Mail  
 Computer Family: Using Microsoft Money  
  Signing On To ICQ 


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