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Rinoa is surrounded by cherry blossoms in Spring time.Meanwhile Squall and Seifer battle it out in aa brutal training session which Seifer does an illegal move and wounds Sqaull.


Balamb Garden and Acquiring characters

Squall lies in an infirmary.DR.Kadowaki comes to Sqaull and asks him if he is alright.Pick any answer for Squall's reply since it's your chance to rename him(The default is best though)


Quistis Trepe comes into the small room where Squall is and instructs him to follow her.To talk to her press O.A SeeD exam is underway.After the exam, you can become Squall again.You can view the menu by pressing the triangle button.Go and talk to Quistis being surroundedby students.She tells you to go to the Fire Cave and find the first Guardian Force, Ifrit.Go back to your seat and watch the tutuorial in the Balamb Garden Network and get an idea how to use junction.

Balamb Garden Network [Study Panel] On the screen, select the first option and you will be able to use the network. There are many slots, each giving you information about G.F. monsters [choose Tutorial] and you will find more being listed on the screen. The first time you choose 'Tutorial', you will be asked to name two Guardian Forces; Shiva and Quetzalcoatl.

There is a SeeD test in the 'TEST' menu and here are the answers if you want to cheat:

1 Y N Y Y Y N N Y N N 2 Y N Y Y Y N Y Y N N 3 N N Y N Y Y Y N Y N 4 N Y Y Y N N Y Y N N 5 N N N Y Y N N Y Y Y 6 Y N Y Y N N Y Y N Y 7 Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y N 8 N Y N N Y Y N N Y N 9 N Y N N N N N N Y Y 10 Y N N N N N N N Y N 11 Y Y N Y Y N Y N N Y 12 N Y N N Y N Y N Y N 13 Y N N N Y N N N N N 14 Y Y Y Y N Y Y N Y N 15 Y Y N N N N N Y N Y 16 Y N N Y N Y N N Y N 17 Y N N N Y N N Y N N 18 Y N N N Y N N N N N 19 Y N N Y N N N N N N 20 Y Y N Y N Y Y Y N N 21 Y Y Y Y N N Y Y Y N 22 N N N Y N N N Y Y N 23 Y N N N N Y Y Y Y Y 24 Y Y N N Y Y N N N Y 25 Y N Y Y Y N N Y N N 26 Y N Y Y Y N N Y N N 27 N Y N N N N Y N Y N 28 Y N N Y Y Y N Y N N 29 N N N Y Y N N N Y N 30 N Y N N N N Y N N N

Legend: 'N' stands for No, 'Y' stands for Yes.

The maximum level for a student in Disc 1 is level 30. You can get a Grade A which will earn you around 30,000 gil. One student who was playing the game, was degraded to student Level 30. You can get a grade A before getting student level 31.

You can also take the tests after you have received the award from Cid at the ceremony. Choose the Tutuorial and pick "TEST" to do the test.

Now exit the classroom. On the walkway, head south and Squall will knock into a girl and you will given two options. Pick the 1st one and after some chit chat, you will given another 2 options, pick the 1st one if you want to get to know the layout of the building better OR the 2nd option will result in the girl leaving. Squall will show the girl around the school and thus they will head left for the elevator.

There is a man dressed in yellow, talk to him and you will give you a pack of 7 cards with some instructions. This enables you to play cards with most people in Final Fantasy 8 by simply going up to them and pressing the circle.

Now go inside the elevator. The elevator will take you to the 1st storey of the building and there is a short sequence where Squall will explain to the girl about the locations and their purpose which is also for your own benefit. If you don't understand what they are talking about, read the following:

SeeD Academy: Garden 1st Floor This is the layout of the 1st floor of the school. It is arranged in a hexagon shaped with passages leading to different compartments.

1. Dormitory: You can change your clothes here or sleep [to recover lost HP] when needed. There are three players there after you have completed the fight against the Ifrit [Grey]

2. Parking Lot: The place where you park your vehicles [Yellow].

3. Training Center: It's a jungle type arena with huge rocks, pipes and other scenary. The first time you enter you will find two doors. There is a Save Point here [Green] and also a Magic Stone.

4. Library: This is where students learn about magic and other things such as weapons and how to maintain them. There is a female player whom has very powerful cards. There is a Magic Stone located in between the bookshelves You have to examine the bookshelf to find the Magic Stone, the man looking at the bookshelf is also another card player. [Blue]

5. Central Gate: The entrance of SeeD school. It does not lead to World Map directly. There are 2 players at the main gate. A Magic Stone is found near the fountain. [Dark Blue]

6. Infirmary: The place where you will find the doctor. This is where Squall was at the beginning of the game. [Purple]

7. Quad: School Stage for amateur dramatics. You can play cards with the girl near the stage [Pink]

8. Cafeteria: The canteen of Garden. There is another player sitting on the left of the table on the extreme right [Red]. You will meet Seifer with his two friends, Fuujin and Raijin

9. Elevator: This takes you up and down to the different floors in the building.

10. Lobby: The place where you can find a map of Garden 1st Floor. There is a Save point near it. Press Circle to view the map. L stands for Lobby.

Tip: Finding more around Garden is very tiring? Here's a way. Examine the map and pick the place that you want to go. Press Circle and your character will be on the path heading for the site that you want to go. This only works during early in the game.

There is a Save Point at the lobby; it's located in front of the elevator. Now just head for the Central Gate, simply holding forward at the red gate and Squall will knock it open. You will find yourself right at the front of the Garden. There is another card player somewhere around here.

Now head outside the school gate and you will meet up with your teacher, Quistis, who will join you. When you continue, you will be on the world map for the first time. The appearance of the world map contrasts very much with that of Final Fantasy 7's; this time, the visable structures are much bigger than the character to stay intune with the realistic approach of Final Fantasy 8. Anyway, make your way towards the right, not following the road, cutting through the forest, and eventually you will find a cave located to the east.

Here is some information about the world map (The Overworld):

You WILL encounter random battles whether in forests or on grasslands. You can enter structures such as caves, building etc by moving towards them. You can save anywhere while on the World Map. 1.1 The Fire Cavern

As you reach the cave, Quistis will ask you a question, choose the 1st option to avoid repeating it. When you reach the entrance of the cave will meet 2 guards wearing yellow caps. Talk to them and you will be given two options; pick the 1st option and they will give you a time limit to do a task that lies ahead, pick 40 mins [fourth] and now you will be able to enter the cave.

Inside the cave, you will find Quistis quite a nuisance as she keeps on telling Squall about her abilities.

Q. How do I use Magic Stones (Draw Points)? A. This is really simple. Firstly you must have equipped a G.F and the command "Draw". Next approach a Magic Stone, press Circle and you will given two to four options (the number depends on the number you have in the party). The first option does not drain the Magic Stone. Other options are the names of your characters. Simply select the person whom you want and if you check at the Magic sub- menu, you will find you have gained some spells!

The cave is pretty straight forward. Head up the path towards the junction. Take the right path and absorb some magic from the magic stone. There you find a fire pit of lava. After some chit-chat, you will fight the first Guardian Force, Ifrit.


Name: Ifrit

LEVEL: 6 HP: 1068

Facts: Weak against Ice, Shiva. Nullifies Fire attacks.

Attacks: Fire, Jump Swap

Draw: Fire, Heal, Sense.

AP gained: 20


Make full use of your Guardian Forces, Quetzalcoatl and Shiva (Shiva especially), to fight him and the battle should be pretty easy. Use Potions to heal and use Phoenix Down to resurrect dead members. Note that the time stills goes on as you fight. Defeat the Ifrit and he will be added to you Guardian Force collection.

After defeating Ifrit, head for the exit and the guards at the entrance will praise you for doing a great job in defeating Ifrit. Now head back to the Garden where the final SeeD exam awaits you. Note: From now onwards, you can back to the Fire Cave anytime you wish and there is no time limit. Note also that the level of the monsters rises with Squall's level, so returning later in the game results in harder opposition.

Zell Joins In

When you return back to Garden, Quistis will leave you and tell you to meet her in the lobby, but before to go and change into the SeeD uniform. So now head for the Dormitory.

At the Dormitory, head for the bed positioning Squall next to the bed. Press the cction button and choose the 2nd option. At the Lobby, you will recruit a new partner, Zell Dincht.

** FMV **

The flamboyant and hyperactive Zell makes a dramtic appearance by doing some somersaults and karate kicks. He will then approach Squall, who is with Quistis, and smile.

Squall, being a rather cold-blooded chap, simply gives Zell a cold shoulder. Zell, in conversation, shows his dislike for Seifer, in agreement with Squall. After discussing their mutual distastes, Quistis tells them that the leader for the upcoming mission is no other than the man himself. Seifer will come along with his two pals, Fuujin and Raijin, being unfriendly and rude too the group. Just as Zell wants to fight Seifer for calling him a 'chicken punk', the principal of Garden shows up, his name is Cid. Cid will brief them their mission. After some more talking, the group will leave the lobby and head for the parking lot to get into a vehicle.

Inside of the vehicle, there is an extensive conversation between the three, Zell will keep on talking non-stop. Squall does not respond, making Zell rather angry and gets up doing some punches but Seifer tells him to sit down and shut up.

Now you will be able to control the vehicle:

Controls of Your Vehicle

Square Moves your vehicle forwards

X Moves your vehicle backwards

Circle Get in/out of vehicle

R2 Changes the camera view

Select World Map [Spot view, Side map, enlarged World Map]

Relieving Dollet City

Just simply drive your vehicle to the port and you will enter the boat. Just as everyone move off, head up the stairs and enter the boat. Inside the boat, you will given a talk by a lady named Sue whom will brief you again about your mission.

BRIEF: For the past 72 hours, Dollet City has been underattacked by the Galbadian army. After 49 hours from outbreak of the war, the city of Dollet has been evacuated. At present, the people are hurrying to take refuge at the outlying of mountinous areas. The troop will disembark from Kubutan Beach. Ask to eliminate any enemy soldiers. Asked to pentrate through the city and eliminate any enemy troops. AIM: To wipe out any remaining enemy soldiers. Keep them from activating the communications system.

After the briefing, Sue leaves and Squall will decide to talk to someone. You will be given 4 options:

- Talk to Quistis

- Talk to Seifer

- Talk to Zell

- Do Nothing

After this, enjoy some humourous jokes in the conversation between Zell and Seifer. After another short bit of chin wagging, head outside and you will enjoy an FMV feast.

** FMV ** A globe with several sub boats following through the south-eastern terrain. Squall is looking at the map and look at the island. Now time for some gun-firing scenes and your party will landed at the Kubutan Beach.

You will take control of Squall, Zell and Seifer and all you have to do is follow the mission leader. Exit from the landing area and you will fight 2 Galbadian soldiers, each of them armed with swords. These two are easy to defeat, just use physical attacks. Draw magic from them and stock it for later use. There is a possibility that you will encounter random battles on your travels, so be on your guard.

Keep following Seifer and you will encounter another 2 Galbadian soldiers, defeat them. Carry on going and you will finally reach the town, meeting another Galbadian soldier near the car.

Next talk to Seifer. He will take a while to respond, eventually commenting that this mission is rather boring. Talk to Zell whom is pacing around in his hyperactive state. After a while, Seifer, in his boredom, starts to irritate a dog who then starts to bark. Attracting 6 Galbadian soldiers, Seifer will chase after them, so follow him. Next you will cross a bridge and keep on heading left. You will encounter random battles rather frequently. You will have finally caught up with Seifer. Talk to the wounded Galbadian soldiers. As you talk to the person who is at the stairs, you will fight a sub-BOSS, a huge snake type creature.


Name: HedgeViper Level 7 HP: 1178 Facts: Nulifies Poison based attacks. Weak against Cold Draw: Fire, Heal

AP gained: 4


This BOSS isn't really tough. You can draw healing magic from him. Just use your G.F. monsters to do most of the damage. Beware of his 'Poison Breath' as it will do a lot of damage. In return, do not use Poison on him.

Continue up the stairs and head for the Radio Tower. There you will see your colleagues, hiding and taking cover. You will watch a short conversation between the two guards opposite. As Seifer leaves, you will see an FMV sequence:

** FMV **

A girl comes forward and starts to fall down from the steep slope. The girl winks.

The girl's name is Selphie and she is formerly a member of Squad A (you are in Squad B). She will jump off the cliff and start jumping and smiling. Follow her and proceed near the cliff and choose the first option. And she will then joined your party. Next the scene was transfered to the conversation between Wedge and Biggs. Now head inside the tower, equip Guardians for the three each and touch the magic stones [purple in colour] and transfered into useable magic. There is a Save Point located near the elevator. So head and take the elevator, choosing option 1. At the top of tower, you will have another FMV feast:

** FMV ** The ground starts to tremble and a sponge falls down from the trap door. The ground is shaken so greatly that Squall can not stand upright. There you will see the operations of the Radio Tower. Biggs has activated the communications.

Squall approaches Biggs and is stopped by Seifer. You will need to fight Biggs.


Biggs Level 7 HP: 610

Wedge Level 9 HP: 608

Elviole Level 7 HP: 2,667


Biggs: Bolt, Machine gun attack, Charge

Wedge: Flame, sword swipe

Elviole: Bolt, Claw swipe, Flood Breath [All], Fire Facts:

Elviole: Weak against Wind, Nulifies Poison-based attacks

Wedge: Poison does not work !


Elviole: Bolt, Heal, Double, Siren

Biggs: Fire, Bolt, Ice, Cure

Wedge: Fire, Bolt, Ice, Heal

AP gained: 18


First of all you face Biggs and just simply attack him with physical attacks and magic. When he becomes badly damaged, he will call for his colleague, Wedge. Just keep on focusing your attacks on Biggs and defeating him will cause both of them being attacked by Elviole. Use your G.F. monsters and magic to deal out most of the damage. Drain some magic from the BOSS and use for your own advantage. Use Potions and Heal to restore lost HP and Phoenix Downs to ressurect dead members. If you draw from the Elviole you get the Guardian Force, Siren (it's fourth option and can only be drawn once).

When you have finished the BOSS, you will have a short conversation. Seifer will leave and now you will have 30 minutes to head back to the sub-boat. So head to the elevator and press Circle and choose the first option. As you head down, you will see a scene of Biggs summoning a large robotic creature to attack. Back at the ground floor of the tower, save your game and use Potions to restore health before you face the giant crab.

BOSS NO. 3: X-ATM092

Name: X-ATM092 Level 7 HP: 5492

Attacks: Desperate Charge, Claw attack, Leg swipe Facts: Weak against Lightning. Poison has no effect on the BOSS.

Draw: Fire, Ice, Heal 2, Barrier.

AP Gained: 50 [defeat the BOSS HP to zero]


The BOSS' greatest weakness is Lightning as he is made from metal. Use Quetzalcoatl and Bolt Magic to dish out damage. Once the BOSS is down, press R2 and L2 to escape. You may have to fight this BOSS about five times, running each time he is down.

Simply make your way out back to the beach where your sub-boat is, bearing in mind you have only 30 minutes to do so. There will be an FMV sequence of X-ATM092 crushing the car as he advances through the empty streets of Dollet.

** FMV **

X-ATM092 charges down the streets of Dollet. It has knocked the building causing heavy damage. Squall falls down on the ground, quickly gets up and heads for the sub-boat. He starts running, finally making a jump for it. At this moment, Quistis pumps the crab with lead from the mini-gun. The crew escape in the sub-boat back to the Republic of Balamb **End of Demo**

Now you are safe and sound. Back at the harbour, Seifer returns back to his normal self. His pals will come to the habour and congratulate him for the victory. Quistis will congratulate all of you for doing a great job.

Seifer, in typical Seifer fashion, drives off in the vehicle, leaving you all on the harbour with no form of transport. Now you have to walk back to the Garden. Exit the area and you will be at a cliff side path centred by an inn. The man outside will suggest staying there to rest. Pay 100 gil to stay in the inn (this will automatically recover all your lost HP). If you want to save your game, just go up the stairs and use the save point found at the corner of the room.

Leave the inn and continue to leave Balamb City. There is a Draw Point here, so draw some magic. If you talk to the man sitting on the bench, you will find that he is rather familiar with Zell. There is a total of three houses here:

1st House: [on the left]: Weapon Upgrading Shop.

2nd House: [on the right]: Zell's house. You cannot enter his bedroom!

3rd House: [on the right, next to Zell's house]: There is a lady and a man talking about something.

After you are done touring the small, yet pleasant town, head up the street and you will reach the Gas Station. There you can rent a vehicle for 3,500 gil. Pick first or second to rent a vehicle OR pick the third to quit. The first option will result renting a blue-green vehicle while the second option will result renting a brown-black vehicle. You aren't going far, so it's not really worth the money. When you reach the worldmap, head back to the Garden, walking along the road if you want to avoid enemies.

At the front gate, your teamates will leave you after a hard days work and in eager anticipation for the test results.

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