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Tips and Stuff Like That...

For newbies to FF8 or people who want to beat the game thoroughly I'd like to put my 2 cents here on the game.Unfortunately,Limit Breaks isn't the essence of the battle systems as it once was in the previous Final Fantasys.Limit Breaks are apparently used only when the move is critical.Usually that happens when the party member's HP is low.
No, the essence of FF8 is Guardian Force and Magic.

To get most out of the battles sequences, the best best is to Draw as much magic power from the enemies as you can that will build up the GF magic as well as your own.And remember,when you take a hit, if your charging your GF the GF will take some damage as well, so becareful to stock some useful items to recover your GF as well.
The first major boss you'll encounter is Elviole in Disc 1.This is after you've acquired Ifrit after defeating him in the Fire Cavern.For Those who haven't taken advantage of the ability to Draw,you can acquire the GF Siren here from Elviole.It's best to teach the GF's you have attained so far with skills like Boost,because later on as the monsters get more difficult is not enough to just depend on the GF elemental damage alone.
With X-ATMO92, it's useless to defeat him.He'll just repair himself.The best bet is to Draw from him as much as you can stocking yourself up with cures,Thunders and fires, wearing him down with your GF's and get yourself out of there when Zell tells you to!You only have 30 minutes to head towards the shore while you're in the Communication tower in Dollet, so forget playing hero for now and just Draw.
When Quistis takes you aside and asks you if if defeated the T-Rex in the trainin centre and you say no, she'll go into a lengthy lecture about Junctioning spells that deal with statis abnormality.Spells like Sleep, Blind,Silence, Shell, Esuna are just as essential to learn aside from the elememtal magic because some monsters can only be defeated with statis abnormality like the T-Rex of the training center.You can easily acquire these sort of spells defeating the lesser monsters in the training area.Again you must make use of the ability to Draw.In the Balamb library there is a draw point for Esuna.
Defeating monsters in the field is also a good idea since you can acquire Scan as well.Make sure at least one of your party members has cure in their magic.Because you can't always depend on items if you're up against a formidable foe.The recovery magic of Cure goes up as you go up in levels.While potion only recovers 200 HP.

Hey I'm not done yet with my 2 cents, stay tune for more...