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Squall Leonheart

Weapon: Revolver
Limit Allowed: Rough Divide
Description: Squall performs his move that he does to Seifer on the Intro FMV. Squall charges towards the opponent, scraping the gunblade behind him, followed by slashing the enemy verticaly from feet to head, followed by a ground explosion that lifts the enemy in the air and back down again.

Weapon: Keer Straight
Limit Allowed: Fated Circle
Description: Squall puts his sword behind his back, jumps through the air and sends out a circular swipe of fire from his sword down to the enemy.

Weapon: Cutting Trigger
Limit Allowed: N/A
Description: Squall will attack about 10 time, and if you press R1 when the bar reach one point squall will use his last attack.
Weapon: Flametan
Limit Allowed: N/A
Description: N/A
Weapon: Twin Lance
Limit Allowed: Blasting Zone
Description: Squall holds his sword high above his head, and a beam of light shoots out of the top, straight through the clouds and into space. Squall then thrusts the sword forward and down onto the Earths ground to hit the enemy.
Weapon: Lionheart
Limit Allowed: End of Heart
Description: Squall pulls his sword to his side, and ball of energy swirls into it, makes the sword gleam. He then runs towards the enemy, hits the opponent high up into the air, jumps up with them, and procedes to hit them 15 times with his sword, followed by an inner explosion on the enemy, and they then crash to the ground to take more damage.

Rinoa Heartilly

Name of Attack: Angelo Rush
How to obtain: Initial Attack
Description: Angelo comes running in from behind Rinoa and charges straight through the enemy. Just like Red XIII's Sled Fang. 'Angelo Rush' is a counterattack move for Rinoa.
Name of Attack: Angelo Strike
How to obtain: Pet Mag. Vol. 1
Description: Angelo comes running in the battle, stops before the enemy, sniffs it, then leaps at it causing the enemy to go flying into the air. Angelo jumps up with it, spins it around and and pushes the enemy back to the ground. Rinoa then gives Angelo a doggy biscuit, and it runs away.
Name of Attack: Angelo Recover
How to obtain: Pet Mag. Vol. 2
Description: Cures party members.
Name of Attack: Angelo Cannon
How to obtain: Initial Attack
Description: Angelo comes running in to battle, jumps onto Rinoa's Blaster Edge weapon and she fires Angelo at the enemy, thus creating an explosion. Angelo runs back to Rinoa, Rinoa gives Angelo a doggy biscuit and Angelo runs away.
Name of Attack: Invincible Moon
How to obtain: Pet Mag. Vol. 3
Description: Angelo runs in with a doggy bone, leaps into the air and makes a silohuette on the moon. Light shines from Angelo onto all party members to make them 'Invincible'. Angelo then jumps back down, Rinoa takes the doggy bone and places it on Angelo's nose. Angelo flips the bone into the air and catches it in his mouth and runs off.
Name of Attack: Angelo Reverse
How to obtain: N/A
Description: N/A
Name of Attack: Angelo Recover
How to obtain: Pet Mag. Vol. 4
Description: Revives Riona when fallen.
Name of Attack: Angelo Search
How to obtain: Pet Mag. Vol. 5
Description: Random search of area for hidden items.
Name of Attack: Wishing Star
How to obtain: Pet Mag. Vol. 6
Description: N/A
Name of Attack: Angel Wing
How to obtain: N/A
Description: You will automatically gain this Limit Break when you enter the Ragnorak on Disc 3. Rinoa will grow 'Angel Wings' and she will rise into the air, and slowly land back onto the ground again. The computer will then take over Rinoa's moves. Rinoa will cast a random magic on each turn.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Angelo Wings (Vary) Limit makes her uncontrollable. Rinoa is forced to cast a random spell EVERY turn. It is NOT reccomended you use it during major battles, such as with Ultima and Omega Weapons, etc. Since Rinoa is the only one with Special Attacks to learn, all you have to do to learn Specials is to read the Pet Magazines you find/buy throughout the game. When read, Angelo will acquire a new bar in his own screen. At first, this bar will be empty. As you fight with Rinoa in numerous battles, it will slowly fill up. When the bar becomes full, Rinoa, and Angelo, will be able to use these attacks in battle. However, for most of these attacks, they occur at random. There are a few that CAN be controlled and used when Rinoa is able to use her Limits
Zell Dincht

NOTE:Zell can learn these moves via Combat King
Name of Attack: Rush Punch
How to obtain: Initial Attack
Button Motions: Circle, X
Name of Attack: Head Shock
How to obtain: Initial Attack
Button Motions: Right, Left
Name of Attack: Heel Drop
How to obtain: Initial Attack
Button Motions: Down, Up
Name of Attack: Mach Kick
How to obtain: Initial Attack
Button Motions: Down, Dwon, Circle
Name of Attack: Burning Rave
How to obtain: Initial Attack
Button Motions: Down, Down, Down, Down, Circle
Name of Attack: Dolphin Blow
How to obtain: Combat King 001
Button Motions: L1, R1, L1, R1
Name of Attack: Meteor Strike
How to obtain: Combat King 002
Button Motions: Down, Circle, Up, Circle
Name of Attack: Meteor Blast
How to obtain: Combat King 003
Button Motions: Up, X, Down, Triangle, Circle
Name of Attack: Different Beat
How to obtain: Combat King 004
Button Motions: Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Up
Name of Attack: Final Heaven
How to obtain: Combat King 005
Button Motions: Up, Foward, Down, Back, Triangle
Zell perhaps has one of the deadliest Limits. His Limits allows him to execute a chain of attacks much like Squall's. However, unlike Squall, Zell must put in pad and button commands for him to execute them. He also has a time limit (5 seconds), to execute as much of the chain as you can. Zell's Limits are very similar to Sabin's (Mash's) Blitz technique from FF6 (3 in U.S.). It also shares similarities with Tifa's in the sense that it is essentially one chained combo attack. Zell obtains his Limits through reading different magazines (Battle Guides). Whever he reads one of these, you are automatically able to use it in battle.Combat King 5&6 you can get them at Eshtar but you need to have the Rare Item ability.

Quistis Trepe

Name of Attack: Laser Eye
Items needed: None(Default)
Description: Quistis will turn her head behind, and turn back and a laser shoots from her eyes to hit the enemy.
Name of Attack: Shockwave
Items needed: String of Kumo
Description: Circular beams fly from Quistis' Body to hit the opponent.
Name of Attack: Thunder Strike
Items needed: Corel Fragment
Description: Lightning will strike from Quistis' body to hit all opponents with lightning damage.
Name of Attack: LV5 ?? Death
Items needed: Charm Claw or get from Torama
Description: Casts a random Level death on all enemies.
Name of Attack: Detonator
Items needed: Black Hole
Description: N/A
Name of Attack: Aqua Breath
Items needed: Crystal Water
Description: N/A
Name of Attack: Micro Missile
Items needed: Missile
Description: N/A
Name of Attack: Boiling Liquid
Items needed: Mysterious Liquid
Description: N/A
Name of Attack: Gatling Gun
Items needed: Fang Machine Gun
Description: N/A
Name of Attack: Fire Breath
Items needed: Fire Dragon Fang
Description: N/A
Name of Attack: Bad Breath Items needed: Molbor's Tentacle
Description: Quistis fires a cloud of poison to all enemies, causing all status ailments.
Name of Attack: Laser Cannon
Items needed: Laser Cannon
Description: N/A
Name of Attack: White Wind
Items needed: Whispers from giant adamtiose at Long Horn Island
Description: restores Hp
Name of Attack: Mighty Guard
Items needed: Barrier System get from fighting Iron Giants
Description: N/A
Name of Attack: Fire Breath
Items needed: Fire Dragon Fang
Description: N/A
Name of Attack: Ray Bomb
Items needed: High Output Occurence Device
Description: N/A
Name of Attack: Shockwave Phaser
Items needed: Dark Matter
Description: Balls envelope Quistis' enemies, lift them up through the clouds and they get attacked by Demi power, then they fall back down to earth. Quistis's Limits are obtained by using different items you find from enemies. These stones are unique TO HER ONLY. When you try to use these items, you will notice that it will only show Quistis. That is the item you use on her to learn new techniques for her. The drawback is that every time you use her Limits, it will use up 1 unit of the corresponding item that taught her it. However, her Limits are usually pretty powerful, ranging from just average damage to very high damage. Quistis has a total of 16 different Limits to use. There are 16 Items in which you use to get them for her.

Selphie Tilmett

Name of Slot: Full Cure
Effect: Restores ALL of party's HP in battle. A wall rises casting Protect, Shell, and Reflect on the party.
Name of Slot: Rapture
Effect: Wings appear on the back of the enemy, automatically removing them from battle (Useless on flying enemies).
Name of Slot: THE END Effect: The battle screen turns into the field of grass you see Rinoa standing on in the intro. In the bottome left corner, the words 'The End' are written. This will remove ANY ENEMY from battle to obtain the victory. Definately the most strongest move in the game. It can even kill Omega WEAPON in 1 hit! Selphie's Limits solely depend on the number of spells she has in her imventory. Her Limit is Slots, but it's random. You do not get to choose which spells to use, though you do get to choose the type. Therefore, if you choose a Fire spell, she MIGHT come up with a big Figa spell cast multiple times, or she may just use the simple Fire spell a few times. The good thng about Selphie's Limit is that it WON'T cost you anything. The spells in your inventory don't deplete. The drawback to her Limit is the fact that it is random, and not very reliable in important battles. Selphie's Limits can be very deadly however. To use the follwing Limits, you must use her SLOTS. Each of the 4 SLOTS have their own , VERY useful abilities. They are listed above.
Irvine Kinneas

Name of Attack: Normal Shot
Bullet Needed: Normal Ammo
Description: Irvine fires shotgun bullets at the enemy.
Name of Attack: Group Shot
Bullet Needed: Fast Ammo
Description: Irvine fires grenade type bullets to hit all enemies with explosions.
Name of Attack: Dark Shot
Bullet Needed: Dark Ammo
Description: Irvine fires bullets that can cast Darkness on the enemy.
Name of Attack: Flame Shot
Bullet Needed: Fire Ammo
Description: Irvine fires bullets of fire at the enemy.
Name of Attack: Canister Shot
Bullet Needed: Demolition Ammo
Description: Irvine fires missiles at all opponents.
Name of Attack: Quake Shot
Bullet Needed: AP Ammo
Description: Irvine changes his gun to rapid fire, and hits the enemy in quick succession.
Name of Attack: Armor Shot
Bullet Needed: Fast Ap Ammo
Description: Irvine fires bullet that can pierce armor.
Name of Attack: Hyper Shot
Bullet Needed: Wave Ammo
Description: Irvine fires bullets that cause Non-Elemental damage.
Irvine's Limits are very powerful. Irvine's Limits rank right up there with Squall's in terms of reliability and damage. His Limits are obtained by using certain bullets, which you have to make using Ifrit's Make Bullets Menu Option. The damage of the Limit depends on the type of bullet you are using, so it is VERY important you make bullets whenver you can. Irvine's Limits are some of the most unique in terms of method of use. To use Irvine's Limits, you simply click on the option, Shot, and you start pushing R1 as fast as you can before time runs out. Even better, you can DISTRIBUTE the damage. By using D-Pad, you can aim the shots at different enemies, thus being able to shoot the ENTIRE field (not at once), OR concentrate on just one target. The only drawback for this Limit is that it is LIMITED. Once you run out of bullets, you must use another kind. If you run out of ALL bullets of ALL kinds, then you are not able to use Irvine's Limit.