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FF8 contains alot more enemies than in the previous final fantasys.The statuses below are their defaults and may increase as your own HP rises.These are but asomeof the enemies Squall and co.encounter throughout the game, it is rumoured that FF8 has at least 30 different species of enemies.some of the info from Balamb Academy

Haurizaado-a monster on the ground with greyish red colors.

Enemy Status:73HP

AP Gained:1 AP


Special Attacks:swap, claw and bite, dirty gas

Items won:screws, magic guidance stones

Stolen Items:screws

Fango Ongo-a big bouncy mushroom

Enemy Status:245HP

AP Gained:1 AP

Draw:fire, sleep,Libra

Special Attacks:Headbutt, Fire, Rip laser

Items Won: sleeping powder, magic stone, guidance stone

Stolen Items:sleeping powder

Batio Baguu-a small blue wasp-like fly

Enemy Status:141HP

AP gained:1 AP

Draw: Fire, Libra

Special Attacks:fire, kick, Poison Bite,fire

Items won:magic stone, magic stone fragment

Stolen Items:magic guidance stone

Reddo Mausu-bat

Enemy Status:34HP

AP Gained:1 AP


SPecial Attacks:Blood suck, bite

Items Won:Magic stone,Blood sucking fang

Stolen item:magic stone fragment,magic stone, bloodsucking fang

Purinera-blue blob

Enemy Status: 355 HP



Special Attacks:Hand Whip

Items Won:Rune bracelet, magic stone

STolen Items: magic guidance stone, magic stone

Geira-a white floating creature that has black stripes on his body.

Enemy Status:2,344HP

AP Gained: 2 AP

Draw: sleepel,thundra

Special Attacks:sleep,gas,tail whip

Items won:mysterious liquid, magic guidance stone

Stolen Items: mysterious liquid

Gesuupa- a robotic beast wearing a blue helmut and yellow gloves.

Enemy Status:860Hp

AP gained:2 AP

Draw:shield, barrier

SPecial Attack:hand swipe,barrier,blind,air inverted attck,piledriver

Items won:black hole,magic guidance stone

Stolen Items:black hole

Fokaroru Feiku-orange fish near coasts

Enemy Status:1,000HP

AP Gained:3AP

Draw:ice, sleepel,Libra

Special Attacks:charge,rotate attack

Items won:crystal water,fish fin,magic stone fragment

Stolen Items:fish fin

Burraddo Soru-wanderers with fangs infar east area

Enemy Status:762HP

AP Gained:1 AP Draw:Levitate,zombie

Special Attacks:bite, spiritual attack,beserek,blind

Items won:zombiepowder,magic guidance stone,turtle shell

Stolen items:zombie powder

Kedachiku-a caterpillar found in far east near Balamb area

Enemy Status:294HP

AP Gained:2 AP


Special Attack:tail whip, super vibration

Items won:string of kumo, magic stone,magic guidance stone

Stolen Items:string of Kumo

Cockatrice-a giant peacock found in far east

Enemy Status:1,201HP

AP Gained:2AP


Special Attack:bird whip,bird kick,lightening bird

Items won:cockatrice feather, corel fragment, magic guidance stone

Stolen Items:cockatrice feather

Here are some more enemies

Galbadian Soldier

Enemy Status:105HP


Special Attack:???

Itens Won:phoenix down


Enemy Status:400HP


Special Attack:???

Items won:phoenix down


Enemy Status:210HP


Special Attack:bladeshot

Items Won:phoenix down


Enemy Status:60HP

Draw: blizzard,fire,thunder2

Special Attack:???

Items won:potion

Here we have potential spoilers.If you want to find out what some of the early bosses are read on if not,STOP!!


Enemy Status:210HP

Draw: thunder2,double

Special Attack:Armslash

Items won:potion


Enemy Status:600HP


Special Attack:Armslash

Items won:potion


Enemy Status:???HP


Special Attack:Tailneedle,Stormbreath

Items won:none


Enemy Status:???HP


Special Attack:Raybomb

Items won:none


Name: President Deling Level 8 HP: 458

Monster Deling: Level 8 HP: 2,450

Attacks: President Deling: Charge and Life Drain

Monster Deling: Claw Swipe, Fire, Bolt, Flood Breath, Blind, Berserk

Facts: Monster Deling: Weak against Fire, Earth and

Holy. Poison has no effect on the BOSS

Draw: President Deling: Heal

Utoku: Cure, Double, Berserk, Drain

AP gained: 20.


Name: Granald Level 8 HP: 1456

Raid [3] Level 8 HP: 223

Attacks: Granald: Kick the Raid, Fire Throw, Fire, Attack

Raid: Claw Swipe

Facts: Granald: Weak against Wind

Draw: Granald: Sleepel, Darkness, Shield

Raid: Fire, Bolt, Barrier

AP gained: 14


Name: Diablo Level 9 HP: 8,000

Attacks: Charge, Demi, Demi-All

Facts: Weak against Wind, Sometimes very weak against Demi.

Draw: Heal, Demi

AP gained: 20


Name: Sacred Level 11 HP: 1778

Attacks: Regenration of HP, Attack.

Facts: Weak against Poison and Wind. Absorb Earth-based attacks.

Draw: Shield, Barrier, Berserk, Life

AP gained: 0 AP


Name: Sacred Level 11 HP: 1778

Minotaur Level: 15 HP: 3375

Attacks: Sacred: Attack, Regen

Minotaur: Attack, Swap All, Regen

Combined: Earthquake

Facts: Both: Weak against Wind and Poison, absorb Earth based attacks.

Draw: Sacred: Shield, Barrier, Berserk, Life

Minotaur: Shield, Berserk, Barrier, Double

AP gained: 40 AP.


Name: Shumeruke [2] Level 12 HP: 944

Attacks: Bite, Whip, Acid Breath [may cause Petrify]

Facts: Weak against Earth/Holy. Fire/Poison does not worked on the BOSS.

Draw: Heal, Cure, Petrify, Carbuncle

AP gained: 20 AP


Name: Seifer Level 12 HP: 1,250

Attacks: Gunblade, Fire2, Fire swipe

Facts: Nil

Draw: Fire, Heal, Life

AP gained: 0


Name: Edea Level 12 HP: 4,600

Attacks: Fire 3, Ice 3, Bolt 3, Dispel

Facts: N/A

Draw: Heal 2, Despell, Life, Double

AP gained: 20