Children Abused in Foster Care

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Children Are much more apt to be abused, sexually abused, even murdered in foster care, while under the "protection" of the "child protectors" than they ever were at home. With the "child protectors" snatching ever more children for an ever larger number of real or [mostly] imagined "child abuse" so as to get more children into "the system" to get more money from the feds, there has become a serious shortage of both foster parents and potential adoptive parents. Consequently, they keep "lowering the bar" to let more and more people become foster parents and adoptive parents. This is without the complete background investigations everybody thought were being conducted to make sure these innocent children weren't being put into the hands of people who were a lot worse than the worst of "real" child abusers to be found in the family.

They use the "excuse" that since these agencies placing children in foster care are "private companies," they can't make the exhaustive investigations they would normally make [Yeah, right! -RT] for people they directly use. To say that is a lie would be to belabor an obvious point. They are the ones who snatched these children from their parents, and that gives them primary responsibility when something happens to that child while he/she is in their custody. Even the absence of laws that allow them to make these investigations is no excuse. They should see to it that laws are made to allow them to do so or they should not use these private companies. They cannot claim lack of responsibility just because there aren't laws allowing them. They are responsible.

They are just as responsible for the death of 2--year old Miguel Arias-Baca as is his foster father, 37-year-old Ricky Haney, who beat him to death for dirtying his pants. They bear the final responsibility for the brutal abuse and death this child suffered because they placed this child in a place where they did not know he would be safe.

Read the story below from the Denver Rocky Mountain News, which details his suffering in his last few minutes of life.

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Foster father charged in boy's beating death; body of 2--year-old had old, new bruises

By Carla Crowder, News Staff Writer

Miguel Arias-Baca spent the last moments of his short life getting slammed against a floor. His face was smeared with excrement. His body was bruised from earlier beatings. At 2-, Miguel died at the hands of a drunken foster father who returned from a Super Bowl party to find the toddler with a dirty diaper, according to an arrest affidavit filed Thursday in Adams County Court. More than a month after Miguel's death, authorities on Thursday charged foster father Ricky Haney, 37, of Westminster with child abuse resulting in death. [What took them so long? If it had been a parent, the parent would have been in jail within minutes. But this was a foster parent, so he gets "the benefit of the doubt." They didn't know if he was a "suspect" or a "witness." -RT]

Haney eventually admitted that he'd thrown the boy from a dresser, slammed his head repeatedly against the floor and smeared excrement on the boy's face as punishment for the potty-training accident, the affidavit said. [But children are supposed to be SAFE with foster parents! -RT] Haney, an unemployed handyman earning a living by taking in foster kids, was jailed Thursday. His bond was set at $100,000. [He can't get work anywhere else, but they hired him as a foster parent without checking his background. -RT] If he's convicted, Haney faces as few as four years in prison or as many as 48. [It'll probably end up being four years. He's a foster parent, after all. -RT]

The affidavit says that for three days Haney told police his wife, Evon Haney, had beaten the boy. But Evon, 31, was driving home a baby sitter during the time Miguel was beaten. Evon Haney's 14-year-old daughter helped break the case. The teen told police she heard a loud noise coming from the bathroom, followed by Miguel's cries. The girl peered inside and saw Miguel sitting on the toilet with "poop on his face and he was crying," according to the affidavit. Miguel, who'd lived in a string of motel rooms before being whisked away from a crack-addicted mother, died from massive head trauma two days later. [So he wasn't safe with his "crack-addicted mother was he? -RT]

Westminster police began their investigation into the boy's death Feb. 1. The affidavit reveals new details about Miguel's grim last days: The Haneys initially told police Miguel's injuries came after he fell off the toilet. Doctors, though, found so many bruises on the boy that they didn't believe this story. Dr. Andrew Sirotnak, a Children's Hospital child abuse expert, found old bruises on the boy's forehead, trunk, arms and legs. He also found two massive head injuries that appeared recent. Within an hour of being taken to the hospital, Miguel was brain dead. Early the next day, Ricky Haney started blaming his wife for the beating. When police told him Miguel would probably die, Haney began to cry, saying, "I didn't hit him. I didn't hit him." When police began to focus on Ricky Haney as the key suspect, he insisted Miguel's death was an accident.

One afternoon, in between police interviews, officers found Haney in a parked minivan. He was swallowing Tylenol and washing them down with Nyquil. He was temporarily hospitalized for the overdose attempt. A week after the beating, Haney sat for a long interview with police. Initially, he continued to blame his wife. When confronted with evidence, he screamed: "I didn't murder that baby like you're saying intentional murder, it was death by accident. I didn't mean to kill no baby." He said he didn't remember details from that night because he'd been drinking. [He's a responsible foster parent, after all. -RT] Haney begged the cops not to put him in prison. "I won't make it in prison. I'm too nervous," he said, offering to do volunteer work, or "work for kid's programs." [Volunteer work for murder. Sure. -RT]

Scheduling conflicts between Westminster Police and Adams County District Attorney Bob Grant delayed the charges. Grant and his staff spent 2- hours reviewing the case before deciding to charge Haney with child abuse resulting in death as opposed to first-degree murder. [What took them so long? It should have been a "slam-dunk." -RT] To prove first-degree murder, prosecutors would have to establish that the boy's death was "intentional and deliberate." Proving child abuse resulting in death requires prosecutors to show that the incident was "knowing and reckless." [Wouldn't beating his head on the floor repeatedly be called "intentional and deliberate? I would certainly call it "knowing and reckless." -RT]

Miguel's death has highlighted problems in the foster care system in Adams County and the state. [And the nation, and the world, if what I constantly get on the Internet is true. -RT] Both the Haneys had arrest records and neither had driver's licenses. [They had been revoked. -RT]

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This is the quality of many foster parents all over the world because of the shortage of foster parents caused by the glut of snatched children on the market. Look to see more and more of this hitting the news soon. There will be so many cases they will not be able to convince the news media to treat them as a "local story" to keep them out of the national news. To keep people from "putting two and two together" and realize that the "child abuse problem" we face isn't because of the parents, but because of the "Child protectors" who couldn't care less about the safety of their charges so long as the feds come through with the big bucks.

And before you jump all over me for abusing ALL child welfare workers, let me say this: I know that there are many caring and compassionate people working in the child protector agencies. Unfortunately, there are also way too many there who aren't qualified and who don't care. Who are there for the power it gives them over others. There are many such among the workers "in the trenches ," but most have become the administrators where they can really wield the power that comes from being able to force people to go to "counselors" and "parenting classes," and pay bug bucks for "the cost of foster care" they neither wanted nor asked for, and in most cases [90% in Colorado, 80% nationwide. -RT] wasn't needed.

The power seekers at the top, who just want to control what the children are taught in school without interference from parents are the most to blame because they're using innocent children as pawns in their game of power. These are the ones who couldn't care less about the safety of these children so long as they get what they want. It makes me want to throw up.

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