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I Am Pretty Flexible With Them.  Just let me know what you want to change...


  1. CDs must be recorded DISK-AT-ONCE (DAO)
  2. CDr trading only.  I do not trade for cassettes...Maybe Videos...
  3. No trading of commercial releases.
  4. Please do not send CDs created from MP3 sources.
  5. I will send artwork (If I have it) by email in JPEG format.
  6. I do not usually send jewel cases.  I safely package the CDs in a bubble padded envelope.
  7. I send the CDs using first class mail.
  8. Please use quality blanks.  It isn't worth using wafer-thin, see-thru, generic pieces of junk. NO MEMOREX!
  9. If you contact me first, and we have never traded before, then you send first. I will send immediately after receiving your CDs.
  10. I will do 2 for 1 deals, meaning; I will trade 1 CD of my music for 2 blanks when I have time.  You must include return postage.
  11. For 2 for 1 deals; I will provide artwork by email or a black & white digital copy. If you want color copies, it costs me $1 per CD case. Therefore you must include $1 per jewel case of artwork.
  12. I am a VERY patient trader.  Please be patient with me!  I try to get the CDs out within a few days of agreeing to a trade.  Sometimes it takes longer... I will try to keep you informed!
  13. Above all, you must enjoy the music!

Information On How I Burn CDs

  1. I have an HP CD-Writer Plus 7200i
  2. I use Adaptec Easy CD-Creator Version 3.5c
  3. I never burn CDs "on the fly"
  4. I create an image file of the source CD on my hard drive
  5. I create the new CDr from the image file at 2X recording speed

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