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Label; Rabbit

Inglewood, CA

June 27th, 1977

Stereo, Audience, 8+

Note; Although this is a great audience recording, the transition between tracks is abrupt. Even though it is recorded DAO without any gaps between tracks.

Disk 1

  1. The Song Remains The Same
  2. Sick Again
  3. Nobody's Fault But Mine
  4. Over The Hills And Far Away
  5. Since I've Been Loving You
  6. No Quarter

Disk 2

  1. Ten Years Gone
  2. The Battle Of Evermore
  3. Going To California
  4. Going Down South
  5. Black Country Woman
  6. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
  7. Dancing Days
  8. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
  9. Kashmir
  10. Trampled Underfoot

Disk 3

  1. Out On The Tiles/Moby Dick
  2. Guitar Solo
  3. Achilles Last Stand
  4. Stairway To Heaven
  5. Whole Lotta Love
  6. Rock And Roll
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